Literary Elements of “The Necklace” by dffhrtcv3


									Literary Elements
“The Necklace”
Elements of Plot
Plot – The sequence of events in a story including…
Exposition – The early part of the story which sets
   the tone, establishes the setting and introduces
   the characters
Rising Action – action that builds suspense to a
   climax (Inciting Incident – the first conflict to get
   the story moving)
Climax – turning point of story, usually the highest
   point of interest
Falling action / Resolution – After the climax, author
   resolves conflict and ties up loose ends

  External conflict – character vs.
  outside force
(nature, another character, society,
  supernatural, physical obstacle)

 Internal conflict – occurs within a
 character, a dilemma (man vs self)
Irony – contrast between
appearance and reality – 3 kinds
 Situational irony – contrasts what the
 reader expects vs. what actually happens

 Dramatic Irony – when audience knows
 what will happen before the characters

 Verbal Irony – what is said is exaggerated
 or means something else (sarcasm)

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