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Catching Fire Quiz Questions by hungergamesquiz


Test your knowledge of Catching Fire with this printable list of quiz questions

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									                      CATCHING FIRE
                          QUIZ QUESTIONS

How well do you know Catching Fire, the second book (and movie) in the Hunger Games
     trilogy? Test yourself with this quiz courtesy of the Catching Fire Quiz site.

                    Get them all right and make Suzanne Collins proud!

                                   Tributes must be selected        Everyone in District 12 must
1. What rule is introduced      from victors of previous games           fight in the games
  with the Quarter Quell
                                 The games will be fought live     Only females may fight in the
   during Catching Fire?                in Republic City                        Games
                                                                  Rebuilt to the standards of the
 2. After Katniss is forced                                       Capitol
 to leave District 12, it is:    Quarantined from the rest of        Provided with food for the
                                           Panem                                 year

                                            Mace                             Trident
   3. What is Finnick’s
   preferred weapon?
                                             Whip                       He uses no weapon

                                 He is a previous victor of the
    4. Why is Haymitch                                            He is President Snow's nephew
 required to mentor the
                                    He chooses to do it in          He won the job in a poker
tributes from District 12?      exchange for unlimited alcohol               game
   5. What animal does                    Jabberjay                            Owl
  President Snow remind
        Katniss of?                         Snake                            Vulture

                                         Black Hand                     Golden Mockingjay
6. President Snow's symbol
           is a:
                                         White Rose                         Gray Snake

   7. How does Katniss             She cries and kisses him           She mutters “I know”
 respond when Gale tells
  her that he loves her?                She runs away                     She slaps him

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