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					BradRobson: The purpose of art- to create powerful
influencing images and thoughts.
You know what good art is, when a piece of visual disturbs your soul leaving you spellbound and
entranced. Art created is enjoyed by people for a number of reasons. Art is a form of visual language
that connects the viewer to the artists who produces it. When new visual ideas were first introduced,
they were seen as shocking and even provocative and incomprehensible. However, with time, these
ancient works of art were accepted and served as foundations for the emergence of modern art.
Artists show us new ways and perspectives on familiar things, interpret new situations and events,
and also through light on abstract feelings and emotions.

Traditionally, the purpose of art was religious in nature. Art was used as a vehicle for religious
ritual. Some examples can be seen from the paintings in the famous Sistine Chapel and also the
prehistoric cave paintings of France. In traditional societies, the primary purpose of art is religious
and ceremonious even today.
Art has more than often, served as a propaganda and social commentary. With powerful visual
imagery, masses of people can be persuaded to accept beliefs, take actions, and thus create an
awakening about various socio-economic issues. Art also serves as a great means for recording
historic data. The art of an era represents the general state of mind of the people, their likes and
interest, their culture etc. It is possible to analyze the artist’s version of truth and realism through
his artistic work. For example, after the Renaissance, artists became preoccupied with new ways to
capture reality using liner perspective and realism through oil painting.

For Aesthetics, art is seen as pleasing the eye or creating beauty. This concept of portraying beauty
has also changed during the years. Artists were expected to capture the beauty to the point of
perfection emphasizing the lofty and noble nature. However in the modern era, the concept of beauty
has been challenged. With different artists broadening the horizon and definition of beauty,according
to them, beauty can be seen in the life of ordinary peasants or life in a slum area.

Art ist also a potent means of storytelling. Whether in scriptures or in through illustration in books,
since the beginning art has the ability to tell powerful, subtle stories about people, culture and
events in just one picture. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Art also conveys intense
emotions. The expressive power of art can be seen in literal ways in the capturing of facial expression
and body language. To effectively communicate intense emotions and thinking is the key to good art.

Talking about good art, it is difficult not to mention the talent and scope of artists in Australia.
Especially in the most populous city, Artist Sydney are immensely talented and renowned
worldwide. Each work of these Artist Sydney is an excellent expression of any subject in the context
of the values, culture, and events. Although art with humans have evolved, the human condition,
nature and events, still continue to capture the
attentions of the artists in Sydney.

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