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					Credit Options:
Getting Ahead or
  Catching Up
   February 21, 2013
    Kristin Gresham
      Kim Murphy
Graduation Requirements
Graduation Requirements
        Summer Options
O Face to Face Summer School
   O Website:
   O Locations: Lanier HS, Meadowcreek HS, & Archer HS

O Gwinnett Online Campus
   O Website:

For Both:
   O Dates: June 11 – July 10, 2013
   O Online Registration: February 1 – June 3
   O Cost: $225 per 0.5 semester class ($250 late reg.)
    School Year Options
O Gwinnett Online Campus –
                  Supplemental Program
   O Website:
   O Cost: $225 per 0.5 semester class
   O 2011-12 Mini Semester Dates
     O   Mini Semester 1              8/16-10/11/12
     O   Mini Semester 2              10/15–12/13/12
     O   Mini Semester 3              1/14-3/13/13
     O   Mini Semester 4              3/18-5/16/13

               Last day to register for Mini Semester 4:
                       February 21st – TODAY!!
    School Year Options
O Phoenix High School
  O Website:
  O Cost: $210 per 0.5 semester class
  O Class times:      4th period 3:40-5:45pm
                      5th period 6:05-8:10pm
  O Mini Semester 4:           3/12-5/16/13
  O Registration for Mini 4: 2/25-3/4/13
          Guided Study
        & Credit Recovery
O Both Guided Study and Credit Recovery are
  only available to students who make
  between a 60-69 in an academic class.
O Both are only offered during the school year.
O Both are designed for students to retake
  major assessments (quizzes, tests, final
  exams) for a class without having to redo all
  of the homework, classwork, etc.
O New grade does not replace the old grade!!
           Guided Study
O Guided Study
  O Offered through the Online Campus
  O Same mini semester schedule as the Supplemental
      Mini Semester 4 registration deadline –
                Feb. 21st
  O Students will have an online teacher and have
    access to class chats and daily work, but are only
    responsible for major assessments (mainly quizzes
    and tests).
  O Cost: $100 per 0.5 semester class
        Credit Recovery

O Credit Recovery opportunities are offered at
  the local high schools and vary by location.
O Credit Recovery classes are computer-based
  only, and do not have a teacher involved.
O Credit Recovery classes are not accepted by
  the NCAA!
O Cost: varies by location
         NGHS Options
O Guided Study model: available for Biology,
  Chemistry, Physics, World History, US
  History, Spanish (1st sem), French (1st sem),
  German (1st sem), Latin (1st sem), and
  Integrated Geometry (1st sem)
O Credit Recovery model: no current courses
O Majority of the work is completed during the
  Advisement and/or lunch periods.
O Cost: free to NGHS students!
O Questions??

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