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2013 Judges Ballots Results


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									Troupe #   Student Name           Title of Entry                     Author
6789       Adriana Salinas        Anna in the Tropics/Shooting       Nilo Cruz/Molly Newman
6338       Aleska Sparks          Spoon River Anthology/ You         Masters & Hart/Kaufman
7448       Alex Gladden           Promedy/Times of War               Wade Bradford/Eric Lane
5659       Ariel Coleman          The Divorce/March in Line          Brian Heath/Tara Meddaugh
7352       Arnelle Jones          Wait Wait Bo Bait/Deck the         Lindsay Price
3131       Austin Betts           The Boys Next Door/A               Tom Griffin/Shakespeare
7448       Brandon Jeremiah       Doubt/Side Man                     John Patrick Shanley/Warren Leight
3430       Brent Welch            Medea/Love, Valour,                EURIPIDES & TERRENCE MCNALLY
1338       Brooke Earhart         First Date/Dress Up                Maya Levy/Erin Murtaugh
7614       Cameron McNeil         You Can't Take It with You/King    George S. Kaufman/Shakespeare
7352       Chanse Smithey         Skid Marks: A Play About           Lindsay Price
7262       Christy Deshong        As You Like It/The End of the      Williiam Shakespeare/Jon Robin Baitz
3430       Cori Fougerousse       What Corbin Knew/Uncle Vanya       JEFFREY HATCHER & CHEKHOV
4827       Danielle Spence        The Lion in the Winter/Arsenic     James Goldman/Joseph Kesselring
7862       Dewayne Murphy         Ma Rainey's Black Bottom/The       August Wilson/Bernard Pomerance
7352       Dylan Dampier          This is a Test/We Are the          Stephen Gregg/Victor Hugo
7414       Elizabeth Farnsworth   All’s Well That Ends Well/The      Shakespeare/Oscar Wilde
6418       Emily Cheatham         Barefoot in the Park/The Angry     Simon/Bradford
6377       Emily Medley           A Tiny Miracle with a Fiberoptic   Don Zolidis/Amber Wardell
6789       Emily Wollenberg       Ride/I ought to be in pictures     Eric Lane/Neil Simon
1338       Emma Watkins           Baptist Gourment/Catholic          Jill Morley/Casey Kurtti
2620       Gunner Wagner          Star-Spangled Girl/Assassins       Neil Simon/Scndheim and Weidman
7344       Hailey Haynes          And Turning, Stay/My Special       Powell/McCullough
6789       Haley Smithee          The Odd Couple/Reasons to be       Neil Simon/Neil LaBute
7262       Jacob Benson           A Life of Pieces/Team Player       David Minyen/Kristen Dabrowski
764        Jamie Alvord           Like Dreaming Backwards/I Ate      Kellie Powell/Gabriel Davis
7260       Jaren Evans            "Balm in Gilead" /                 Lanford Wilson // William Shakespeare
6377       Jessica Gilmer         All Kidding Aside/Real             Charles Johnson
338        John Metcalf           A Christmas Carol/Blithe Spirit    Noel Coward, Jacqueline Goldfinger
3131       John Nelson            The Good Doctor/A Midsummer        Neil Simon/Shakespeare
7448       Jon Warren             The Worker/Dialogues of the        Walter Wykes/Lucian
6377       Joslyn Rucker          Crazy/Zara Spook and Other         Mindy Jones/Joan-Ackerman Blount
7862       Karmen Stephens        For Colored Girls Who Have         Ntozake Shange/William Gibson
7344       Kaylee Chapman         Chicago/Your Homework Ate          Condon/Kehde
7614       Lindsi Edgar           Asylum/Cinema Limbo                Dennis Bush
7823       Luke Conner            Reasons to be Pretty/ Love's       Neil Labute and William Shakespeare
764        Maceson Spencer        He Who Gets Slapped/Fools          leonid
2123       Maggie Trieschmann      The Diary of Anne Frank/Romeo     Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett/William Shak
7260       Malik Oliver           "The Katrina Project"/ Much Ado    Michael Marks and Mackenzie Westmoreland, Wi
7074       Mariana Mobley         Promenade/Why Women Need           Wade Bradford/Lisa Marie Heitman
3227       Mary Winn              Brighton Beach Memoirs /Five       Neil Simon/Alan Ball
6418       Morgan Maxwell         Promedy/Duet for One               Bradford/Kempinski
338        Morgan Stephens        Our Little Secret/Curse of the     Sandra Fenichel Asher, Kent R Brown
7344       Moriah Yingling        Steel Magnolias/Confused Teen      Harling/Unknown
7055       Nick Abel              Ohio/Spring Awakening              Nick Zagone/ Frank Wedekind
7823       Noah Haney             Rabbit Hole/Spring Awakening       David Lindsay-Abaire and Frank Wedekind
6560    Olivia Darmody              Much Ado About                      Shakespeare Kellie Powell
89122   Olivia Moore                "Wrong Number"/"Running on          Debbie Lamedman
3227    Patricia "Keleigh" Button   How I Got the Part/ Defying         Robert Pridham/Jane Anderson
2620    Sara Kincannon              Jake's Women/The Search for         Neil Simon/Jane Wagner
6560    Sasha Kochurova             Masks/Herby Alice Counts Down       Paul Doniger Micole B. Adkins
89122   Sofia Vazquez               "Finding Mother"/"The Pod"          Debbie Lamedman
89122   Sophie Scaccia              "I Thought Ellen was My             Peg Kehret
6418    Steven Hulsey               Julius Caesar/The Importance of     Shakespeare/Wilde
7055    Tori Nicholas               All Kidding Aside/Richards          Charles Johnson/Kellie Powell
7260    Tori Thomas                 "Betty's Summer                     Christopher Durang / Angela Hill
7862    Tremell White               The Odd Couple/To Be Young,         Neil Simon/Robert Nemiroff
7259    Vanessa Williams            A Raisin in the Sun/Blithe Spirit   Hansberry/Coward
2620    William Bland               Julius Caesar/Testing, Testing      Shakespeare/Luke Seckington
6338    Zack Oliver                 Spoon River Anthology/The Odd       Masters & Simon
3430    Zyan Ward                   Major Barbara/As You Like It        SHAW & SHAKESPEARE
             Rights              Thespian #   Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
             Yes                 686863       G         E         G         G                2:39
 Hart/Kaufman                    727980       E         G         G         G                1:54
dford/Eric Lane                  721676       S         E         E         E                2:24
 h/Tara Meddaugh                 729129       G         G         E         G                1:59
             Yes                 710031       S         S         G         S                3:06
             Yes                 727877       S         S         S         S                2:45
 k Shanley/Warren Leight         721675       S         S         G         S                2:56
             N/A                 688799       E         S         G         E                2:31
             Green Light         687677       E         G         G         G                2:56
             Y                   752417
             Yes                 732618       G         G         G         G                3:07
hakespeare/Jon Robin Baitz       774441       E         G         G         G                2:46
             N/A                 729459       S         S         S         S                2:55
             yes                 654367       E         G         G         G                2:22
             Green Light List    775927       S         S         S         E                3:30 Adjusted
             Yes                 729507       E         G         G         G                2:30
 re/Oscar Wilde                  745587       G         G         F         F                3:35 Adjusted
             GL/Yes              775057       E         E         S         E                2:16
             NA                  681876       E         E         E         E                2:20
             Yes                 774598       E         E         S         E                2:12
             Green Light         729166       E         S         S         S                3:07
             Yes                 7766105      E         G         G         G                2:56
             Y                   727051       S         S         S         S                2:51
             Yes                 686861       S         E         G         E                2:35
yen/Kristen Dabrowski            774443       E         S         E         E                2:50
             Yes                 687487       E         E         G         E                2:39
             Green Light         685681       G         G         G         G                2:02
             NA                  725508       G         G         F         G                3:01
             yes                 683207       E         E         G         E                2:49
             Yes                 691789       E         S         G         E                2:59
                                 683141       E         G         E         F                4:07 Adjusted for time
            NA                   775476       E         E         G         E                3:05
            Green Light List     775928       E         G         G         G                2:37
            Y                    727049       E         S         E         E                2:46
            Y                    776045       G         G         F         G                3:05
            Dramatists Play Service and PD
                                 765791       E         S         E         E                3:09
            yes                  729238       E         E         E         E                2:28
            yes                  765886       E         E         G         E                1:21
            Green Light          772360       E         G         G         G                2:26
dford/Lisa Marie Heitman         729512       E         G         E         E                2:41
            Green/letter         774381       E         S         S         S                2:27
            Yes/GL               775059       S         S         G         S                2:48
            yes                  744753       S         E         E         E                2:45
            Y                    727052       E         E         S         E                2:01
            Yes                  727818       E         E         G         E                2:43
            Dramatists Play Service
                                 765805       E         G         E         E                2:46
X                  771058   E   E   G   G   3:20 Adjusted for time
Yes                775948   E   S   E   F   3:25 Adjusted for time
letter/Green       705691   S   S   G   S   3:03
Yes                706742   E   S   E   E   2:40
X                  771061   E   G   G   G   2:37
Yes                775942   E   E   G   E   2:42
Yes                775951   E   E   E   E   2:43
Public Domain      727334   E   S   S   S   2:55
Yes                773668   E   G   E   E   2:42
Green Light        724801   E   S   G   E   2:13
Green Light List   775989
Green light list   729275   G   G   G   G   2:25
Yes                750624   E   E   S   E   2:14
                   685977   G   S   E   E   1:54
N/A                688799   S   S   E   S   3:03
Troupe #   Student Name            Title of Entry             Author                         Thespian #
338        Carly Copeland          Blue Hair from The         Joe Iconis                     775760
338        Ally Kent               Calm from Ordinary         ADAM GWON                      775495
340        Mary Kathryn Brengard   I Dreamed a Dream          Schonberg/Kretzmer/Boublil     729242
764        Alex Dudley             Blow Gabriel Blow from     Cole Porter                    774435
764        Gabriel Miller          "Grow for Me" from         Alan Menken                    774379
764        Erin Rogers             Mama Who Bore Me           Duncan Shiek                   775829
1338       Keven McGinnis          Mr. Cellophane from        Ebb and Kander                 772647
1338       Joey Hickey             Sante Fe from Newsies      Fierstein                      771064
1338       Annie Kate Lipscomb     In Short from Edges        Pasek and Paul                 709723
2123       Lilibeth Pineda         I would Give my life for   Schonberg/Boublil/Maltvy       767591
2123       Bree Drew               Moments in the Woods       Steven Sondheim                683223
2123       Bobby Rutledge          Betrayed from The          Mel Brooks                     775090
2620       Darlene Morton          Don't cry for me           Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice65880
2620       Mary Catherine Roland   "With You" from Ghost      Bruce Joel Rubin               705710
2620       Mary Quin               With You from Ghost        Dave Stewart, Glenn Ballard    774433
3131       Grace Allard            A way back to then         Jeff Bowen                     765878
3131       Colten Baker            Anthem from Chess          Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus/Tim Rice
3227       Katelin Rickman         Popular from Wicked        Steven Schwartz                685367
3227       Noah Whitney            This is the Moment         Wildhorn                       685691
3227       Laura Browning          Little Girls from Annie    Charles Strouse/ Martin Charnin725509
3430       Hunter Montgomery       "I Miss the Music" from    John Kander                    647450
3430       Brynn Thomas            "Climbing Up Hill" from    Jason Robert Brown             685675
3430       Tamara Jefferson        Good Morning               Marc Shaiman/Scott Whittman 769152
4827       Angelique Cooper        Getting to Know You        Richard Rogers and Robert Hammerstein
4827       Patty Wells             Where is the Love from     Lionel Bart                    774749
5659       Cory Watson             Last One Picked from       Dick Gallagher                 728995
6377       Destiny Smallwood       Whoop-Dee-Do
                                   Part of Your World         Alan Menken/Howard Ashman/Tim Rice
6377       Casey De Angelo         Vanilla Ice Cream from     Scheldon Harnick               776026
6377       Kara Treadwell          Don't Rain on my           Styne/Merrill                  716029
6418       Grace McClanahan        Somewhere from West        Leonard Bernstein              765891
6418       Kayla Menz              I Dreamed a Dream Les      Boublil and Schonberg          706739
6418       Rachel Rogers           I Feel Pretty from West    Leonard Bernstein/Stephan Sondheim
6560       Kaylie Mahar            "On My Own" from Les       Alain Boubil & Claude-Michel Schonberg
6560       Jamonica Moore          "When There Was Me         Peter Barsocchini              775930
6560       Abbey Maynard           Part of Your World         Menken, Ashman                 775092
6789       Bethany Dorton          What I Did for Love        Kirkwood/Dante                 727040
6789       Kailyn Harris           As Long as He Needs        Wildorn and Bricusse           750602
6789       Hannah Aldridge         "Nowadays" from            John Kander                    687237
7055       Cameron Skonhovd        My Friend from             Sondheim                       771308
7055       Gustavo Martinez        Stars from Les             Schonberg/Kretzmer/Boublil     774384
7055       Tori Henry              Part of Your World         Menken/Slater/Ashman/Wright 767700
7074       Paul Wright             All That's Known from      Duncan Sheik/Steven Sater      727816
7074       Emily Dickerson         The Worst Pies In          Sondheim                       771066
7074       Hannah Hines            "Show Off" from            Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison 724813
7260       Bret Sanders            Spanish Rose from Bye      Lee Adams/Charles Strouse      681875
7260    Jordan Crites     Run Away With Me          Kerrigan/Lowdermilk             773667
7260    Bridget Davis     Breathe from In the       in-Manuel Miranda               727814
7262    Logan Kinkade     "A Trip to the Library"   Sheldon Harnick // Jerry Bock   772325
7262    Alston Slatton    "The Night That           Stephen Flaherty                647456
7352    Lauren Gunn       "On the Steps of the      Stephen Sondheim                729460
7356    Savannah Walker   So Much Better from       Benjamin/O'Keefe                687485
7356    Will Nicholson    If I Were A Rich Man      Brock & Harnick                 692079
7387    Megan Kinney      Pulled from The           Andrew Lippa                    709718
7387    McKenna McCain    As Long as He Needs       Bart                            771067
7414    Becky Adams       How Lovely to Be a        Stewart/Strouse/Adams           687130
7448    Molly Rhodes      "Moments in the           Stephen Sondheim                775506
7614    Allison Light     Everything I Know from    Lin Manuel Miranda              692078
7614    Adrienne Pierce   Shy from Once Upon a      Rodgers, Barer, Thompson        728807
7614    Zachary Myers     Empty Chairs at Empty     Boublil and Schonberg           776106
7644    Jake Peterson     Feeling Good from The     Bricusse/Newley                 733951
7862    Faith Steed       Memory from Cats          Andrew Lloyd Webber             776050
7862    Brett Harken      Baby, Talk to Me from     Stewart/Strouse/Adams           776628
89122   Lillie Haddock    Super Boy and the         Kitt/Yorkey                     745594
Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
E         E         E         E         2:38
E         E         E         E         1:21
E         S         E         E         4:28
E         E         E         E         1:54
E         E         E         E         2:03
E         E         S         E         2:20
E         E         E         E         3:55
G         E         E         E         4:30
G         E         E         E         3:28
E         E         E         E         3:51
S         G         E         E         2:34
S         E         E         E         4:50
E         G         S         E         3:46
E         E         E         E         4:17
E         E         E         E         4:18
E         E         S         E         2:37
S         E         E         E         3:28
E         E         S         E         3:28
E         G         E         E         3:55
E         G         E         E         2:40
E         G         S         E         2:51
E         G         S         E         3:44
F         F         G         F         3:45
F         F         F         F         3:29
F         F         G         F         1:47
F         F         G         F         2:52
F         F         F         F         3:06
G         G         G         G         2:26
G         G         G         G         2:42
G         G         G         G         1:55
G         G         S         G         3:23
G         G         F         G         2:07
G         G         G         G         2:55
G         F         G         G         3:27
G         G         E         G         3:01
G         G         G         G         2:49
G         F         E         G         3:20
G         G         E         G         1:23
G         G         E         G         2:52
G         G         S         G         3:01
G         G         E         G         3:24
G         G         S         G         1:48
G         F         G         G         2:17
E         S         S         S         3:14
E         S         S         S         3:19
S   S   S   S   3:51
S   E   S   S   3:43
S   S   S   S   4:02
S   S   S   S   1:36
S   S   S   S   2:38
S   E   S   S   3:31
S   G   S   S   4:28
S   S   S   S   3:02
S   G   S   S   4:12
S   G   S   S   2:37
S   G   S   S   2:36
S   E   S   S   3:46
S   S   S   S   2:57
S   E   S   S   3:02
Troupe #   Student Name        Title of Entry         Author
    6377   Logan Teague        The Scarlet Letter     Phyllis Nagy
    6560   Luke Armstrong      Dracula                Bram Stoker
    6418   Jobrielle Winfrey   High School Musical    David Simpatico
    1338   Eli Webb            Treasure Island        Ken Ludwig
    7448   Brittany Diaz       Blithe Spirit          Noel Coward
     764   Emily Terry         Barefoot in the Park   Neil Simon
    6418   Jolli Khoo          High School Musical    David Simpatico
    1338   Reagan Procter      Fog on the Mountain    Tim Kelly
    6377   Sylvia Hardin       The Glass Menagerie    Tennessee Williams
Thespian #   Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
725507       E         E         E         E         4:10
771062       E         E         G         E         4:18
734058       G         E         E         E         4:30
769168       E         S         E         E         2:19
767586       E         S         G         E         3:10
767694       G         G         F         G         1:31
734054       G         G         G         G         1:37
769139       S         S         S         S         7:17
725514       S         S         S         S         5:37
Troupe #   Student Name     Title of Entry        Author                  Thespian #   Judge 1
1338       Jeff Barton      Alice in Wonderland   Charlotte Chorpenning   685961       E
7074       Logan Huggins    Our Town              Thornton Wilder         647448       E
340        Bradley Taylor   Christmas Carol       Christopher Thomas      674034       S
Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
S         E         E         5:18
E         G         E         2:56
S         S         S         5:05
Troupe #   Student Name        Title of Entry                Author                 Thespian #
1338       Clinton Kissinger   Shakespearian Shorts          Dana Proulx-Willis     729160
7344       Andrew Holmsley     A family Reunion to Die For   Mike and Matt Steele   727056
6377       Zack Selby          Steel Magnolias               Robert Harling         771292
Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
G         G         G         G         3:53
G         G         G         G         4:55
Troupe #   Student Name                                                       Thespian #   Judge 1
    7614   Anna Gilmore                                                       752415       E
    3227   Melody Hunt      Folkwear #222 Sz 8 Tevye from A Joseph Stein      705699       E
    7614   Jessey Dollars                                                     776032       E
    7074   Abbey Peterson   Vogue Dress Pattern 2787                          775654       S
    7356   Mary Reed        Corset- Mary Poppins            Julian Fellowes   772641       E
    6560   Linda Meyer                                                        771054       E
    7262   Laurie Wells     The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde       774440       G
    6377   Aaliyah Lenear   Simplicity patteren 2890                          725510       G
    7260   Paige Carney                                                       724805       E
    7262   Hayden Smith     Noises Off                      Michael Frayn     774436       S
Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
E         G         E         1:41
E         E         E         5:40
E         E         E         2:20
E         E         E         2:08
G         E         E         4:55
G         G         G         3:50
E         G         G         2:03
E         G         G         1:10
G         G         G         2:01
S         S         S         5:03
Troupe #   Student Name        Title of Entry            Author
    7448   Maria Chomphilath   Addams Family             Rick Elice
    1388   Destiny Barbine     Fog on the Mountain       Tim Kelly
    1338   Jackie Risi         Alice in Wonderland       Charlotte Chorpenning
    7448   Cathleen Nichols    Blithe Spirit             Noel Coward
    6377   Lyndsey Moore       The Scarlet Letter        Phyllis Nagy
    6560   Laura Boelkens      Alice in Wonderlan        Glennon
    6560   Tamisha Hickman     Phantom of the Opera      Weber
    6418   Kailyn Cooper       High School Musical       David Simpatico
    2620   Kaley Etzkorn       Peter Pan and Wendy       Doug Rand
    6789   Sara Minett         Midsummer Night's Dream   William Shakespeare
     764   Mollee Baker        The Addams Family         Rick Elice; Marshal Brickman
    1338   Kate Huss           It's a Wonderful Life     James W. Rodgers
    6789   Shelbey Austin      THE WIZARD OF OZ'         L. Frank Baum
    7414   Emma Versluis       Battle of Angels          Tennessee Williams
Thespian #   Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
687158       G         E         E         E         3:29
729144       E         E         E         E         9:02
769159       E         S         S         E         12:34   Adjusted
767601       G         G         E         G         16:27   Adjusted for time
725506       G         G         E         G         6:05
771051       G         S         G         G         9:08
771059       E         G         G         G         6:29
775056       G         F         G         G         6:57
706743       S         S         S         S         8:24
775832       S         S         S         S         7:16
687478       S         S         G         S         5:32
769177       S         G         S         S         9:49
Troupe #   Student Name       Title of Entry               Author                  Thespian #
    7260   Maegan Anderson    "Freak"                      Angela Hill             772319
    7262   Liz Larsen         Anything Goes                Cole Porter             729646
     338   Paty Lopez         A Christmas Carol            Ellen Stubbs            709724
    3227   Phillip Donaghey   Almost, Maine                John Cariani            755770
    6418   Christian Faubel   44 Plays for 44 Presidents   Andy Bayiates           775061
    6377   Charity Holmes     Steel Magnolias              Robert Harling          771293
    6560   Edward Lopez       Wiley and the Hairy Man      Zeder                   727176
    1338   Molly Dobbs        Alice in Wonderland          Chorpenning             685966
    6418   Morgan Maxwell     Boy in the Girl's Bathroom   Keith Smith             775059
    3131   Dustin Denham      Perfect                      Alan Haehnel            770116
    3131   Chynna Harris      Bye Bye Birdie               Stewart/Strouse/Adams   749264
     764   Ashley Simpson     Times of War                 Eric Lane               767612
Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall    Time
S         G         E         E          8:56
S         S         S         E         10:22   Adjusted for time
S         S         E         E         10:15   Adjusted for time
E         F         G         F          8:05
E         F         G         F          8:02
E         F         F         F          2:32
E         S         E         G         10:17   Adjusted for time
S         G         E         G         10:57   Adjusted
S         G         G         G          4:37   for time
E         G         G         G          3:39
Troupe #   Student Name              Title of Entry
    7448   Anthony Gibbons           The Movie
    7262   Ashley Duckworth          Three Wishes
    6377   Hanna Dailey              Out Of Your Mind
    1338   Taylor West/Jackie Risi   The Gnoming
         Arely Villanueva            The Adventures of Nerd Boy
    7352                             2013 Thespians and Their Epic
    1699 Rachael Asherman            The Perfect Man
    6418 Park Lanford                Cheating?
    6560 Olivia Darmody              Tell Me Why
Thespian #      Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
683135          E         E         E         E
729648          G         E         E         E                4:47
725514          E         G         S         E
685963/769159   E         E         S         E                3:54
696566          G         G         E         G
                G         G         G         G                2:42
729565          S         S         E         S                5:00
692085          S         G         S         S
Troupe #   Student Name           Title of Entry            Author                  Thespian #
    3131   Jacey Russell          Perfect                   Alan Haehnel            687134
     764   Ellyn Piatt            Beauty and the Beast      Linda Woolverton        687477
    3131   Madison Meaders        Bye Bye Birdie            Stewart/Strouse/Adams   776627
    6377   Hannah Driskell        Opening Night             Roland Fernand          725513
    2201   KateLeigh McAllister   A Christmas Carol         Charles Dickens         773429
    6418   Kayla Gray             High School Musical       David Simpatico         734057
    6418   Alice Gardner          High School Musical       David Simpatico         775062
    7262   Bethany Bain           Anything Goes             Cole Porter             729637
    2620   Gabby Devero           Steel Magnolias           Robert Harling          700366
    6560   Lauren Strider         The Music Man             Wilson                  727167
    6560   Annie Sacry            Wiley and the Hairy Man   Zeder                   771052
Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
E         E         E         E         7:23
E         G         E         E         5:54
E         G         E         E         3:22
E         E         G         E         2:58
E         G         E         E         7:31
E         F         E         E         2:18
G         G         G         G         2:22
S         S         E         S         7:19
E         S         S         S         5:44
Troupe #   Student Name                         Title of Event        Author         Rights
    7448   Callie Chenoweth/Abby Malone         odd couple            neil simon     yes
    3227   Mary Kate Winn/Gunner George         Man with the          Roger KarshnerGreen
    2201   Arely Villanueva/Darby Taylor        The Importance of     Oscar Wilde N/A
    6338   Nikki Dapson/Jamie Strong            The Female Odd        Neil Simon
    3430   Alyx Clous/Blake Dameron             Uncle Vanya           ANTON CHEKHOV  N/A
    7387   Ashley Choisser/Chris Scheiderer     Spaghetti Proposal    Seth Kramer
    7262   Uniqia England/Bethany Bain          The Importance of     Oscar Wilde
    7260   Justyn McEntire/Logan Kinkade        "Fire Damage"         Carolyn West Green Light
    7055   Ashley Godwin/Melissa Fryxell        The Importance of     Oscar Wilde Yes
    6377   Abbeigh Rainwater/Lyndsey Moore      From Current          Don Zolidis    NA
    1338   Brooke Sablich/Chandler Winningham   The Odd Couple -      Neil Simon     Green Light
     338   Bre Hudson/Rachel Dillman            The Matchmakers       Don Zolidis    yes
   89122   Laurn Lumpkin/Kaylie Mahar           "Showstopper"         Laurie Allen Yes
    3430   Madisn Beeler/Abby Bolander          On Tidy Ending                       N/A
                                                                      HARVEY FIERSTEIN
    7262   Alex Madrigal/Cady Taylor            Rabbit Hole           David Lindsay Abaire
    7614   Bree Drew/Cole Phillips              All My Sons           Arthur Miller Y
    7614   Megan Simpson/Alex Perkins           The Rainmaker         Richard Nash
     764   Maceson Spencer/Eli Irvin            He Who Gets                          Yes
                                                                      leonid Andreyev;Gregory Zilboorg
    7260   Georgianne Rantanen/Scott Hopson     "Deck the Stage"      Lindsey Price Green Light
    6418   Allison Speed/Natalie Doris          Little Women          Ravold         GL
    1338   Reagan Procter/Rachel Washam         The Odd Couple -      Neil Simon     Green Light
    1699   Megan Chaney/Katie Heath             Anna and August       Don Zolidis    Yes
   89122   Sofia Vazquez/Ashley Cave            "Hollywood            Laurie Allen Yes
    7862   William Powell/Angelique Cooper      Fences                August Wilson Green Light List
     764   Ellyn Piatt/Anna Lee                 The Odd Couple        Neil Simon     Yes
    6377   Jessica Gilmer/Logan Teague          Dearly Departed                      NA
                                                                      David Bottrell/Jessie Jones
    7074   Mariana Mobley/Sara Brandon          Scene from Body       Lindsey Price x
     338   Mike McDonald/Brian Kinzer           Great Expectations    Robert Johansonyes
    7262   Seth Johnson/Macey Martinez          Enter Laughing        Joseph Stein
    2123   Haley Coster/Guneev Sharma           Romeo & Juliet                       yes
                                                                      William Shakespeare
    5659   Dustin Williamson/Jacob Lewis        You Can't Take it                     George Kauffman
                                                                      Moss Hart and Yes
   89122   Lauren Thompson/Kayla Young          "Super Glue"          Laurie Allen Yes
    6418   Abigale Troutman/Randy Lee           Boy Meets Girl        Wolfson        Yes
    3227   Melody Hunt/Mary Catherine Roland    The Odd Couple        Neil Simon     Green
    1338   McKenzie Griffin/Emma Watkins        Blithe Spirit         Noel Coward Green Light
    3131   Austin Betts/Brett Harken            Ledge, Ledger, and    Paul Elliott   Yes
    7074   Anna Teague/Rachel Jarchow           Scene from The        Don Zolidis    x
    3227   Regina Ortiz/Aaron Pinedo            The Matchmakers       Don Zolidis    letter
     764   Jamie Alvord/Grant Wise              Born Yesterday        Garson Kanin Yes
    7862   Karmen Stephens/Dewayne Murphy       Blues for Mister      James BaldwinGreen Light List
    6560   Annie Sykes/Edward Lopez             Current Economic      Zolidis        X
    6418   Will Nicholson/Park Lanford          Rosencrantz &         Stoppard       GL
    7074   Cabe Thompson/Jordan Freier          Scene from The        Larry Shue     x
    7414   Michael Gann/Shelby Brewer           Dinner with Friends   Donald Margulies
    6377   Alycya Thomas/Joslyn Rucker          A Raisin in The Sun                  NA
                                                                      Lorraine Hansberry
    7614   Megan Tippitt/Cameron McNeil         Against the Naked                    Y
                                                                      David Daulton/Chad Schnackel
7055 Molly Warren/Kirkland Polk   The Glass                 Yes
                                              Tennessee Williams
Thespian #      Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
773644/767585   E         G         E         E         4:12
774381/774377   S         E         E         E         4:07
696566/727595   G         E         E         E         2:18
727984/727981   G         E         S         E         4:58
729446/729461   G         E         E         E         3:35
688038/688030   F         G         E         E         4:55
729638/729637   E         E         S         E         4:26
772366/772325   E         E         E         E         5:08
773666/687407   E         G         E         E         4:05
644582/725506   E         S         E         E         4:29
729164/687678   E         E         S         E         4:13
728805/744762   E         E         S         E         2:48
775956/775957   E         E         E         E         3:43
764696/775491   E         E         E         E         3:43
774470/774438   E         G         E         E         2:43
683223/776025   E         G         E         E         2:00
776048/776049   F         F         F         F         1:57
729238/768867   F         G         G         F         5:24   Adjusted for time
773685/773806   G         E         S         G         5:16   Adjusted for time
734052/775058   E         S         E         G         5:15   Adjusted for time
769139/769170   E         G         E         G         5:17   Adjusted for time
773749/773754   G         G         G         G         3:15
775942/775958   G         G         E         G         3:47
775929/775926   G         G         G         G         4:50
687477/687476   G         G         G         G         4:15
725508/725507   G         G         E         G         4:09
729512/729513   G         G         G         G         4:32
709727/709719   G         E         G         G         4:19
729643/774468   G         G         G         G         4:33
765881/773634   F         G         G         G         2:51
777078/729123   G         G         G         G         4:18
775952/775955   G         G         S         G         3:16
685690/734056   S         S         S         S         4:43
705699/705710   S         E         S         S         3:23
769174/729166   E         S         S         S         4:40
727877/776628   S         E         S         S         4:48
775669/775644   S         S         S         S         3:45
774386/774382   S         S         S         S         3:27
687487/687488   E         S         S         S         4:09
775928/775927   S         E         S         S         3:43
727186/727176   S         S         E         S         3:11
692079/692085   S         S         S         S         4:47
775663/647440   S         S         S         S         4:22
723654/723665   S         S         E         S         3:22
725511/776476   S         E         S         S         4:56
Troupe #   Student Name                            Title of Entry
6560       Carrie Porter/Bailey Smith              If Momma Were Married
7260       Tori Thomas/Jaren Evans                 "Small Umbrella in the
3430       Lauren Gunn/Molly Rhodes                Maybe from Next to
764        Savannah Walker/Mary Kathryn Brengard   For Good from Wicked
89122      Olivia Moore/Tayton Autry               "For Good" from Wicked
3131       Becky Adams/Jacey Russell               What Did I Ever See in
7352       Shakur King/Juwon Perry                 Feed Me (Git It) from Little
338        Triston Newman/Megan Kinney             Sunrise from In the Heights
7074       Hunter Montgomery/Will Stotts           Agony from Into the
7055       Paul Wright/Yasmin Newman               When the Sun Goes Down
340        Tyler Norris/Adam Moore                 Agony from Into the
2123       Maggie Trieschmann/Darlene Morton       Who will love me as I am
6377       Bret Sanders/Laura Browning             How the Other half
6418       Kayla Gray/Elvis Mull                   Hey #1/Hey #3 Perfect for
7352       Audri Scott/Abigail Smith               What is this Feeling from
2123       Zach Seresinhe/Kathryn Garner           How could you believe me,
3227       Gabe Miller/Hannah Crain                "Stud and Babe" from I
6789       Abby Welliver/Danny Baxter              Sing!' from A Chorus Line
7387       Montray Wyatt/Brianna Searcy            Impossible from Cinderella
1338       Colten Baker/Katie Branum               Anything You Can Do from
6560       Tamisha Hickman/Kailey Haworth          For Good from Wicked
7260       Holly Hines/Corban Gotcher              "I'd Give It All For You"
6789       Emma Pitts/Jonathan Holland             Suddenly Seymour' from
7387       Abbey Maynard/Bobby Rutledge            A Little Fall of Rain from
2123       Grace Allard/Tyler Monroe               Sun & Moon from Miss
2620       Kaley Etzkorn/Kayla Menz                Class from Chicago
338        Morgan Stephens/Brandon Elder           Our Children from Ragtime
7260       Maddie Tramel/Malik Oliver              "Anything You Can Do"
7356       Adrienne Pierce/Brice Maxey             I'd Give it All For You from
6418       Khloe Richardson/Emily Cheatham         If Mama Were Married
6418       Noah Whitney/Allison Light              Falling Slowly from Once
7055       Jordan Crites/Bridget Davis             A Stud and A Babe from I
6377       Nathan Liouh/Michaela Hart              I Think I Got You
7074       Alston Slatton/Hannah Aldridge          "Housewares Employee"
Author                   Thespian #      Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
Laurents                 776437/727150   E         E         E         E         3:00
Jason Howland            724801/685681   E         E         G         E         4:06
BRIAN YORKEY & TOM KITT  729460/775506   E         E         E         E         4:00
Schwarz                  687485/729242   E         S         E         E         4:58
Stephen Schwartz         775948/775944   E         G         S         E         4:17
Stewart/Strouse/Adams 687130/687134      G         E         E         E         1:53
Alan Menken/Howard Ashman777290/777288   E         E         S         E         3:24
Lin-Manuel Miranda       683209/709718   G         S         E         E         3:59
Stephan Sondheim         647450/775699   E         S         E         E         2:22
Lin-Manuel Miranda       727816/773664   E         E         E         E         2:26
Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
                         772312/775714   G         E         E         E         2:22
Henry Kreiger            765886/765880   G         E         E         E         2:48
Dick Scanlan/JeanineTesori
                         681875/725509   E         E         E         E         2:48
Kitt/Yorkey              734057/734055   F         E         F         F         3:21
Stephen Schwartz         710032/777291   F         F         F         F         1:35
Burton Lane              765879/773613   G         E         G         G         3:21
Joe DiPietro             774379/705692   G         S         G         G         4:03
MARVIN HAMLISCH          686860/728989   G         G         G         G         1:41
Rodgers & Hammerstein 688031/646678      G         G         G         G         3:15
Irving Berlin            729150/769149   G         G         G         G         3:41
Schwarz                  771059/727181   G         G         G         G         4:26
Jason Robert B rown      772359/772323   F         E         G         G         4:57
ALAN MENKEN              774602/775752   G         E         G         G         3:33
Michel Schonberg         775092/775090   F         G         G         G         3:04
Claude-Michel Schonberg765878/775704     F         G         G         G         2:46
Kander and Ebb           706743/706739   F         E         G         G         2:49
Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty
                         744753/744782   F         E         G         G         2:20
Irving Berlin            772361/772360   G         E         G         G         3:50
Jason Robert Brown       728807/728808   S         S         S         S         4:49
Styne/Sondheim           734049/775057   S         S         E         S         2:48
Hansard/Irglova          685691/692078   E         S         S         S         3:58
Jimmy Roberts/ Joe DiPietro
                         773667/727814   S         S         S         S         3:54
Jeanine Tosori/David Lindsay- Adaire
                         771295/771279   S         S         S         S         3:32
Christopher Bond         647456/687237   S         S         S         S         3:22
Troupe #   Title of Piece                    Author
    7260   "ChatterBox"                      Laurie Allen
    2620   The Curious Savage                John Patrick
    1338   Alice in Wonderland               Charlotte Chorpenning
    7862   A Few Good Men                    Aaron Sorkin
    4827   Arsenic and Old Lace              Joseph Kesselring
    6418   Richard III                       Shakespeare
    5659   Cheating Death                    Kamron Kiltgaard
    6377   This Is A Test                    Stephen Gregg
    6338   Blithe Spirit                     Noel Coward
    3430   The Importance of Being Earnest   OSCAR WILDE
   89122   "Hair Color"                      Laurie Allen
    6560   Black Snow                        Mikhail Bulgakov
    7387   The Taritino Variation            Seth Kramer
    2715   The First Rehearsal               Peter Appleton
Participants                         Rights   Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
Danica Marcum, Josabeth Chacon,               E         G         E         E                4:47
Nicole Martin, Brandon Lopez,                 E         G         E         E                4:40
Chandler Winningham, Brooke                   E         G         S         E                4:15
William Powell, Dewayne Murphy,               E         G         G         G                4:42
Patty Wells, Sonja Wagner, Ryan               G         G         E         G                3:22
Emily Cheatham, Natalie Doris, Kayla          S         S         S         S                4:25
Jordan Simpson, Amber Householder,            S         E         S         S                4:57
Logan Teague, Jessica                         S         S         S         S                4:36
Desaray Ganz, Cody Walls, Jamie               S         S         E         S                4:59
Cassy Murray, Sarah Hight, Madison            S         S         S         S                4:49
Hannah Watkins, Emma Eastep, Riley            S         S         E         S                4:50
Edward Lopez, Anthony Finley, Mason
Bobby Keller, Bobby Rutledge, Chris
Todd Sims, Katarina Michaels, Lexis
Troupe #   Title of Piece                             Musical                      Participants
    2123   Summer Nights                              Grease                       Zach Seresinhe,
    3227   I Know It's Today                          Shrek                        Patricia "Keleigh"
    3430   I Know It's Today                          Shrek - The Musical          Lauren Gunn, Cori
    6789   We Go Together                             Grease                       Cory Watson, Ryan
     338   Freak Flag                                 Shrek                        Annie Kate
    2620   This is Our Story                          Shrek the Musical            Zach Myers, Hannah
    6377   I Know It's Today                          Shrek The Musical            Abbeigh
    7260   One                                        Chorus Line                  Victoria Heinen,
    7862   Dreamgirls                                 Dreamgirls                   Angelique Cooper,
    7387   Gee, Officer Krupke                        West Side Story              Chris Scheiderer,
    7352   Seasons of Love                            Rent                         Juwon Perry, Audri
     764   When You're an Addams                      The Addams Family            Emily Terry; Anna
    6418   The Bargain: Prelude to the Great Divide   44                           Emily Cheatham,
    7055   There, Right There                         Legally Blonde               Bridget Davis, Jordan
   89122   "Good Morning Baltimore"                   Hairspray                    Sophia Vazquez,
    6560   A Year With Frog and Toad                  A Year With Frog and Toad    Dakota Crouch,
    7074   "Twenty Million People"                    My Favorite Year             Hunter
    1338   Five Forever                               Little Women                 Colten Baker, Emma
    7448   Don’t be anythign less than you can be     Snoopy                       Coralee Young,
    7344   She's in Love                              The Little Mermaid Musical   Kaylee Chapman,
Judge 1   Judge 2   Judge 3   Overall   Time
E         E         E         E                3:59
G         E         E         E                5:16
E         S         E         E                5:14
E         E         S         E                2:58
E         G         S         E                3:58
E         G         S         E                3:19
E         E         S         E                5:09
E         G         S         E                3:42
G         G         G         G                3:28
G         G         E         G                4:13
G         G         E         G                2:53
S         S         S         S                4:35
S         S         S         S                4:38
S         E         S         S                3:54
S         E         S         S                3:58
S         S         S         S                5:03
S         S         S         S                3:41
S         E         S         S                4:05
S         S         S         S                3:44
Troupe #
6338 A
6338 B
1338 A
1338 B
7260 A
7260 B
7074 A
Robert Denton, Kimberly Clark, Desaray Ganz, Cody Manus, Jose Tellez, Jordan Sims, Michael McMahen
Michael Green, Maddie Roe, Mykaela Sparks, Renisha Parker, Forrest Lasiter, Zack Oliver, Nick Friddle
Tiffany West, Brent Welch, Alyx Clous, Madison Beeler
Kayla Menz, Parker Milam, Vincent DesOrmeaux, Zinnia Smith, Sara Kincannon, Brittany Deschryer, Jake Moore
Kim Gauthier, Bree Drew, Cole Phillips, Kelsey Phipps, Megan Simpson, David Stroud
Eddie Gonzalez, Seth Johnson, Ashley Duckworth, Stephen Burns, Cady Taylor, Liz Larsen Uniqia England
Molly Dobbs, Eli Webb, Jackie Risi, Destiny Barbine, Taylor West, Colten Baker, Kate Huss
Jeff Barton, Nick Chancery, Clinton Kissinger, Emily Cannon, Badria Mryyan, Reagan Procter, Rachel Washam
Jolli Khoo, Jobrielle Winfrey, Kailyn Cooper, Alice Gardner, Angel Hernandez
Aaliyah Lenear, Sylvia Hardin, Nathan Liouh, Zack Selby, Jessica Gilmer, Michaela Hart, Cameron Skonhovd
Cale Quin, Brandon Adams, Chris McKenzie, Josh Greene, Steven Watkins
Annie Kate Lipscomb, Edgar Ramirez, Margo Harvath, Triston Newman, Jose Picazo, Bre Hudson
Trent Sparkman, Hannah Hins, Nikki Pope, Paige Carney, Nathan Merkey, Madeleine Hodgson
Krista Gold, Kyle Lowe, Justyn McEntire, Meagan Anderson, C.J. Bidwell, Evan Hanna
Jennnigs Johnnson, Bradley Taylor, Joe Kalinowski, Sarah Brooks, Alyson Slaughter
Gustavo Martinez, Hannah Crain, Phillip Donaghey, Gunner George, Regina Ortiz, Aaron Pinedo, Gabriel Miller
Hanna Moss, Rachel Hawes, Sara Brandon, Logan Huggins, Noah Pinkston, Sarah Childers, Mariana Mobley
Lauren Wolf, David Nichols, Brittany Diaz, Jon Warren
Ben Diab, Gunnar George, Ariel Coleman, Dustin Williamson
Andrew Holmsley, Kaylee Chapman, Emily Melton, Desiree Clarke, Jordyan Watson
Overall   Knots                Lights                              Button
2nd                                     Michael McMahen 33.2 sec      Kim Clark 23.94 sec

3rd       Kayla Menz 6.7 sec

Leg a Platform   Costume Mystery (Prop Shift)
    44.4 sec

                      1:10 25.6 sec
Troupe #   Participants                                    Dana   Morgan   Lindsey
4827 A     Danielle Spence/Patty Wells/Dani Peterson       E      G        E
3430 B     Abby Bolander/Ally Kent/Zyan Ward               S      G        E
2201       Timia Hunt/Desire Balderas                      E      G        E
7262 A     Jacob Benson/Seth Johnson/Ashley Duckworth      E      E        S
1338 A     Katie Branum/Emma Watkins/Brooke Sablich        E      G        S
1699       Justin House/Hunter Quilici                     E      G        E
340        Jennnigs Johnnson/Davis Polston                 E      E        E
7074       Jordan Freier/Cabe Thompson                     E      E        S
4827 B     Jake Peterson/Levi Smith/Tyler Spears           S      E        E
6789 A     Ryan Wages/Sean Krohn/Saylor Syfert             E      G        E
7862 B     William Powell/Marquise Lovelace                E      E        E
2123 B     Guneev Sharma/Zach Seresinhe/Grace McClanahan   S      G        E
7055       Nick Abel/Damon McKinnis                        E      G        E
7387       Cori Keller/Bobby Keller                        E      E        G
3430 A     Madison Beeler/Molly Rhodes/Brent Welch         E      G        G
7259       Vanessa Williams/David Whitfield                E      G        G
7862 A     Dewayne Murphy/Karmen Stephens                  E      G        G
7262 B     Alex Madrigal/Jeffrey L'Heureux/Cady Taylor     E      G        G
764        Daniel Plyley/Steven Watkins                    E      E        G
5659       Ben Diab/Dustin Williamson/Gunnar George        E      G        G
3131       Austin Betts/Dustin Denham                      S      E        E
6418 A     Randy Lee/Khloe Richardson                      S      S        S
6560       Annie Sykes/Seth Nelson                         S      E        S
338        Bre Hudson/Mike McDonald                        S      S        S
1338 B     Nick Chancery/Stefan Simons/Rachel Washam       S      S        E
2123 A     Darlene Morton/Grace Allard/Kathryn Garner      S      S        S
6418 B     Will Nicholson/Noah Whitney                     S      S        S
7260 A     Ben Eslick/Chris Sloan                          S      S        E
3227       Mary Roland/Gunner George                       S      E        S
7356       Will Moore/Keiven McGinnis/Shawna Pettus        S      S        E
6789 B     Jack Scaccia/Melissa Coffee/Cory Watson
7344       Bethany Dorton/Kaylee Chapman
Overall   Time
E                1:57
E                1:48
E                2:20
E                1:51
E                2:25
E                2:38
E                2:09
E                2:34
E                2:27
E                2:30
E                2:06
E                2:31
E                2:53
E                1:58
F                3:12 Overtime
F                3:33 OVERTIME
G                2:11
G                1:17
G                    Overtime
G                2:59
G                3:38 OVERTIME
S                3:00
S                2:03
S                2:31
S                2:47
S                2:50
S                2:56
S                2:35
S                1:55
S                2:31
Troupe #   Student Name         Show Title                             Judge 1   Judge 2
2201       Catherine Leimberg   Pinocchio                              G         E
2620       Kaley Etzkorn        Into the Woods Jr.                     E         E
1338       Jackie Risi          Alice in Wonderland                    S         G
7260       Brynn Thomas         Annie Get Your Gun                     E         E
5659       Jordan Simpson       The Best Christmas Pageant Ever        S         E
6789       Cory Watson          The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe   S         E
2620       Kaley Etzkorn        Legally Blonde the Musical             E         E
1338       Langley Osborn       Shakespearian Shorts                   S         E
6418       Jolli Khoo           The Velveteen Rabbit                   E         E
7448       Cathleen Nichols     Snoopy                                 E         E
6377       Bret Sanders         Steel Magnolias                        G         G
3131       Madison Meaders      Bye Bye Birdie
3131       Jacey Russell        Perfect
6377       Abbeigh Rainwater    Opening Night
Judge 3   Overall
S         E
E         E
E         E
E         E
G         E
G         E
S         E
G         E
G         E
E         E
G         G

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