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									A Magical Journey
  Book Review

     Week 11
The Lion, the Witch, and the
Wardrobe, written by C.S. Lewis        D.O.L.
takes readers on a magical        Capitals – 5
journey to the land of Narnia     Comma - 8
Peter Susan edmond and lucy       Period – 4
are visiting Professor kirks      Apostrophe - 1
country home While exploring
the house Lucy the youngest of
the four children finds an
enormous wardrobe. She
discovers that the back of the
wardrobe leads her into the
strange land of narnia after
having tea with a fawn named
Tumnus Lucy returns home            Week 11 - Monday
when Lucy arrives home she tells
peter susan and edmond about           D.O.L.
her adventure in the wardrobe.      Capitals – 8
No one except professor kirk        Period – 2
believes her When edmond            Comma – 4
decides to explore the back of      Quotation
the wardrobe he also enters the     Marks - 2
land of narnia. Edmond
immediately meets the White
Witch, otherwise known as the
“Quenn of Narnia She entices
edmond to try a special sweet
called “Turkish Delight, which he
then begins to crave.
                                     Week 11 - Tuesday
eventually, all four children enter
the land of narnia during their           D.O.L.
adventures they meet many             Capitals – 13
interesting characters. some are      Comma 7
                                      Period - 5
good and some are evil you will       Quotation
have to read The lion, the Witch      Marks – 1
and the wardrobe to find our          Other
whether Aslan, otherwise known        Punctuation - 1
as the “King of Narnia, mr and
mrs Beaver Dwarf Maugrin,
Father Christmas and Tumnas are
good or evil. peter susan edmond
and lucy had to find out the hard     Week 11 -
if you enjoy tales of adventure and
suspense you will surely want to           D.O.L.
read the rest of the books about      Capitals – 5
Narnia. The Magicians Nephew is       Apostrophe - 1
the prequel to The lion, the witch,   Comma – 2
and the wardrobe, which is
                                      Punctuation - 7
followed by The Horse and His
Boy. The other four books in this
exciting series are Prince Caspian,
Voyage of the Treader, The Silver
Chair, and The Last Battle. Step
into narnia, readers if you dare!
                                      Week 11 - Thursday

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