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                                                        Research                                               Access a nationally
                                                                                                                  sample, a low
Gain Valuable Market Insights with Lightspeed Research                                                          incident segment,
                                                                                                               or a specific target
Through our online global panels and products, Lightspeed Research delivers valuable market                   audience through our
insights to help businesses make informed decisions. From recruitment, to activity level, to                        extensively
ongoing profiling, we actively manage our panels for maximum quality control. In North
                                                                                                                  profiled panels
America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, our online panels provide engaged, responsive survey
respondents to support research projects that range in scope and complexity.

Lightspeed Research provides targeted respondents to deliver the data you need. Extract
information from thousands of regularly updated data points compiled through our global
panels in sectors including healthcare, finance, automotive, beverage, media, mobile, beauty,                Our Specialty Panels
B2B, travel, and leisure.                                                                                   provide direct access to
                                                                                                            ready-to-survey samples
Real Respondents Delivering Real Results                                                                       in vertical markets
Respondent integrity is crucial to online data collection. Lightspeed RealRespondents — an                         worldwide
industry-leading verification process — ensures our panels consist of real people providing
real background data. Lightspeed RealResults leverages both our technology and survey
quality management expertise to identify and remove poor survey data through a series of
quality checks.

Client-Focused Teams                                                                                             Our panels are
Lightspeed Research’s experienced, client-focused teams understand the nuances of online                       recruited from both
research and survey respondent management, implementing best practices throughout the
                                                                                                            broad-reach portals and
project lifecycle. We are experts in panel management, survey design consultation, sample
management, programming and hosting, and data collection.                                                     special interest sites,
                                                                                                            resulting in a diversity of
Research Solutions                                                                                               panellist profiles
In addition to our world class global panels, Lightspeed Research has developed a suite of
products to deliver research solutions to our clients’ unique needs. Lightspeed Research’s
Foresight Group delivers innovative employee and customer surveys using a dynamic
blend of consulting and flexible technology solutions. Lightspeed Research’s Financial
Services Group provides unparalleled insight into consumers’ use of credit, debit, banking,
and alternative payment products. Our Mobile Survey Platform is an advanced research                         RealRespondents and
solution that instantly captures both consumer responses and user-generated images from                     Lightspeed RealResults
mobile phones.                                                                                                   fraud prevention
                                                                                                              programs ensure you
Client Satisfaction                                                                                             receive thoughtful
At Lightspeed Research, we’re committed to reaching unparalleled heights of quality and                         opinions from real
service. In every department, in every corner of the world, and at every professional level                    survey respondents
— client satisfaction is our top priority. As a result, our clients rely on us as trusted advisors,
helping them gain valuable market insights that improve business results.

To learn more about how Lightspeed Research can help meet your research needs, please
contact our team.

                                                EU OFFICE:   +44 (0)20 7896-1900                      www.lightspeedresearch.com
                                                NA OFFICE: +1 (908) 630-0542                          info@lightspeedresearch.com
                                                APAC OFFICE: +61 (0) 2 8081 2110                      Copyright 2008 © Lightspeed Research.

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