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                         Interview with Lakshmi
                         Name                                         Subject                          Section       Date
                         Asking thoughtful questions and writing insightful responses is a skill that you will need in relationships,
1. Assignment            whether they are personal or professional. For this assignment, you will construct two (2) specific,
Summary                  thoughtful questions for Lakshmi after reading through at least page 49 of Patricia McCormick’s Sold.
                         Then, as if you were Lakshmi, you will write responses.

                         The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of main ideas, generalizations about
2. Purpose               characters, and supporting details.

                         You are writing as both an interviewer and as Lakshmi.
3. Writer’s Role
                         Your audience is your peers and your teacher. You will be demonstrating to readers your mastery of
4. Audience              supporting your ideas using textual details.
                         Your assignment should have 1” margins, size 12 font, double-spaced (skipped lines), no pictures, black ink.
5. Form                  Do not triple or quadruple-space the lines. Use proper Type 4 heading with FCAs, a circled # 11, and the
                         title “Interview with Lakshmi” at the top. Do not bold, underline, italicize, or enlarge the title. Do not
                         double space the heading. Suggested length is 2 questions and 2 paragraphs of response. Assignment
                         sheet should be stapled to front. Remember to include the due date on your final draft. (You will lose 5
                         points for each missing element.)
                               1. Written Content: Point of View (40 points)
6. FCAs                         Lakshmi’s personality is accurately portrayed using believable word choice and appropriate textual
                                   details. Author must use at least 4 specific textual references. (20 points)
                                The quality of the questions is high; questions are specific and interesting. (20 points)
                               2. Evidence: Textual Details (20 points)
                                Textual details are underlined (4 points each - 16 points total)
                                Page numbers for textual details are included (1 point each – 4 points total).
                                All four details MUST come from different pages.
                               3. Mechanics: Subject-Verb Agreement and Sentence Structure (40 points)
                                 All verbs agree with their subjects in number. (5 points off each error – up to 4 errors)
                                 Retired FCA: Commas and semicolons are used correctly to join independent clauses (5 points off
                                    each error – up to 4 errors)

7. Procedure                 1. _____ Discuss in class what makes a good question and off-limits question types.
                             2. _____ Brainstorm a list of possible questions for Lakshmi.
                             3. _____ Read through page 49 of Sold.
                             4. _____ Draft your responses.
                             5. _____ If you did not type the Q3 Collins, TYPE the assignment. If you did type, you may hand-write,
                                       but only neatly.
                             6. _____ Underline textual details (four).
                             7. _____ Include page numbers for each textual detail.
                             8. _____ Check for proper heading and FCA’s.
                             9. _____ Staple this assignment sheet to the final draft.
                                                            th              th
                             10. _____ Turn in on April 19 (A) or April 20 (B).

Only complete this       Please explain why you did not turn in this assignment.
section if you did not   __________________________________________________________________________
turn in this writing

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