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									         Crowdfunding Statistics and Trends

     The crowdfunding industry continues to see strong growth, which gives life
to more great ideas, projects and social good.
     At Go Get Funding, month-on-month we've had more people raising more
money for all types of campaigns. From creative projects and volunteering
campaigns to medical fundraisers and more.
     We believe that this trend is only going to increase as society becomes
increasingly interconnected. It has never been easier to raise money online for
all types of causes and the tools we provide help individuals reach more people
than they ever have done in the past.
     To help visualize the growth of the crowdfunding industry, we created the
following infographic that we hope you enjoy.
     This covers the latest statistics and growth numbers for the crowdfunding
Industry including volume of funds raised, crowdfunding market growth and
industry share, crowdfunding platforms worldwide and lot more.
     There are many interesting takeaways from this infographic. We see that
North America and Europe dominated the crowdfunding market. We believe
that this growth is bound to expend to other regions of the world in the coming
     A surprising trend was that ‘social causes’ was the most active
crowdfunding category in 2012. This is what we specialize in at Go Get Funding
and again, we predict this trend to continue.


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