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									                      CITY OF LAS VEGAS                                                Fax (702) 382-6642           Print Form
                      DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING                                           TDD (702) 386-9108
                      BUSINESS LICENSING DIVISION                                      E-mail us at
                      333 N. Rancho Dr., 6th Floor
                      Las Vegas, NV 89106
                                OWNER or MANAGER/KEY EMPLOYEE REQUIREMENTS

  I,                                                 , am applying as the owner / key employee of

  located at                                                  . Intended hours of operation are

                  I will be on the premises at least one-third of the time the business is open which will equate to

                                         hours per day or                    hours per week.

                      By checking the above option I acknowledge that I will be available by telephone at all times when the
                      business is open and may be required to be on site when necessary.

                  Since I will not be on the premises one-third of the time the business is open, I understand the owner is
                  required to hire a manager and have that manager submit a key employee application before the
                  business license is issued.

                             I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Las Vegas Municipal Code.

       Printed Name                                                               Signature


Owner or Manager/Key Employee Requirements - Form PL112                                                        Last Revised 08/01/2012

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