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					Pitu waterfall is a waterfall pride Margasari precisely in the village district wanasari Margasari tegal
district, this waterfall is cool and beautiful panorama surrounded by gum trees and the fauna and flora
are still preserved, unfortunately where pitu waterfall is very secluded and yet unspoiled by the many
just some people who know.

If there are willing to sponsor or fund as a beautiful waterfall tour may be a lot of visitors required no
small cost to manage it,

Waterfall waterfall pitu so named from his native language = tegal the waterfall waterfalls and pitu =
seven waterfalls so there are 7 levels of all we can see is so beautiful and the coolness of the water jets,
If you want please visit the waterfall and feel the coolness it feels beautiful waterfall and waterfall pitu
very fenomenal.disana still we encounter animals such as monkeys, rabbits, birds, etc. There are also
rare flora such as orchids, amethyst, jasmine and other -other.

Remarkably pitu waterfall is we do not have to bring drinking water because the water there is no water
source can be drunk straight and clean drinking segar.kalau for example we do not bring food there is a
merchant who traded-fried rice cake and fried tasty and delicious for sure.

The road to the waterfall pitu must pass through villages, rice fields and forests along the way we can
enjoy the scenery that we rarely see, views of rice fields and mountains towering.
Most of the constraints pitu waterfall is closed dense forest location and access roads that are still rural,
Visit the waterfalls waterfall Pitu that you definitely addicted,

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