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									                        LifeSkills Training and Education 2009 Workshop Schedule

  Family Care Plan:
          One of the most important considerations of family readiness is to ensure that your family
  will be taken care of properly while on deployment, and during unexpected circumstances. In this
  workshop we will discuss the purpose and terminology, the roles and responsibilities of those
  involved, family care planning, and finally you will get the opportunity to prepare a scenario
  based Family Care Plan.

  Four Lenses:
          This workshop will provide you the opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills as well as
  help you communicate with others in a way that fosters mutual understanding and acceptance. The
  principles you will discover in this workshop will empower you to improve aspects of every personal
  relationship in your life.

  Elder Care:
          Caring for an aging parent, an elderly spouse or close friend presents difficult
  challenges - especially when a crisis hits and you are suddenly faced with the responsibilities of elder
  care. In this class we will talk about some of the emotions that you and your loved one will be dealing
  with, some actions you should take, and some ways that may help you cope.

  Conflict Management:
          This course is about discovering productive ways of handling conflict – ways that make all the
  difference in all areas of our lives – with work colleagues, friends, spouses, children, salespeople,
  doctors, and bosses.

January                    April                        July                         October
13 Family Care Plan        14 Aging Parents &           14 Aging Parents &           13 Aging Parents &
     0830-1130                  Elder Care 0830-             Elder Care 0830-             Elder Care 0830-
27 Aging Parents &         1230                         1230                         1230
     Elder Care 0830-      28 LifeSkills (TBD)          28 LifeSkills (TBD)          27 LifeSkills (TBD)
1230                            0830-1230                    0830-1230                    0830-1230

February                   May                          August                       November
10 Family Care Plan        12 Conflict                  11 Conflict                  10 Four Lenses
    0830-1130              Management                   Management                   Workshop
24 Four Lenses                 0830-1230                    0830-1230                    0830-1230
Workshop                   26 Four Lenses               25 Four Lenses               24 Conflict
    0830-1230              Workshop                     Workshop                     Management
                               0830-1230                    0830-1230                    0830-1230
10 Conflict                June                         September                    December
Management                 9    Family Care Plan        15 Family Care Plan          8 Family Care Plan
    0830-1230                   0830-1130                    0830-1130                  0830-1130
31 LifeSkills (TBD)        23 LifeSkills (TBD)          29 LifeSkills (TBD)          22 LifeSkills (TBD)
    0830-1230                   0830-1230                    0830-1230                   0830-1230
                                  26 Spouses’ Learning
                                  Series, Motivational
                                  Workshop, Speaker
                                  Jacey Eckhart

* Classes held at Building 1345. Dates and location subject to change. Call the LifeSkills office at
  (760) 763-2570 to register and for updated information.

** (TBD) = To Be Determined

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