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					AHC Strategic Plan Progress:
 Update to Board of Regents

        May 11, 2001
   Principal Elements of AHC Strategic Plan
   Approved at November 2000 BOR Meeting

• Create and prepare the new health professionals for Minnesota
• Sustain the vitality and excellence of Minnesota’s health research
• Expedite the dissemination and application of new knowledge into
  the promotion of health and delivery of health care in Minnesota
• Develop and provide new models of health promotion and care for
• Reduce health disparities in Minnesota and address the needs of
  the state’s diverse populations
• Use information technology to transform how we educate, conduct
  research, and provide service to individuals and communities in
• Build a culture of service and accountability to Minnesota
    Major Goals of AHC Strategic Plan
 Endorsed at December 2000 BOR Meeting

• Meet the health needs of the people of
• Respond to the health workforce needs of the
• Move the Medical School back into the top 20.
• Sustain excellence in health research.
• Provide health services to the people of
• Form more effective community partnerships.
 Major Efforts Since December 2000

• Request to Legislature:
  – Portion of University request
  – Included: core funding for the Medical School; funds to
    recruit physician scientists; funds to expand
    enrollments in nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and
    medical technology
  – Major education effort: legislators, health and business
    communities, and grassroots
  – Effective involvement of faculty, staff, students and
  Major Efforts Since December 2000
• Operating Budget of Medical School:
   – Plan for allocating new dollars from legislature and tuition to
     support education work, primarily in clinical departments, is 90%
     complete. Implementation will begin July 1, 2001.
   – Plan for increasing revenue and decreasing costs to offset the
     expected shortfall in legislative appropriation for the University, is
     75% complete. Implementation will begin July 1, 2001.
   – Position control is in effect; new recruitments guided by finances
     and areas of agreed program growth.
   – An aggressive process for debt management and deficit account
     oversight is implemented and working.
   – UMP revenues are stabilized; UMP is now managing the clinics at
   – Compact process is being expanded to all departments and
  Major Efforts Since December 2000

• External Review of Relationship with Fairview:
   – Completed and presented to combined meeting of Board of
     Regents and Fairview System Board.
   – Confirmed sale of UMHC as the right decision; commended the
     accomplishments to date.
   – Recommendations included: refresh joint vision and widely
     communicate it; affirm FUMC as a university-type hospital;
     improve alignment between FUMC and UMP; Fairview
     participation in clinical chair recruitments; increased state funding
     for the Medical School.
   – Workplan to meet recommendations will be completed and
     implementation started by July 1, 2001.
  Major Efforts Since December 2000

• Transplant Databases:
    – The single largest education, research and clinical program in AHC.
    – Consolidating into one database for solid organs will enhance
      performance in research and clinical care, and support regulatory and
      outreach needs.
    – Involves Departments, Clinical Outcomes Research Center, FUMC,
      Fairview System, AHC.
• Diversity and Pre-Health Sciences Advising:
    –   Major challenge for health professional schools.
    –   Combined into one effort for program development.
    –   Coordinating with other University efforts and services.
    –   Outreach to K-12, undergraduate and community programs.
  Major Efforts Since December 2000

• Facilities:
   – Molecular and Cell Biology Building:
      • Within budget; expect move-in on time June, 2002.
   – Translational Research Facility:
      • Predesign completed and approved
      • Fundraising has begun
   – AHC Precinct Plan:
      • Completed
      • Presentation to Board of Regents in June 2001.
 Major Efforts Since December 2000

• Engaging the Community:
   – National Institute for Health Policy: Defining the health workforce
     for 2013; health, business and consumer participation
   – Blueprint for Prevention: joint effort of AHC, Allina Foundation,
     Park Nicollet, Commissioner of Health; develop coordinated
     efforts in prevention
   – Department of Health: developing joint efforts in reducing health
     disparities and in developing databases for health status and health
   – Biomedical Innovation and Commercialization Initiative: joint
     effort of AHC, VPR, Commissioner Trade and Economic
     Development and private sector; continues alive in legislature
   – Center on Community Education and Outreach: School of Public
     Health; promotes continuing education and outreach activities with
     health communities.
Shaping and Sustaining Minnesota’s

 The Academic Health Center is well-
 positioned to prepare the new health
 professional who can:
         improve the health of our
         discover and deliver new
           treatments and cures
         strengthen the vitality of our
            health industries.

 We are pursuing a new covenant with the
 state and its people to realize this vision.

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