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Individuals and organizations involved in business understands that to have a successful
business, it must be build on a solid marketing plan, which is the directive of the business
objectives and how they are to be attained through sales, hence it acts as the foundation of any
successful business. Marketing plan acts as a means or a blueprint for the organization of a
business most important development process as well as serving as an outline to show business
projections, stock holders and potential investors.

When a marketing plan is comprehensive, it includes a company’s executive summary and an
overview of the business that is conducted. It will also tell about the company’s market, the need
for further marketing action or the goals and objectives of the company and the strategies that the
company would use to attain the set goals. As it is important to know whether any company
strategy or effort will be successful, a marketing plan will also include the financial implications
and in the end suggest on performance evaluation. This paper is a marketing plan for Jake's
Place, which is a local western-food based restaurant that has attain high levels of success, but still
needs a marketing plan to increase its success.

Executive Summary

Jake’ Place has been a well performing restaurant in the local market, which is a positive point
for the business as it would make it easier to reach new customers. This marketing plan is made
with the sole purpose of enabling the increase of Jake’s Place sales and customer satisfaction.
The main intention of this marketing plan is to set realistic targets for Jake’s Place, and to
eliminate the questions about the profitability of the restaurant in the future. This is achievable
with clear setting of realistic goals that are in line with the company mission and vision, to be
attained by the business through the proposed strategies. These objectives include;
     Increasing the gross profits of the company
     Keeping the cost of labor at manageable levels
     Promoting expansion of the restaurant in to other areas
     Achieving profitable investment returns
     Expanding our market through advertising to increase customer base

The executive summary is the cornerstone of a successful business plan. The executive summary
should highlight the primary objectives of the marketing plan and should briefly reference
budgetary considerations and projections. Because the executive summary will be read with a
greater degree of frequency than other sections of the business plan, it is important to be succinct
and limit the summary to approximately one page.

II. Business Overview

In this section, the plan writer should provide general background information on the business
industry, including relevant competitors, environmental considerations, and strengths and
weaknesses related to the business.

III. Target Market
One of the most important steps to take in launching a business is to identify potential customers
and groups of people who will utilize the goods and services that you plan to offer. This section
of the outline should demonstrate an effective understanding of the needs of your target market.

IV. Goals

The goals that you outline in this section should be specific and succinct. They should be
numbered and should include references to timeframes.

V. Marketing Action Plan

This section should include the means by which the business will be promoted and advertised.
As in the case of the goals section, the plan components should be specific. For instance, the plan
may reference a proposed website address and establishment of a toll free telephone line within
30 days of the launch of the business.

VI. Business Launch Strategies

Tasks to implement the business are outlined in this section, along with persons who will be
responsible for completing each task. Target dates for completion of each task are also
referenced in this section.

VII: Budget

It is important to provide an estimate of the cost of operating the business. This section should
outline budgetary parameters and revenue forecasts. Additionally, it is helpful to include the
variables which influenced your cost estimates and revenue projections.

VIII. Analysis of Outcomes

This section of the plan should list the means by which you will evaluate progress and measure
the success of the business. It is important to address strategies to address potential problems
with the business.

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