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									Name of Lesson: Combining like terms

Date: ________________

Objective: Use distributive property to combine like terms and solve equations with variables on both
sides of the equal sign

Time &     Lesson Plans                                                                  Materials
5 min:     Correct yesterday’s homework and answer questions, hand in homework.
20 min;    Introduction, Brain Activation, Foundation                                    Daily supplies
                                         Like Terms                                      Text book,
          Like Terms is played like rummy, but with a special deck of cards              notebook,
A-REI.1,  made up of sets of like terms: a, 2a... through 10a and so on for b, c,        Pencil,
ASSE.1.a, a2, b2, c2 and the integers 1-10.                                              calculator
          The game follows the normal rules of rummy:
          Each player is dealt 7 cards.
                                                                                         Deck of
          The remaining cards are placed face down--this is the draw pile. The           homemade
          top card is flipped over to a new pile--this is the discard pile. Each         cards with
          player draws a card, looks for a 3 or 4 card set of like terms, and            terms
          places that face up on the table in front of them if they have it (7a,         inserted.
          3a and a or 6c2, 2c2, 4c2, and 10c2 would be two playable hands).              Enough for 7
          Whether they have something to play or not, they must then discard             per student
          one card to end their turn.                                                    and a stack of
          Play continues until someone discards their last card and has no               about 30 extra
          cards left.                                                                    cards made
                                                                                         from 3x5 note
          The winner adds everything they placed on the table together.
          Everyone else subtracts what's in their hand from what they had
          placed on the table.
          At this point in the real game of rummy, players would tally their
          score based on a point system. You could assign points to each
          variable in this game, I suppose, but I think that defeats the purpose.
          I would rather have the "scores" look like 15a2 + 16b2 + 9b + 6c + 7
          for the winner and -5b2 - a - 6c - 11 for the loser and jump directly to
          giving students problems where they have to simplify expressions.
          If you only explained the rules of Like Terms and told your students
          they would use only the game rules to solve math problems
          afterwards, it would make a sometimes boring and easily forgettable
          operation fun and easy to remember.

15 min;    New Information
           The lesson will proceed with a display of combining like terms, leading up
           to solving an equation where the initial problem needs like terms crossing
          the equals sign. The brain activation should serve as a good base for
          combining like terms.

15 min;   Practice & Review, Independent Practice, Clarification
          Assign homework; pages 252-253 10-45 odd

          Students will have the remaining class time to accomplish homework, I will
          circulate the room answering questions and giving hints to solve problems.

2 min;    Closure
          Any last minute announcements that are needed

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