Sandquist_ Gary M._ PhD_ PE_ Professor Emeritus ... - Utah Debate by yaofenjin


“Be it resolved that the State of Utah substantially increase its support of nuclear electrical
generation within its borders.”

Lincoln-Douglas: (Jr. High/Middle School Only)

“In the State of Utah, increased support and use of nuclear electrical generation is more desirable
than relying only on existing methods of electrical generation.”

Breakout Session Title:
Nuclear Electricity, the only viable, non-greenhouse, base load electric
power supply
Presenter Name & Organization:
Gary M. Sandquist, PhD, PE, Professor Emeritus, University of Utah

Presenter Opinion on the Resolution(s):
Although Utah presently depends upon fossil fuels for over 95% of its
electrical power, fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases and contribute to air
pollution and global climate change.
There are three major sources for producing non-greenhouse gas electrical
power. These are in order of their contribution: Nuclear, hydro, and
renewables (namely wind, solar, and geothermal). Nuclear provides 20% of
US base load electricity, hydro provides about 15%, and wind, solar,
geothermal and wood less than 3%. Renewables are only available when
nature provides the energy (wind and sunshine). However, society functions
on a regular daily cycle and we demand our electrical power to conform to
this cycle.

Key Points / Additional Information:
The energy content available from nuclear fuels is about 1 million times that
of fossil fuels. Despite the controversy over nuclear waste, the volume of
waste requiring disposal is only about one millionth of that for conventional
Currently, renewables are heavily supported by taxpayers at costs greatly
exceeding the cost of electricity from fossil fuel, hydro and nuclear.
We should allow all sources to compete in a free and unsubsidized market,
which is the way in which American capitalism functions best.

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