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									                                                                                 March 20, 2012

At 7:00 PM Chairman Fred Ford called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll call was taken with the following members present: Fred Ford, Larry Rank, Jon Miller, Carl Bahner,
Kent Poffenberger, Jeff Enders, and Bob Artman. Operator Jeff Grosser, Consultant Bob Kissinger and
Solicitor Christian Daghir were also present.

       A. Flo Mallonee said that her understanding was that the sewer regulations had a 150 foot
           hookup requirement deadline and she wasn’t sure what the water distance is. Fred Ford
           said that both are 150 feet. Developer installed lines requirements are different.

       Larry Rank moved to approve the report as presented. Kent Poffenberger seconded the motion
and motion carried unanimously.

       Larry Rank moved to approve the report as presented. Carl Bahner seconded the motion and
motion carried unanimously.

      A. Chlorination Building/Water Line Construction Status: Change Order #3 and payment
          request #6 from Lisbon was presented with a change order increase of $5188.03 with a total
          payment request of $12287.30. There is still a retainage of $13001. Jon Miller moved to
          pay the difference between $12287.30 and $5188.03, or $7099.27. Larry Rank seconded
          the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
      B. Gate/Fence/Security at new Chlorination Building: A gate at the entrance to the building
          was discussed for security purposes. Jeff Grosser will obtain cost estimates.
      C. Well #2 testing and Permit Status: All information has been submitted and are waiting for
          DEP to respond.
      D. Route 147/225 Sewer Main Extension: Solicitor Daghir was contacted by LuAnn’s attorney
          for tapping fees and user fees for sewer service. She is waiting for LuAnn’s response to
          HAWASA’s position not to pay for the easement.
      E. CDBG Grant Status: Still pending formal approval.
      F. Proposed Sheetz Project: Sheetz is proceeding to obtain various approvals to move to the
          147/225 location. Discussion ensued.
       A. Delinquent Accounts: No Report.
       B. Sewer Project Easement Status: See Engineers Report (D).
       C. Donco Waterline Repair: Gary Lenker of Donco was present to discuss the water line
           maintenance concern in his development. Discussion ensued. The thought was to give
           HAWASA a temporary agreement for HAWASA to maintain the lines until such time as they
           are dedicated to the Authority. Discussion then ensued about dedicating the lines now and
           Donco providing an easement to the lines until such time as the streets are dedicated. Carl
           Bahner moved to have Solicitor Daghir draw up an agreement dedicating the lines and
           providing an easement to those lines. Kent Poffenberger seconded the motion. Jeff Enders
           asked who was paying the legal bill to have this completed. Discussion again ensued. It was
           confirmed that the motion included Donco paying for the agreements in return for not
           reimbursing the previous repair bill. The motion vote including the addendum was

      STP general maintenance, the new gauge at the storage tank is now operating, chlorine
      residuals have been sent to DEP, Soda ash mixer motor burned up and is currently under
      warranty, a new motor from RAM was received, did final public notice for the Mountain job,
      installed remote meter readers at well #2, well#4 and the spring lines, turned off one water
      service, pulling 10c and asbestos samples tomorrow, hydrant flushing will be done 4/11 to 4/13.

      A. Dauphin County Emergency Management System Service: No Report.
      B. Donco Water Line Repair Invoice Status: See Solicitors Report.

   A. The Source Water Protection Plan needs updated. Fred Ford will consult with Jeff Grosser to
      update it.

       Kent Poffenberger motioned to approve the invoices as presented. Jon Miller seconded the
motion and motion carried unanimously.


        At 7:56PM Jon Miller motioned to adjourn. Larry Rank seconded the motion and the motion
carried unanimously.

                                                       Respectfully Submitted,

                                                       David W Hoover

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