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					EARTO – working group on quality
issues – 2nd session
Anneli Karttunen, Quality Manager
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

This presentation includes slides about
• VTT’s processes
• The project process and important reviews within it
                                                                                                              5/23/2013   2

VTT’s Process Map
                                                          Management processes

                                                  Strategy, follow-up,               Human capital
                                                       evaluation                    management

                                       Business from technology – VTT’s innovation process

                                                                                                                              Added value for customers
                          Research                                         Customer activities /

                                                                                                                                and other stakeholders
 and other stakeholders
 Needs from customers

                                                                           Commercialization of IPR
                          Prosess goals
                          • creating new ideas, technologies and              Prosess goals:
                          innovation potential                                • producing integrated solutions for
                          • incubating applications and fostering             customers and managing customer
                          competencies                                        relations
                                                                              • enhancing the value of VTT’s IPR and
                          in research areas which have high impact            managing IPR
                          for industries and society
                                           Effective project management and implementation

                                                                     Activities of VTT Expert Services and VTT Membsfab Ltd

                                   IT           Research        Finance and        Human       Communications
                              administration infrastructures    procurement      resources
                                                         Supporting processes
                                                                                                             5/23/2013   3

                                  VTT Group structure 2011
                         V T T Technical Research Centre of Finland
                   (State-owned research centre under the domain of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy)

R&D                                     Strategic Research                      Business Solutions
 Research personnel                     Self-financed research                 Management of customer accounts
 Research resources                     Jointly funded research                Contract research
 Project execution                                                              Technology licensing as a part of
 Competence                            IP Business                               contract research sales
  development                            IPR sales and licensing
                                         IPR portfolio                         Separation of economic and non-economic
Group Services                            management                            activities.
 Support functions

VTT Expert Services Ltd                  VTT Memsfab Ltd                   VTT Ventures Ltd            VTT International Ltd
 Specialist reports and assessments      Contract manufacturing           Management of              Administration and
 Certification and approval services      of micro- and nano-               spin-offs                   development of
                                           electronic materials                                          international joint
 Testing. inspection and calibration
                                           and devices                                                   ventures and contact points

 Labtium Ltd       Enas Ltd
                                              5/23/2013   4

VTT’s Process Map / Detailed view to core processes
                                                                                                             5/23/2013         5

 The project process:                                                Ideas, customer meetings

   Important steps and created
documents during project’s lifecycle
                                       innitiation and
                                                                                                           Project proposal, plan,
    Review of offer /                                             Project proposal drafting
                                                                                                           appication, offer

    application / contract                                             and processing

                                                             Preparing an application or offer

                                                                                                           Order, confirmation of order, contract,
                                                                     Customer’s decision                   decision for finance
    Start-up review
                                       Project                          Start-up review                    Approved project plans

                                                                     Establishing meeting
                                                                                                           Status (progress) reports
    Progress reviews                                           Management team meetings
                                                                         Progress reviews
                                                                                                           Research/test reports
                                                              Final review - acceptance of final results

                                       Closure and follow-               Closure meeting                   Minutes
    Customer feedback                  up activities

                                                                     Customer feedback
                                                                                                           Customer feedback,
                                                                                                           internal evaluation
    Internal project evaluation                                 Internal project evaluation

                                                                      Filing documents                     Filed project documents / project
                                                              Follow-up, customer meetings
                                                                  5/23/2013   6

          The offer / application / contract review

 Projects review is performed with the support of the check list taking into
  account the size of the project:
     Projects under 50 k€: the short check list is recommended.
     Projects over 50 k€: A formal review by using a longer check list is
       required. The review shall be documented.
 Main points of the review includes following topics:
     Task definition (objectives, potential risks, results)
     Responsibilities and obligations (restrictions, duration, end, or release from
     Resources (Availability of personnel and hardware resources necessary for
       the performance of the project as set forth in the preliminary schedule)
     Intellectual property: use and agreeing access rights
     Finances (review of project finances (e.g. budgets, invoicing schedules, as
       well as financier and VTT guidelines, selection of research facility)
     Quality assurance, assessment of the risks associated with the project
                                                               5/23/2013   7

                        The start-up review

 The start-up review is carried out by the Technology Manager and the Project
  Manager and, after that, by project’s Financial Assistants.
 The issues to be checked are as follows:
     Contractual situation/granting of funding
     Reasonable level of feasibility and details of the plan
     Human resources, equipment, software, procurements
     The members of the Steering Group
     Financial issues, e.g. budget, billing schedule, connection /
      disconnection to research facility
     Project management and control methods to be applied (e.g.
      acceptance procedure in small projects without the Steering Group)
     Work safety in the project, risks and quality assurance. A separate
      quality assurance plan should also be generated and reviewed when
     Environmental sustainability
                                                                 5/23/2013   8

                           Progress review

 Prior to delivering the Progress Report to a customer or the Steering
  Group, the Project Manager presents the report to the project supervisor.
 In the progress review the following aspects should be considered:
       The actual realisation of the tasks related to the project plan
       The cost and working time performance related to the plan
       Taking care of accelerated billing according to the contract
       The risk review, for example, is it possible to achieve the objectives
        with the remaining resources? Changes and observations affecting to
        the project have to be reported immediately, first to VTT’s
        representative supervising the project and then to the Steering Group.
                                                              5/23/2013   9

                       Customer feedback

 VTT asks feedback after ending the project. Feedback requests are sent
  to the customer as an e-mail message and the recipient provides the
  feedback by completing the online form. The customer can give his/her
  opinion about following aspects:
       Consideration of views and needs
       Project planning and agreement procedure for the project
       Communication and contact with VTT during the project
       Realisation of objectives
       Reporting results
       Professional skills and competence of VTT’s personnel
       Keeping to time schedules
       Applicability and usefulness of the results
                                                                      5/23/2013   10

                  Internal project evaluation at VTT

 An internal project evaluation must be conducted for all completed projects with a
  budget of over 50 k€. The Project Manager performs the initial evaluation and also
  invites the evaluation team participants to add their comments
 Evaluation include following aspects:
      Risk realisation; problems /risks encountered during the project
      Feedback or comments regarding to project management and realisation
      Project group feedback: analyseis of cooperation and communication worked
        within the project, or describtion of significant experiences, good practices or
        lessons learned
      Quality, impact, and benefit for the client
      Commercial benefits after the project
      Realised assignments
      Inventions, software, other IPR
      Quality and lessons learned: briefly describe any development suggestions,
        good practices or deficiencies and deviations in the process instructions, quality
        actions, guidelines, document templates or risk management actions.
      Supplier or subcontractor evaluation
                       5/23/2013   11

VTT creates business
from technology

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