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									                                                                    Appendix II to the Report
                                                                     3 MEA IKM SC Meeting
                                                                   Montreux, 22-24 May 2012
  The MEA Information and Knowledge Management Initiative
          3rd MEA IKM Steering Committee Meeting
          Golf Hotel Rene Capt, Montreux, Switzerland, 22-24 May 2012

        Co-chairs: Bradnee Chambers (UNEP) and Marcos Regis Silva (CITES)

                                    22 May 2012
14.30       Opening

        □ Opening Remarks by the Co-Chairs
        □ Round of Introductions

14.45       Welcoming new members to the MEA IKM Initiative

        □ Address by Mr. John E. Scanlon, Secretary General of CITES
        □ Context and brief history of the MEA IKM Initiative
        □ Expansion of the MEA IKM Initiative
              UNECE Conventions (Member)
              European Environment Agency (Observer)
              The Regional Seas Programme

            Updates and Reports

        □ Presentation of updates by MEA IKM members and observers
        □ Update by the UNEP IKM Team - Status of InforMEA
        □ Overview of fund-raising efforts – the ENRTP Process

16.00       Coffee

16.15       Introduction to Topics deferred by MEA IKM Working Group and in the context
            of fundraising activities

            1.   Enhancement of InforMEA (document library, translation, usability)
            2.   Virtual College/MEA E-learning Facility
            3.   Thesaurus for Environmental Law and Conventions
            4.   National Reporting
            5.   Single Information Portal on Trade-related MEAs
            6.   Pilot Capacity Building Exercises

        □ Feedback and discussion – Organisation of work (Groups, Plenary)

18.00       Cocktail and Dinner

                                    23 May 2012
09.00       Usability issues

                                                                    Appendix II to the Report
                                                                     3 MEA IKM SC Meeting
                                                                   Montreux, 22-24 May 2012
        □ Google Analytics, Usability testing, hosting and security considerations
10.00       Work on Items 1 - 3 (Document Schema, E-learning Tool and Thesaurus)

        □   Document library – presentation of classification systems and discussion
        □   Identifying key components for E-learning facility
        □   Identifying process for the development of a Thesaurus
        □   Identifying components of a work plan


        □ Work continued
12.30       Lunch

13.30       Work on Items 4 - 6 (Reporting, Single Window and Pilot CB Activities)

        □   Report from the Working Group – Presentation of three levels of activities
        □   Finalization of Reporting Obligations Schema
        □   Features and requirements related to a report analytical tool
        □   Participating MEAs in the Single Window, main features
        □   Approach to mainstreaming into CB activities and pilots with MEA focal points


        □   Mobile Application,
        □   Parameters of success for InforMEA and tools (indicators)
        □   Identification of key events for outreach during the next 12 months
        □   Pending Issues

19.00       Dinner

                                   24 June 2012
09.00       Summary and Conclusions

        □ Summarizing goals and key outcomes on each topic

11.00       Recommendations by the 3rd MEA IKM SC Meeting

        □ Drafting of Recommendations
12.30       Lunch

        □ Keynote closing address by Mr. Jim Willis, Executive Secretary of the Basel,
            Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention Secretariats

14.00       Closing

                                                                             Appendix II to the Report
                                                                              3 MEA IKM SC Meeting
                                                                            Montreux, 22-24 May 2012
         The MEA Information and Knowledge Management Initiative
                 3rd MEA IKM Steering Committee Meeting
                  Golf Hotel Rene Capt, Montreux, Switzerland, 22-24 May 2012

                                      PARTICIPANTS’ LIST
1   Basel/Stockholm/Rotterdam                        2    Basel/Stockholm/Rotterdam
    Mr. Jim Willis (24 May)                               Mr. Osmany Pereira
    Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and       Coordinator of the Joint Services of the Basel,
    Stockolm Convention Secretariats                      Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions
    United Nations Environment Programme                  United Nations Environment Programme 11-
    International Environment House                       13, Chemin des Anémones
    15, Chemin des Anémones,                              CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland
    CH-1219 Châtelaine                                    Tel: +41 22 917 8808
    Email:                            Email :
3   Basel/Stockholm/Rotterdam                        4    CBD
    Mr. Julien Hortoneda                                  Mr. Olivier de Munck
    Clearing House Mechanism Officer                      Programme Officer
    Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention -             Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM)
    United Nations Environment Programme                  Secretariat of the Convention on Biological
    11-15 Chemin des Anémones; 1219 Châtelaine,           Diversity (SCBD)
    Geneva, Switzerland                                   413 Saint-Jacques Street, suite 800
    Tel.: +41 22 917 8220                                 Montreal, QC H2Y 1N9, Canada
    Email :                           Tel.: +1 514 287 7012
5   CITES                                            6    CITES
    Mr. John E. Scanlon (22 May)                          Mr. Marcos Silva
    Secretary General                                     Team Coordinator
    Secretariat to the Convention on International        Knowledge Management and Outreach
    Trade in Endangered species of Wild Fauna and         Services, CITES
    Flora (CITES)                                         15 Chemin des Anemones
    15 Chemin des Anemones, Geneva, Switzerland           Geneva, Switzerland
    Tel: +41 22 917 8139/40                               Tel: 41 22 917 8139/40
    E-mail:                        E-mail:
7   CMS/AEWA                                         8    Ozone Secretariat
    Mr. Florian Keil                                      Mr. Gerald Mutisya
    Information Officer                                   Database Manager
    UNEP/AEWA Secretariat                                 Ozone Secretariat,
    Bonn, Germany                                         UNEP, P. O. Box 30552,
    Tel: 49 228 815 2451                                  Nairobi - Kenya.
    Email:                                  Tel: +254 20 762 4057
9   Ramsar                                           10   UNCCD
    Ms. Oana Penea                                        Ms. Satu Ravola
    Communications Officer                                Programme management officer
    Ramsar (Convention on Wetlands)                       Executive direction and management
    Rue Mauverney 28                                      UNCCD secretariat
    CH-1196 Gland, Switzerland                            Bonn - Germany
    Tel.: +41 22 999 0170                                 Tel: +49 (0)228 815 2805
    Email:                              Email:

                                                                                Appendix II to the Report
                                                                                 3 MEA IKM SC Meeting
                                                                               Montreux, 22-24 May 2012
11   UNECE Conventions                                 12      UNFCCC
     Mr. Mounir Khouja                                        Ms. Tammie Alzona
     IT Associate Officer                                     Chief, Knowledge Management
     Economic Commission for Europe                           Communication and KM
     United Nations Office of Geneva                          United Nations Climate Change Secretariat
     Tel: +41 22 917 33 07                                    Martin-Luther-King Strasse 8
     Email:                           53175 Bonn, Germany
                                                              Tel: +49 228 815 1169
13    WHC- UNESCO                                              Regrets from ITPGRA-FAO
     Mr. Alonzo Addison                                       Mr. Francisco López (cancellation received)
     Director, Corporate Web Services,                        Information & Communication Officer
     UNESCO                                                   ITPGRA FAO
     7, Place de Fontenoy 75352,                              Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 1
     Paris 07 SP France                                       00153 Rome, Italy
     Tel : +33 1 45 68 1746                                   Tel: +39 06 570 53441
     Email:                              Email:
                                            Regional Conventions
14   Barcelona Convention                               15    Carpathian Convention
     Mr. Didier Guiffault                                     Mr. Harald Egerer
     Legal Officer, Coordinating Unit for the                 UNEP, Vienna Office
     Mediterranean Action Plan, UNEP                          Regional Office for Europe
     48, Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue                        Interim Secretariat of the
     11635 – Athens, Greece                                   Carpathian Convention
     Tel. ( 30) 210 7273 142                                  Tel: (+ 43-1) 26060 4545
     Email :                      Email:
16   Regional Seas Coordinator
     Mr. Alberto Pacheco Capella
     Programme Officer, Regional Seas Programme
     Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Branch,
     Division of Environmental Policy
     Implementation, UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya
     Tel: +254 20 7624591
17   European Environment Agency                      18      IUCN
     Mr. Bert Jansen                                          Ms. Constanza Martinez,
     Head of Group, SES4-Eye on Earth                         Senior Policy Officer
     European Environment Agency                              Global Policy Unit, IUCN
     Kongens Nytorv 6                                         28 rue Mauverney, CH-1196 Gland,
     DK-1050 Copenhagen K                                     Switzerland
     Tel: +45.3336.7101                                       Tel. +41 22 999 0254
     Fax: +45.3336.7197                                       Email:
19   WCMC                                              20     WCMC
     Mr. Jerry Harrison                                       Mr. Simao Belchoir
     Head of Development                                      Senior programme officer
     UNEP-WCMC                                                Informatics
     219 Huntingdon Road                                      UNEP-WCMC
     Cambridge                                                219 Huntingdon Road
     CB3 0-DL                                                 Cambridge, CB3 0-DL
     Email:                      Email

                                                                              Appendix II to the Report
                                                                               3 MEA IKM SC Meeting
                                                                             Montreux, 22-24 May 2012
     Regrets from the International Institute for
     Sustainable Development (IISD) and the
     Environmental Management Group (EMG)
                                               UNEP Divisions
     DEPI (Environmental Policy Implementation)         21    DEWA (Early Warning and Assessment)
     (See Regional Seas Coordinator)                          Mr. Ron Witt
                                                              Regional Coordinator
                                                              UNEP/DEWA/GRID Geneva
                                                              11, Chemin des Anémones
                                                              CH-1219 Châtelaine
                                                              Tel. +41 22 917 82 95
     DRC (Regional Cooperation)                         22    Office for Operations
     Regional Office for Europe                               Mr. Samy Dimassi
     (Mr. Egerer – see Carpathian Convention)                 ICT Advisor,
                                                              Corporate Service Section, UNEP
                                                              Nairobi, Kenya
                                                              Tel : +254 20 7625275
23   Mr. Bradnee Chambers                               24    Ms. Eva Duer
     Senior Legal Officer & Head                              Legal Officer and Team Leader
     Environmental Law and Governance Branch                  Knowledge Management Unit
     UNEP Division of Environmental Law and                   UNEP Division of Environmental Law and
     Conventions (DELC)                                       Conventions (DELC)
     Email:                         Tel: +41 22 917 8377
25   Mr. Kelly Kabiru                                   26    Ms. Miruna Badescu (UNEP Consultant)
     Associate Programme Officer                              Managing Director,
     Knowledge Management Unit                                Eau de Web
     UNEP Division of Environmental Law and                   Clucerului 55, ap 7, –
     Conventions (DELC)                                       011364 Bucharest, Romania
     Tel: +41 22 917 8959                                     Tel/Fax: + 40 21 222 1522
     Email:                             Email:


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