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                                                                         August 2009
                                                                                       Inside this issue:
     Updates, Announcements, Reminders!

                                                                                4-H Staff Reorganiza- 2
                         COUNTY 4-H COUNCIL CORNER –
                                 Elections, & More                              4-H Center Cleanup, 3
                                                                                Rodeo, Program
    The next County 4-H Council meeting is the elections at 6:00                Sellers and Ushers
p.m. Thursday evening September 3, 2009. You need to com-                       Needed for Tingley,
plete an officer nomination from and return it to Bob Pate in the 4-            4-H Rodeo Sponsors
H Office by August 24th. To obtain a form go to bernalilloexten-                still needed
sion.nmsu.edu, then look under 4-H & Youth Development, click
                                                                                Calendar Dates              6
on county leadership, then click on officer nomination form and
print. Have all signatures signed at the bottom.

           Leaders and Parents asked to attend the
                Sept. 3rd 4-H Council Meeting

 We really need at least one volunteer from each Bernalillo County
 4-H Club to attend the 4-H Council meeting and begin planning on
 what “shape” the 4-H Program will take in 2010. Tamara Rowland resigned on
 July 17, 2009, and Bob Pate is retiring in October. Elliott Sachse and Urban
 4-H Agent, Robyn Kelly, will be here to maintain the program until there is a
 full staff again. Re-enrollment will start in October for the new year. This
 should be a “mandatory” meeting to get everyone’s input. Are there pro-
 grams you would want to discontinue?....etc. BP

All Bernalillo County 4-H Fair Livestock Entries & Youth Hall
Entries are due in the Extension Office on July 23, 2009. Forms
may be downloaded at the following website
Horse show entry forms will be available soon.
               Updates, Announcements, Reminders!

               4‐H OFFICE STAFF REORGANIZATION due to  
                         TAMARA’S resignation 
Most of you must have heard by now that Tamara Rowland, 4‐H Home Economist has 
resigned as of July 17th to go to a new job in Texas.  Tamara will be missed by all and 
we wish her the best in her new position.  Since the 4‐H Fair and Open Youth Rodeo is 
upon us August 6,7,8, we have reassigned some of Tamara’s activities to other Berna‐
lillo County Extension Staff.  We ask for your cooperation and patience while we un‐
dergo this transition.  If we have missed something call us and we will try to “fix” the 
problem.  We also want to thank 4‐H Volunteer, Davonna Lowry for agreeing to help 
keep us organized in the 4‐H Youth Hall.  The following changes in staff are assigned: 
Fair –  
      a. pick up Youth Hall keys and take Youth Hall supplies to the Youth 
           Hall desk area. – Joran Viers 
      b. Dance DJ music equipment – Robyn Kelly and Lauren 
      c. Entering Youth hall entry data in Computer at 4‐H Office – Virginia 
           Chaves, entering data at fair – Danielle Lowry 
      d. Judges, lunches, Orientation ‐  Robyn, Joran, Lauren, Davonna 
      e. Small Animal Sale Joran & Robyn  
Job Responsibilities‐ 
a.  Small Animal Sale Committee – Elliott Sachse 
b.  IFYE & International Night – Bob Pate 
c.  County 4‐H Council – Bob Pate 
d.  All other staff responsibilities will remain as they have and there may still be some 
responsibilities adjusted to meet the needs as they arise.                         BP 

             Updates, Announcements, Reminders!

    The next scheduled 4-H Center Clean Up will be
    July 25. Los Ranchos, Ponderosa, Desert
    Mesa, Far Horizons and North Val-
    ley are the clubs scheduled to take part
    in this clean up. Please bring garden
    ing utensils, gloves, water, sunscreen
    and a vigorous attitude.

                     4-H Fair and Rodeo News!

Program Sellers & Ushers                           4-H Rodeo Sponsors
       needed for Tingley we are in                    Still Needed.
need of 4-H Members to help sell
programs and help sponsors find             After evaluation of the 4-H County
their seats from the seating charts.        Council books, this could be a very
Please come to the entrance of              lean year, so if you have any ideas
Tingley and help out each evening           for new sponsors or donations, we
of the Rodeo. 6:00 p.m. to 8:00             can still use them. Good luck, and
p.m. would be the times needed.             we look forward to another great
Just tell the ticket takers, that you       4-H Fair and Open Youth Rodeo.
are here to help with program sales
and seating.              BP                                             BP

                                                        Nm 4-H !

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                                                                         CALENDAR DATES!
Lead Agent for: Horse Council, Livestock projects,
Achievement Night                                           20th      Rodeo Entry Deadline
Email - esachse@nmsu.edu
                                                            23rd      Youth Hall and Livestock Entry Deadline

                                                            25th      4-H Center Clean-up

Lead Agent for: 4-H Building Corporation, Fairboard,        5-8th     4-H County Fair and Rodeo
Rodeo, Rifle and Archery
Email – rpate@nmsu.edu

                                                            3rd       County Council Meeting

Tamara Rowland, 4-H Home Economist
Lead Agent for: Friends of 4-H Dinner, Favorite Foods
Show, County 4-H Council

Email – trowland@nmsu.edu


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