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									               Ukrainian corporate culture                                                                          issues, but to act accordingly.
                                                                                                                      First and foremost, today’s
                                                                                                                    eastern european societies
                                                                                                                                                       short-term profits become
                                                                                                                                                       very lucrative. The reason
                                                                                                                                                       for this can be found in
                                                                                                                                                                                           they are dealing with.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Knowledge is a resource
                                                                                                                                                                                           that can be found on a large
                                                                                                                    have inherited a patriarchal       historical experiences and          scale in eastern europe.
               by KIm RIse                     with stereotypes, such as         terms of industry as well as
                                                                                                                    mentality. Therefore, the          the current limited amount          The eastern european
               MAFCON                          the laid-back attitude of the     marketing. many Western
                                                                                                                    consensus-based            and     of resources. This is why it is     educational system was in
                                               spanish, the wine-drinking        european businesses are
                                                                                                                    inclusive management style         often better to offer eastern       many ways very effective
               Geographical and cultural       French etc. These issues are      looking eastwards to Asia as
                                                                                                                    of many Western companies          European employees a fixed          under the soviet regime.
               proximity to Western            nevertheless irrelevant as        well as to eastern europe.
                                                                                                                    is seen as a sign of weakness      medium wage rather than a           especially education in
               Europe are two of the           long as people from different     Although Asia is currently
                                                                                                                    and incompetence.                  low starting wage with the          technology,      mathematics
               main reasons behind the         countries successfully co-        making the headlines, the
                                                                                                                      Honesty is also important,       prospect of future gains.           and natural sciences were
               accessibility of Ukraine.       operate and do business with      proximity of eastern europe
                                                                                                                    as many eastern europeans                                              associated with high status.
               But it is still important to    each other. However, these        will soon make the exchange
                                                                                                                    have       traditionally   felt                                        most Westerners that stay
               observe the differences in      seemingly irrelevant issues       of goods, services and people                                         Corporate culture
                                                                                                                    deceived because they have                                             in eastern europe will be
               culture if you want to be       can soon transform into real      more intense.                                                         The main challenge for
                                                                                                                    lived in a world, where there                                          surprised by the amount of
               successful in the country.      problems when two diverse                                                                               Western businesses is not
                                                                                                                    was a tremendous difference                                            factual, technological and
               Cultural          differences   cultures clash in a work-                                                                               how to include the locals
                                                                                 Cultural understanding             between the official and the                                           historical insight that many
               have always had a great         situation. And in a globalised                                                                          in everyday operations and
                                                                                 The decisive factor for many       actual state of affairs. In                                            eastern europeans possess.
               significance in business.       world, this is often the case.                                                                          decision-making processes,
                                                                                 businesses will be whether         corporate terms, this means                                            However, the educational
               However, recent events            The trend of modern                                                                                   but how to do this in a different
                                                                                 they are able to cope in           that successful companies are                                          system was unable to create
               have further underlined         business is that companies                                                                              culture and perhaps in a
                                                                                 eastern europe, and this is        the ones who ‘walk the talk’,                                          independent and enterprising
               that cultural understanding     separate various functions                                                                              different language. This is why
                                                                                 where culture will make all        and translate their promises                                           individuals.       Therefore,
               has become increasingly         in order to get them done                                                                               communication must form
                                                                                 the difference. even though        into action.                                                           Westerners should not go
               important and that there is     where they are done best and                                                                            the basis of any international
                                                                                 culture is often defined as          An important aspect to                                               to eastern europe in order
               room for improvement for        at the lowest cost. National                                                                            business. The exchange of
                                                                                 a ‘soft’ value and for that        consider is how to maintain                                            to spread technological or
               Western businesses.             borders no longer place any                                                                             employees is also important,
                                                                                 reason treated as a cliché, it     the     eastern      european                                          specialist knowledge, but to
                                               limits on business operations                                                                           and it is a good way to
                                                                                 is possible to pinpoint some       employees. Due to a                                                    contribute with structure,
                                               as they did earlier.                                                                                    disseminate knowledge and
               The global division of                                            issues that are very concrete      different perception of the                                            systems knowledge, and an
                                                 It can be said that the                                                                               company-norms. moreover,
               labour                                                            and elementary; the difficulty     value of consumption now                                               understanding of systems.
                                               world is experiencing a                                                                                 it is important for eastern
               Culture is often associated                                       is not to understand the           as opposed to the value
                                               global division of labour, in                                                                           europeans to know who
                                                                                                                    of     future consumption,

               Global social responsibility                                      social programmes aimed at
                                                                                 improving labour conditions          NEFCO
                                                                                 for       employees,       staff
               by Kim Rise                     without neglecting the bottom     development and training,
                                                                                 and charity help. What is             NEFCO was established in 1990 by the five Nordic countries: Denmark,
               MAFCON                          line?
                                               The need for CsR in Ukraine       even more interesting is that         Finland, Iceland, Norway and sweden.
                                               is primarily focused on           only four percent of the              NeFCO’s mission is to promote cost-effective ways to reduce the en-
               Corporate              social
                                               improving labour conditions       interviewed companies feel
               responsibility (CSR) is not
                                                                                 that it does not make any sense
                                                                                                                       vironmental pollution emanating from regions adjacent to the Nordic
               the first issue that comes      and upgrading industrial
                                                                                 for businesses to participate in      countries.
               to mind, when a company         processes in order to improve
               considers       establishing    the environment. These are        solving social problems.              NeFCO’s vision is to achieve environmental results at a cost that is 7-8
                                               issues that are regulated by      This survey proves that               times lower than similar investments made in the Nordic countries.
               low     cost     production
                                                                                 Ukrainian businesses know
               in     Eastern      Europe.     law in Western countries, but
                                                                                 that CsR is about more
                                                                                                                       Further information about NEFCO is available at:
               However, companies still        have not yet been the primary
                                               focus of Ukrainian legislation.   than an annual charity. but
               need to recognize their
               responsibility.                 This is why foreign companies     the fact that half of the                                                                                 
                                               need to set an example and        companies feel that their
                                               bring their technology and        primary responsibility is to
               The need for CSR in                                                                                  Nordic environment Finance         involved in?                        our partner’s risks when
                                               know-how to Ukraine in order      the bottom line indicates that
               Ukraine                                                                                              Corporation,            NeFCO.     “The bottom line for NeFCO          making an investment. This is
                                               for improvements to occur.        there is a wide-spread feeling
               Globalisation            and                                                                         We have talked to senior           is the positive environmental       achieved through our financial
                                                                                 that the state is not doing
               internationalisation    raise                                                                        Investment manager, Torben         effects of our projects. Our        participation, environmental
                                                                                 enough to motivate social
               questions concerning social     UN survey                                                            Vindeløv, regarding NeFCO’s        investments must be able            expertise, understanding of
                                                                                 responsibility. In Ukraine, the
               responsibility. How should                                                                           commitment in Ukraine.             to present a higher return in       the financial and legal business
                                               A recent UN survey shows          taxation system provides only
               companies       handle   the                                                                         What is your impression of the     environmental terms than            environment, and our local
                                               that 78 percent of Ukrainian      a five percent tax deduction
               entrance into a new culture                                                                          level of CSR in Ukraine?           what we could expect from           network of contacts.”
                                               companies are aware of the        in relation to CsR, which is
               with different ethics and                                                                            “I have not had the opportunity    a comparable investment in          How have you experienced the
                                               CsR concept and the majority      barely considered an incentive
               standards? Is it possible to                                                                         to discuss CsR with Ukrainian      a Nordic country. Therefore,        initial stage of establishing yourself
                                               of companies consider CsR         by many businesses.
               transfer Western standards                                                                           companies apart from those         we employ a number of               as a co-operating partner?
                                               to be the introduction of
                                                                                                                    in which NeFCO is a co-            finance tools to achieve our        “It has been easy to get in
                                                                                 Restraints on CSR                  investor. It is a precondition     goals in Ukraine. We offer          contact with potential clients as
                   Torben Vindeløv                                               media attention is one of the      for NeFCO’s investments            risk capital and loans on           the demand for our finances is
                                        Torben Vindeløv was                      main reasons why companies         that the projects result in        competitive terms to projects       huge. Our interaction with the
                                                                                 hesitate to focus on social        significant       environmental    that promise to deliver             authorities is time-consuming,
                                        born in 1948 in Copenha-
                                                                                 responsibility as a strategy.      improvements either through        positive environmental results.     but this is business as usual
                                        gen, Denmark, and holds                                                     a direct reduction or indirectly   Currently we operate two            for our clients.”
                                                                                 many companies have used
                                        a master’s Degree in Civil               CsR purely for promotional         by introducing more efficient      special purpose subsidised          What are your expectations for your
                                        and structural engineering               reasons, and this has caused       and safe technologies.”            facilities, namely Cleaner          future development in Ukraine?
                                        from the Technical Univer-               the media to be reluctant to       Why did you choose Ukraine as a    Production      Credits      and    “Ukraine will become the
                                        sity of Denmark. This de-                focus on the down-side of          country of operation?              energy savings Credits. The         most important market for
                                        gree was later supplement-               companies’ CsR activities.         “Ukraine was included as a         Cleaner Production Credits are      NeFCO. I believe that Ukraine
                                                                                 Another restraint on CsR is        cooperation country when           available to private and public     - within two or three years
                                        ed by a bachelor’s Degree
                                                                                 the lack of serious partners       the eU was enlarged. The           companies that wish to make         - could be a bigger market
                   in Commerce from the Copenhagen school of                                                        environmental standard of          their use of resources more         for NeFCO than Russia.
                                                                                 in CsR-projects. There is
                   economics and business Administration.                        still a limited amount of          the country leaves much to         efficient. The Energy Savings       Ukraine is presently more
                   Torben has 30 years of experience in working                  NGOs and other potential           be desired, and it was felt by     Credits are offered to social       approachable than Russia due
                   with international projects. since 2001, he has               partners in Ukraine. One of        the Nordic countries that the      institutions, such as schools,      to the closer cooperation with
                   been senior Investment manager at NeFCO, re-                  the newcomers to Ukraine           sort of environment targeted       hospitals, kindergartens, street    the eU, which should enable
                   sponsible for the preparation of investments in               and a possible co-operating        investments that NeFCO             lighting, and sports facilities.”   the country to develop and
                   eastern europe. Currently, Torben is responsible              partner      for    businesses     offers would be very relevant      Which services do clients receive   implement environmental
                                                                                 interested in environmentally      also in Ukraine.”                  from NEFCO?                         regulations.”
                   for NeFCO’s Ukrainian expansion plans.
                                                                                 beneficial projects is the         What kind of projects is NEFCO     “Our participation reduces

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