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									O2 Corporate Responsibility 2008

Leading the way together

  Grand Slam winning team.

During 2008, we continued to innovate throughout every area of our business. While upgrading and enhancing
our range of products and services, we looked for ways to support our younger and older customers. We are ever
conscious of the changing economic environment and how it impacts on our customers and this year we worked
harder than ever to provide great value for money.

Our Customer Satisfaction Index target increased by 2 points in 2008. The increase reflects O2’s constant
endeavour to meet our customers’ needs and drive and improve customer satisfaction at all levels. Here are some
of our 2008 Corporate Responsibility initiatives from around the business.

Child Protection

O2’s Child Protection Programme
O2 is committed to “creating an environment in which children can safely use information and communication technologies”. That is why
we provide parents and children with all the tools and information they need to use our products and services safely. Throughout 2008 we
continued to implement this policy on Children and O2 Products and Services throughout our business.

We abide by the principles of the Irish Cellular Industry Association (ICIA) voluntary Code of Practice on the responsible and secure use of
mobile phones. We are members of the Irish Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI) and we abide by its code. We also promote, the online specialist reporting service combating illegal child pornography online.

We have a number of controls to help parents and their children stay safe while using a mobile phone. Internet access controls are in
place where parents can register on their child’s mobile phone account and tailor or block their child’s access to the internet. We have age
verification procedures where anyone who buys a prepay phone must show proof of age in order to be granted access to age-restricted
content. When we launched Bebo Mobile, a partnership with social networking site Bebo, we made sure to create a safety tool to allow
parents to block their child’s access to the service, if they so wish. We also developed comprehensive safety advice on the mobile phone for
customers on the service.

Under the Telefónica umbrella, O2 in Ireland is a signatory to the European Framework on Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and
Children and we are committed to providing advice, raising awareness and ensuring proper controls are in place regarding access to
inappropriate content. We are also members of the GSMA Mobile Alliance against child sex abuse and are committed to creating significant
barriers to the misuse of mobile networks and creating a safer mobile environment for our customers.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

Child Protection Website
In February 2008, we launched a new, dedicated child protection website, which promotes safer use of mobiles by young teenagers and
children. The new website gives details of O2 safety features including how to control
web access and become an authorised contact on a child’s mobile phone account.

It also provides useful tips on preventing bullying and controlling unwanted SMS and
SPAM. A Checklist for Parents with important questions to ask when buying a mobile
phone is also included. It also gives safety advice for parents regarding access to social
networking sites on the mobile phone.

Child Protection Stakeholder Dialogue Programme
To promote and raise awareness of our new child protection website we conducted a
stakeholder dialogue campaign around child safety and mobile phones. We met with
groups such as the Government Office of Internet Safety, the Anti-Bullying Centre,
                                                                                               Get with It - a guide to Cyberbullying
National Parents Council, Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI),
National Youth Council, Barnardos and the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Children (ISPCC). In November 2008, as part of the Irish Cellular Industry Association, we
made a presentation on child protection and mobile phones to the Joint Oireachtas on
Communications and to the Irish Minister of State for Children. In February 2009, the
Joint Oireachtas Committee was invited into O2 to hear more about our work in this area.

Cet With IT! A Guide to Cyberbullying
During 2008, we worked with the Office of Internet Safety (OIS), the National Centre for
Technology in Education and Barnardos to launch the booklet – “Get With IT! A Guide to

This booklet offers measured and practical advice on cyberbullying and is intended to
increase awareness of all aspects of cyberbullying – how to identify it, how to prevent
it, and how to respond before things escalate. The booklet is available directly from the
OIS through a freefone number and on its website. It has also been circulated widely in
schools and throughout O2 stores nationwide.

Office of Internet Safety: (01) 4086122

Mobile Phones: A Parent’s Guide to Safe and Sensible Use
In December 2008, the mobile operators under the auspices of the Irish Cellular Industry
Association revised and re-launched its’ “Parent’s Guide to the safe and sensible use of
mobile phones.”

The booklet is an easy-to-use reference book aimed at parents, which describes the range of
mobile phone services on offer in Ireland and gives a range of useful tips and advice on how
to keep children safe. The booklet is available through the ICIA and the mobile operators’
retail outlets and websites. The booklet was launch by the Minister of State for Children,
Barry Andrews T.D.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

Make IT Secure
In February 2008, O2 was a sponsor of makeITsecure 2008, an all-Ireland public information campaign addressing IT security issues facing
Irish internet users from North and South of Ireland. The campaign focused on internet security, phishing, ID theft and social networking.
The campaign was launched by Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan TD on February 11th 2008 and
ran for two weeks.

A range of activities, local meetings and seminars took place all over Ireland to ensure that Internet users have the opportunity to learn how
to protect themselves when using the Internet. The makeITsecure campaign messages were communicated through extensive advertising,
marketing and PR initiatives over the duration of the campaign. A booklet with IT security information and advice was distributed to over
900,000 people in the country by newspaper insert and in O2 retail stores. Video tutorials were streamed from the makeITsecure website
and a DVD giving advice on the issues addressed by the campaign was available to download and in hard copy. Details of all initiatives were
placed on the website

A consortium of sponsors from the public and private sectors was involved in the campaign and the project was part funded by the
European Union. At the launch of makeITsecure the Minister launched research which showed that less than half of all Internet users
understand the term “Phishing”. According to the iReach 2008 IT Security Report, phishing attacks were projected to increase to an
unprecedented level. Other iReach findings indicated that almost every third Internet user has experienced some form of online threat in
the past. Research carried out by Espion demonstrated that an average computer attached to the internet is subject to an average of 298
attempted attacks each day.

iPhone launch

O2. First with the iPhone in Ireland                                                                 “The iPhone is changing
In March 2008, O2 announced that it had been chosen by Apple to be their exclusive                   the way people use their
Irish carrier for Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. The iPhone combines three devices in one:            mobiles forever, and we’re
a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and the best mobile Internet device ever, all based on             thrilled to offer it to O2
Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch™ interface and pioneering software that allows users to
                                                                                                     customers in Ireland.”
control iPhone with just a tap, flick or pinch of their fingers.
                                                                                                     Danuta Gray,
Commenting on the announcement, Danuta Gray, CEO, said, “The iPhone is changing                      CEO, O2 Ireland
the way people use their mobiles forever, and we’re thrilled to offer it to O2 customers
in Ireland. Our strategy in Ireland continues to be to bring our customers the very best
innovations and experiences in mobile communications.”

Following the launch of the iPhone in March 2008, there was some media criticism of the
price plans offered with the phone. While the iPhone price plans and bundles were very
aggressively priced for the Irish marketplace, offering excellent value when compared to
other postpay price plans, they compared less favourably to iPhone price plans offered by
operators in other international markets, in particular the UK.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

Customer Loyalty
We make rewarding our loyal customers a priority at The O2. Two examples of this in 2008 were Priority Ticketing
in The O2 and the introduction of Treat Cards;

Priority Ticketing with The O2
On December 16th 2008, The O2, the largest dedicated music venue in Europe,
opened its doors to the public. Designed and custom built specifically for live music,
this state-of-the-art amphitheatre has world-class acoustics and capacity for 14,000
people to experience up to 200 music and entertainment events in any given year.

For O2’s 1.7 million customers, it means they can enjoy additional benefits including
                                                                                              The O2
the ability to purchase tickets up to 48 hours before they go on general release, fast
track access to enter the venue and also entry to the “O2 Blueroom” for themselves
and their friends.

Treat cards
O2 customers enjoyed a special treat last Christmas. Research groups held by our
Marketing teams revealed that customers wanted more value add-ons.

The idea of an “O2 Treat Card” was particularly popular in these cost-conscious times.
So, with every prepay phone sold at Christmas, we gave away a €100 Treat Card which
could be spent on all kinds of treats – from flying lessons to mini-pampering days.

Value for Money
Offering our customers the best possible value is our goal at O2. We achieve it by tailoring our price plans and
other offerings to meet the needs of Irish consumers in a highly competitive market.

O2 Experience
In January 2008, O2 announced a new price plan for prepay mobile users. The new price
plan, called “O2 Experience”, was the first prepay price plan in Ireland to offer unlimited
free texts to any other Irish mobile network at any time for life. Alternatively, customers
can choose free calls to 10 nominated O2 numbers with a €20 monthly top-up or free calls
and texts to 10 nominated O2 number with a €30 monthly top-up.

O2 Clear
In May 2008, O2 launched an innovative new pay monthly option which revolutionised
the mobile market in Ireland. “O2 Clear SIM” allow customers to sign up to one of O2’s
new post pay price plans on a SIM-only basis without having to commit to a 12 or 18
month contract. Customers can withdraw from O2 Clear SIM, the first pay monthly option
of its kind in Ireland, with just 30 days’ notice.

O2 Clear customers also enjoy “O2 Spend Alerts”, a new text service that alerts customers     Ad campaign for O2 Experience
when they have reached a particular amount on their bill, and O2’s popular “SIM back up”
service that enables customers to back up their contacts online.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

HEANET Broadband
In November 2008, O2, in conjunction with HEAnet, announced a special student rate
for mobile broadband, which gives access for as little as €13 per month with 10GB of
usage. This offer is being rolled out to all participating HEAnet institutions.

HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network and provides networking
services to all Irish universities, Institute of Technologies, and other higher education
and research organisations.

Premium Rate Services
Premium rate text messaging services have taken off in the past few years enabling
customers to receive everything from the latest weather and traffic reports to ringtones
and game services directly to their handsets. There are two types of messages; the first
is a subscription service, the second unsolicited messages, SMS spam. Both can be
costly, in some cases charges of up to €20 per week can accrue for messages both sent
and received.

In the case of subscription services, users receiving texts from a five digit shortcode who
would like to stop their subscription can send a reply text to the number with the word
STOP and this will cancel the subscription.

In the case of SMS spam or where users have been incorrectly subscribed to a service,
this can be more difficult to stop. So O2 has created a spam SMS reporting service;
shortcode, 50455. This is an O2 operated service available to all O2 customers.
Customers simply forward spam SMS messages to 50455 and we look after it and
report it to RegTel and/or the Data Protection Commissioner where appropriate.

Roaming Charges
In June 2008, O2 announced a 25% reduction in the price that prepay customers pay
to send text messages whilst travelling in the EU. Effective from 1st July 2008, the cost
of sending a text message from anywhere in the EU dropped from €0.39 cent to €0.29
cent for prepay customers, while texts received continue to be free.

The new prepay rates now mean that O2 offers some of the most competitive SMS
roaming rates in the marketplace in Ireland. Postpay customers already pay €0.29 cent
to text while abroad, and nothing to receive a text.

O2 customers currently pay €0.59 cent per minute to make calls while roaming in the
EU and €0.29 per minute to receive calls. O2 also has a separate roaming plan called
“My Europe”, which offers additional competitive rates to make and receive calls while
roaming in key European countries, as well as in the USA.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

Customer Dialogue
We wanted to create a way to let our customers engage with O2 and one another on our products and services.
One of the ways we did this was through an online forum called Talk2O2.

Talk2O2 is an online tool that our customers can use as a way to stay in touch with new developments at O2. Talk2O2 is where the O2 ethos
that “Together Is Better” really comes alive. As well as offering customer care, it helps build a community spirit within the forum itself.

Customers feel part of O2 and do their best to help each other find the best plan, handset, or solution to a problem they may have with their
phone. Feedback on products helps us to generate insight to improve products and services as well as inspiring ideas on potential future
products. Up to April 2009 there were 276,469 unique visitors to the Talk2O2 portal.

Customer Complaints
Our Customer Recovery team handle all formal written customer complaints on behalf of Customer Care, with the main aim of bringing
customer issues to full resolution. During 2008, we received 3,634 written complaints. The top ten written complaints were:

•	   Drip Feed Credit                        •	   Customer interaction
• services                          •	   Account set up
•	   Coverage/network issues                 •	   Dealer services
•	   Handset queries                         •	   Contact queries
•	   Bill queries                            •	   Disconnection requests

Diversity and Inclusion
At O2, we appreciate and value our diverse customer base and endeavour to share the benefits of mobile
communications to under-represented groups within our society.

O2 & Accessibility Webpage
We understand that for older customers or those with disabilities, finding the right mobile phone or understanding how to use it can be
difficult. To make things easier, we created a dedicated O2 & Accessibility section on our portal which gives practical advice on our
products and services.

Emporia Life Phone
According to the 2006 Census, the number of senior citizens aged 65 or over in Ireland is approximately 468,000. To meet their needs, O2
introduced a mobile phone specifically designed for senior citizens in December 2008. The “Emporia Life” phone is a simple and easy-to-use
device with basic functions that enable customers to make calls and send text messages in an uncomplicated way.

The menu on the Emporia Life phone is easy to understand, containing a minimum amount of additional settings. The large keys on the
phone’s keypad are specifically designed to simplify the user experience, as is the orange display on the phone’s screen that allows for
better readability. On the back of the phone, there is a special red button which facilitates quick-dialling in case of emergencies to up to five
contacts of the customer’s choosing.

Customers can also send an SMS to pre-inputted emergency numbers. The phone also has a hands-free function.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

The Business of Ability
2008 saw the Aisling Foundation, founders of the O2 Ability Awards, re-launch
themselves as Kanchi. Set up by Caroline Casey in 2000, The Aisling Foundation’s
primary aim is to enhance the relationship between disability and society. Under the
new name, Kanchi will continue to build on the successes of The Aisling Foundation
to deliver a deeper level of engagement with society, businesses in Ireland and
international leadership for change in the area of disability.
                                                                                             Kanchi launch - June 2008
At the same event, Kanchi, with support from O2, launched a book called ‘The Business
of Ability, The O2 Ability Awards...the story so far’. The book is a celebration of the
O2 Ability Awards over last three years. It profiles some of the organisations that
successfully completed the O2 Ability Awards process.

Ability Awards Spain
In the week that marked the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities last
December, O2 and Kanchi announced the expansion of the hugely successful O2 Ability
Awards to Spain in partnership with our parent company, Telefónica.

The expansion to Spain will be a pilot for an international model of the Ability Awards
and marks a historic achievement for Kanchi, highlighting the strength and innovation
                                                                                             Ability Awards Spain launch
of Irish social entrepreneurship. The Awards are designed to drive societal change
by engaging leadership in the case for disability in business. They will be officially
launched by Telefónica in Spain in 2009.

The O2 Ability Awards were first launched in Ireland in 2004 by Kanchi. Examining            “Today’s announcement
all aspects of employment and customer service, the Awards recognise progressive             marks the beginning of the
attitudes and practices in organisations that see disability and diversity as a corporate
                                                                                             international franchise of
asset and key to success. They also provide an environment for learning and
continuous improvement.                                                                      the Ability Awards which
                                                                                             will ultimately create
Commenting, Caroline Casey, CEO Kanchi and founder of the Awards, said, “The                 employment while also
expansion of the Ability Awards to Spain has put Ireland at the forefront of creating the
                                                                                             driving new revenue”
necessary business leadership model to drive social change for people with disabilities.
The Ability Awards are not only an awards scheme. They are also about bringing a             Danuta Gray,
voice to what remains as one of the last invisible issues - the value of 50 million people   CEO, O2 Ireland
with disabilities in the EU alone. Today’s announcement marks the beginning of the
international franchise of the Ability Awards which will ultimately create employment
while also driving new revenue”.

Women Mean Business Awards
Women Mean Business magazine, WMB, in association with O2, held the second O2
Women Mean Business Conference and Awards 2008 in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel
in September. The Awards are designed to recognise the achievements of leading
businesswomen in Ireland.

O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2008

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