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									                                      Ceramic Coating

                                                    Price Per
           Automotive Headers                          Job

                                         4 cyl.       $125
                                         6 cyl.       $180
                            8 cyl. Small block        $230
                              8 cyl. Big block        $280
                            Fender Exit Small         $290
                            Fender Exit Large         $320

Please note add $25 per job for a multi piece run

       Miscellaneous Automotive

                          Side Exhaust Pipes          $280      Set
                                     Muffler          $50       EA
                               Exhaust Pipes           $12      FT

                                                    Price Per
          Automotive Manifolds                         Job

                                         4 cyl.        $95
                                         6 cyl.       $125
                            8 cyl. Small block        $145      Set
                              8 cyl. Big block        $170      Set
                              Intake manifold         $200

                                                    Price Per
          ATV Exhaust Systems                          Job

                              Muffler/Silencer        $40
                                Exhaust pipe          $40

                                                    Price Per
         Cycle Exhaust Systems                         Job

                                         Muffler       $40
                                         Single       $100
                                           Twin       $150
                                          4 Cyl.      $200
                                                  Price Per
     Snowmobile Exhaust Systems                      Job

                                       Silencer     $40
                                   Triple Pipes     $70       per pipe
                                    Twin Pipes      $90       per pipe
                                   Single Pipe      $115      per pipe
                                         Y Pipe     $30


                                                  Price Per
       Ceramic and Moly Coatings                     Job

                       Skirt Only (Moly)            $20
                        Top Only (TBC)              $20
                           Top and Skirt            $25
                        Larger than 4.5"            $30
                             Rods 4 Cyl             $25       Set
                             Rods 6 Cyl             $35       Set
                             Rods 8 Cyl             $45       Set
                             Valve Face              $8
                             Valve Stem              $8
                Valve Springs (set of 16)           $125
Special Notes - Terms and Conditions

Prices noted include Professional Sandblasting
for surface preparation.

Parts should be sent in free of excess grease
and oil and be in blast ready condition with no
assembled parts left on them.

Please refer to Service # when ordering or
inquiring about your needs.

Prices listed are subject to our normal Terms
and Conditions that can be viewed at
www.proplating.com. Placing an order with
Professional Plating Inc. constitutes your
acceptance of said terms.

All orders must be paid for in advance either
with Visa, MasterCard or certified cashiers
Need pricing on a “special” part? Please call our customer support team. As
you know with custom work many parts are very different. We want to give
you the best customer care tailored to your specific needs. Let us give you the
best possible price available. Call 920-756-2153 and ask for our “Specialty
Coatings Representative” between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. CST.

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