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					User only fills out highlighted data boxes.
                                                                                      Disclaimer: Use of this calculator does not gu
                          Flotation for Manholes                                      performance of any product manufactured in
                                                                                      herein. It is the user's responsibility to ensur
                                         Product: 6 ft (ID) manhole for valve vault

                    Outside Diameter of MH (D)                   6.00 (feet)
        Outside Diameter of Lip around MH (A)                    0.33 (feet)
                                Height of MH (B)                 6.00 (feet)
  Depth of Bury (grd elev - top of structure) (C )                 0.0 (feet)
                              Wall thickness (T)                   7.0 (inches)
                   Distance to Groundwater (E)                     0.0 (feet)
                   Depth of MH not Submerged                       0.0 (feet)
                                   Weight of MH                 19669 (lbs.)
                           Unit Weight of Water                  62.4 (lbs/cf)
                              Unit Weight of Soil               110.0 (lbs/cf)
                 Unit Weight of Submerged Soil                   47.6 (lbs/cf)
                        Unit Weight of Concrete                   145 (lbs/cf)

                                      Uplift force              10586 (lbs.)
                                   Safety Factor                 2.00
                   Uplift force with safety factor              21172 (lbs.)
                        Weight of Soil on Cover                      0 (lbs.)
                           Weight of Soil on Lip                 1874 (lbs.)
                   Additional Ballast required           NONE           (lbs.)

                               Hole # 1 diameter                   0.5 (feet)
                               Hole # 2 diameter                     1 (feet)
                               Hole # 3 diameter                     2 (feet)
                               Hole # 4 diameter                     1 (feet)

             Total weight removed due to holes           415.1974666
e of this calculator does not guarantee the proper function or
 any product manufactured in accordance with the date
e user's responsibility to ensure their product is designed and
                 Flotation for Rectangular Tanks

                              Product: Tank
                           Customer: ABC
                           Job Name: Precast
                             Location: Indianapolis

                   Length of Tank (A)                   12.00 (feet)
                    Width of Tank (B)                    5.00 (feet)
                  Height of Tank (C )                    6.00 (feet)
                    Depth of Bury (D)                    3.00 (feet)
                  Wall Thickness (T)                     0.50 (feet)
                  Base Thickness (E)                     0.75 (feet)
        Distance to Groundwater (G)                      1.00 (feet)
       Depth of Tank not Submerged                       0.00 (feet)
                 Add extra concrete? yes
                       How much (F)                      1.00 (feet)
                     Base Extension? yes
                          How much?                      0.50
Additional Concrete Weight due to ext                 1957.50
     Additional Soil weight due to ext                5979.00
     Weight of extra concrete in tank                  531.67 (lbs.)
                   Water level in tank                   4.00 (feet)
              Weight of water in tank            10982.40
                       Weight of tank            25085.00 (lbs.)
                Unit Weight of Water                    62.40 (lbs/cf)
                   Unit Weight of Soil                 110.00 (lbs/cf)
      Unit Weight of Submerged Soil                     47.60 (lbs/cf)
              Unit Weight of concrete                  145.00 (lbs/cf)

                           Uplift force          22464.00 (lbs.)
                         Safety factor                   2.00
        Uplift Force with safety factor          44928.00 (lbs.)
                        Weight of Soil           12312.00 (lbs.)
                          Total weight           43376.00
         Additional Ballast required          NONE              (lbs.)

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