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									Sindy Whitehead
Date: 3/9/10 – Day 1 (current site)
Student: #3 (Female)
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SW: Okay.

ST: Is it on?

SW: It's on.

ST: Okay, cool.

SW: Now to get...

ST: Explorer, open. Open. Ah, there it is. Okay. Good. Any time now. Just go a little faster. Oh, we're on
Google. Okay, is that where we want to be?

SW: We're tryin' to get to the UVU site.

ST: Oh, okay. All right. U.V.U. dot, yeah, that one... edu. That one. That's the one that I want. Hey look,
there it is. I found it.

SW: Woohoo. Task one complete. You get a star.

ST: Woohoo.

SW: A brownie point.

ST: I win. Okay.

SW: Read it out loud.

ST [0:51]: It says. Imagine you need to know how much TUITION is for 12 undergraduate resident hours
credits. How would you go about doing that using this website? Please talk through how you go about
doing this. That's how... tuition for 12 hours, ok. Let's see. That's a good question. Let's see. let's start
with Future Students. Maybe? Eh, nope. Okay. Students? Oh, One Stop... that has records and
registration. Let's try that. Wait, that's kinda weird. 'K. Visitors... Submitting, Admissions, Obtaining
Transcripts, Parking Stickers, Financial Aid & Scholarship Information, Paying Tuition. This could be
good. Might work. Okay. *not understandable* Pay Your Tuition, Learn About Tuition Payment Plus.
Okay, that's great, but that's not what I'm looking for. Is it? Tuition and Fees. Full-Time Undergraduate
Students. Okay, ooh, Tuition. Look at that. Tuition disclosure. Tuition and Student Fees... not what I'm
lookin' for. Undergraduate, right? We're doin' undergraduate? Yep, okay. Ha ha! Here look at that!
Resident hours. 12. All right. Found it. For a total of 2,024 dollars per semester? Really? Okay. Here we

SW: That's actually better than I thought.
ST: Well, ya know.

SW: Okay, number 3.

ST [3:04]: That's okay. Okay, I'm goin' home. Hold on a moment. Let's go back to the homepage here.
What the? Ah. Help. [*couldn't get out of pdf*] That's a little scary. How'd I get here? Okay, going home.
Okay, back home.

ST [3:33]: Imagine you want to know what EVENTS are occuring tomorrow on campus. Oh, that's fun.
Okay. How would you go about doing this using the... okay. Click on the calendar. And click on
tomorrow. And, hey look, there it is. Okay. Now this little After Vermont Exhibition. Whatever that is.
Okay. Echotone? What the heck is that? Okay, basketball, basketball. Spring Housing Fair? What's that?
Okay, anyway.

SW: Okee doke. Next.

ST [4:20]: Okay, task four. Imagine that your teacher assigned you to find... I'm goin' home. Goin' back to
the homepage. Imagine that your teacher assigned you to find out the most PRESSING NEWS at UVU.
Well, let's see. How 'bout this State of the University address? D's that count? Yes, yeah. There's this
little Highlights section here. That's usually where I find it. Or right here. It's kinda right there. Pretty
obvious. Okay. Number 5.

ST [5:00]: Colleges, Schools, Departments, and Programs. Imagine you're tryin' to choose a STUDY AREA
EMPHASIS... wondering what departments are within the College of Tech... ooh. Hey look. Schools,
Colleges, and Departments. College... ooh, what's this? That's new. Academic areas. Colleges and
Schools. Here we go. What are we do... what are we lookin' at? Technology and Computing. There it is.
How would you go about doing that using this website? Well, it's kinda right there. What, department?
Whatever. *Incomprehensible* There we go. There's a list of what there is. Ta da.

ST: Okay, number 6.

SW: 6.

ST [5:54]: Maps & Locations. Back to the homepage. You need to meet your ADVISOR IN THE LOSEE
building, don't know where it is. Well, there's this cool campus map here. Let's see. Let's,... let's do it on
a... pdf. Yeah, okay, I wanna find the Losee center? So, oh, look. It's number 6. Oh look, there it is. Yeah!
Okay, next question is how to get there from here. In fact, that's *Incomprehensible* Okay, phew. Let's
go back. Homepage! Homepage! Come back! 'K.

ST [6:46]: Imagine you want to ask someone a QUESTION 'BOUT THE DEGREES offered at UVU. How'd
you go about doing that using the website? Talk through... okay. Let's see. Let's try Academics. Okay.
Let's see, Academic Areas, that might help. Ewww, that's a little awkward. I don't know if that's gonna
work for me. Let's see. Ask someone about the... okay. Let's see. Future Students. Let's go there. Future
Students, let's stay here. Tuition, Fast Facts, Majors and Degrees, ooh! Majors and Degrees! Look at
that. Well, there's a list, but I don't know how to ask some of 'em, so... Oh, but there's information down
here. Maybe I'd just use that phone number or somethin'. Well, UVStart! Hey look at that. Maybe I'll go
there. That works too. Do I need to do that or am I good there?

SW: You're good.

ST: Okay. M'kay.

SW: Okay.

ST [8:41]: Imagine you want to contract, CONTACT BRIAN BLUMER of Integrated Marketing. You're not
sure of his email or phone number. Okay. There a directory somewhere? Event Center, Athletics, Find
Your Advisor, no, that's not gonna work. Grad Fair, Student Association, Clubs, *incomprehensible*
Okay, let's see, where is it? I know there's something here. Somewhere. Students, oh, yeah, okay, I think
it's in here. Whoa, hello. Find Your Advisor. That's not what I'm lookin' for. Where is it? Where is it? I
know there's something somewhere where you can look it up. Let's see. One Stop, no. Where is it? I
don't know.

Anne: How close are you to done Sindy?

SW: Hmm?

Anne: You're not very close to done are you?

ST: Academic Pursuit.

SW: Well, we're not too far.

Anne: Believe it or not, I can't get in.

ST: What is that?

SW: What? (Referring to Anne’s trouble.)

Anne: It's just UVLink, right? UV ID, right?

ST: *incomprehensible*

SW: Yeah.

Anne: Yeah, it's not lettin' me through.

ST: Broadening Your Horizons. What is that? Services and Support. That's gotta be it. Oooh, Faculty and
Staff Directory. That was the wrong thing. Nope. Hate it when it does that. Faculty and Staff Directory.
There it is. Okay, oh look, it's alphabetical. That's convinient. Okay. Okay, know what. Okay. So, then we
go to B and he's there somewhere.

SW [11:18]: And a few more questions here. 'K, what were the three things you LIKED BEST about the
ST: Let's go back to the homepage. Let's see. I like, I like this right here. The, the kinda popular links
there - the Schools, I like that. I like, I kinda like this bullitin board. It's a little,... what'a ya say, it's a little
busy, but ya know, you can... you can kinda find what ya need. It's a little messy, but it still. You can still
find it. So. And then the pull-down menu bar accross the top's nice.

SW [12:46]: Okay, what were the three things that you LIKED LEAST about the site?

ST: Well, that the fonts and everything are really small, and it's like they're try'na put too much all on
one page. Ya know what I mean?

SW: Okay.

ST: And, it is kind of hard to find certain things that seem kind of buried in there, but I can usually find
most of what I need. And on the calendar, there's something on the calendar. When I go to the month
view, like I'm lookin' ahead and I wanna see say where's, when Spring Break is, there's just so much on
there and even if I just do Academic Dates & Deadlines, it's just this small print and it's you know. It'd be
nice if you could like color code the entries or somethin' like that, so we know what we're lookin' for.
It's kinda hard to find exactly what things are.

SW [14:40]: 'K. If you could CHANGE ONE THING about the site, what would it be?

ST: As far as like,... I don't what I would change other than just,... I'm just a real organized person, so I
think the one thing I would change like, on the bullitin board I can't stand having things overlap and
stuff like that. That kinda,... just neatin' it up. Can I just move this over here so it's not covering things,
and that kinda thing.

SW [15:32]: M'kay. If you could ADD ONE THING to the site, what would it be?

ST: Oh look. There's a find people thing. Didn't know that. Never noticed that before. If I could add one
thing,... I wouldn't really add anything other than maybe some more obvious links, but most of the links
that you need are pretty easy to find in the pull-down menus, so...

SW [16:24]: 'K, and would you RECOMMEND this site to others?

ST: As far as like potential students... probably not 'cause they might get bogged down, but as far as,
you know, other students, I know I've told people a lot of times if they can't find, you know, whatever
the professor's download area, like it's real easy if you go through, you know, go through the
departments, you know, find the department, it's the download area, you know, so it's,... If you know
what you're doing and you can clearly communicate that, what the other person needs, but I wouldn't
just say 'Oh go check out the website.' You know, so someone who is just wanting information about
the university...

SW: Okay, that's it.

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