Johnny Cash2 by tangshuming


									Lasse Uth Eschelsen.
Walk the line.
Februar 2010.
Engelsk stil.
Bylderup Skole

       1) Summary.
           Walk the line is about Johnny Cash´s life.
           It starts when Johnny was a boy. He always listens to the radio.
           His brother Jake was perfect and his dad loved Jake and hated
           Johnny. Johnny could always listen how there was singing in the
           radio, but his father was always angry on Johnny because he
           listens so much to the radio. One day Johnny and Jake shut out
           and fishing, but Jake shut first cut some wood on the sawmill
           but there happen a accident, and Jake died.
           Some years after, was Johnny old enough to get his one home.
           One day he was out and he saw a place there make some
           records for normal people and Johnny said it to his band and
           they make a record and they be riley fast a cool band. June
           carter came also in the band. Johnny had a wife but he loved
           June carter more. Johnny and his friends shut to a party over
           there some gave Johnny some drugs and he loved it.
           Johnny had riley many problems he loved June but he had a
              wife, he said to his wife that he loved another and the wife get
              riley angry. But June don’t want to be married with Johnny and
              Johnny tock more drugs and he tipped over in a concert. June
              and he mom and dad helped Johnny with the drugs and when
              Johnny get it better he invited June and he´s family and
              Johnny´s mom and dad. Johnny`s dad said that Johnny shut be
Lasse Uth Eschelsen.
Walk the line.
Februar 2010.
Engelsk stil.
Bylderup Skole

              careful with his things. And he saw on a tractor there was
              sitting stick to the mod. When all drive home triad to get the
              tractor out of the mod but he drive in to the leak and June
              saved him. Later they get married and they lived got to they

       2) Describe important persons.
              Johnny: Johnny is a man there is taking drugs and he is riley
           good to sing he loves to girls but the one he love is June and the
           otter is his wife his dad hate him and he can just sing.

           Jake: Jake is Johnny´s brother and he is got to anything but he

           June: June is a girl there was in the radio when she was
           10year´s old. Johnny has loved he all time. June sings country
           music and talk riley strains.

           Johnny´s dad (ray): ray is riley sad about it was Jake there was
              dead. He is always angry on Johnny because he said it was the
              wrong child. He don’t care what Johnny do it all wrong.

       3) Find 3 episodes from the film and describe them.
           1. When Jake died. Johnny and Jake was on the sawmill and
               Jake was sawing some wood. But Johnny would out fishing
               so Jake said it was okay. On the way home came Johnny´s
               dad. He told that Jake was dead.

           2. The bomb.
Lasse Uth Eschelsen.
Walk the line.
Februar 2010.
Engelsk stil.
Bylderup Skole

When Johnny and June was to a party. One of the boys from the band
had make a bomb and he set it in a tree and it was riley a huge bang and
a stick fall out the tree and every wad scarred.

           3. The dr

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