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Aslammu'alaikum friend of a friend. after my bebehari testing tool stun the fish without using platinum
paddling like mas zikha discussed at that time and post an article on artificial mas zikha stun fish. but on
this occasion mas zhika membuatan trying to convey information without using the tool to stun fish
palatine and condenser.

in essence making tool palatine stun fish without using this kind of tool and kodesor inferter perubah dc
to ac current. but lilitantanya ill as a step up transformer that exist on the market. but it must be made
as usual alone makes coil windings stun fish that use platinum.

To create a tool that stun fish carp zikha mungikin discuss this a little more complicated in the appeal of
using platinum. because in need to have a bit of electronics expertise. hehehe.

if agan still interested to make the tool sertum melajutkan fish that like to say directly aja teman2
maszikha spends materials to make stun fish without platinum and without the condenser.

prepared as usual cool iron core or 13cm length 1.5cm width.

6ons imael wire size 1mm.

insulation and insulating mica paper or use paper wrap bs cement.

Aic type: LM555CN. 1biji.

Resistor.43K 1biji

Resistor.1, 0k.2biji

100nF capacitor 1biji

capasitor.10nf 1biji.

1N4007.2biji diode.

trsasistor 1biji 3055 series.

Hereinafter coiled wire coil e-mail as usual makes stun fish. 2 layers of primary windings sufficient wrote
and rest for secondary windings. for component assembly scheme please refer to drawing fish strum
without platinum and condenser below.

strum + scheme + without + platinum + fish
I suggest careful goes wrong with the AIC can be damaged. I apologize if I am ill include pictures 1 by one
to make stun fish without platinum and condenser terimaksih. good luck

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