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					                     HSG General Assembly Meeting
                               & Pot-Luck Dinner
                          January 17, 2013, 6:30 PM
Attendance: Jack & Rosanna Falsone, Sean & Lisa Courtney, Anne Koziol,
Angela Moran, Andrea Gawronski, Jayne O’Grady, Kate McDonald, Marlene
Lamparelli, Ruth Kittle, Rosalie Keicher (VP), Michele Jankowski, Kim Gumina,
Cindy Luczyk, Caryn Bartnik, Kristen Przybyla (Treas.), Teresa Schwartzott (Pres.),
Sister Marilyn (Principal) & Father Gene (Pastor)

  I.    Call to order & Opening Prayer by Teresa at 6:37 PM

 II.    Introductions made

 III.   Mission Statement – Teresa S.

IV.     Treasurer Report – Kristen P.
          A. Craft Fair – profit more than $4,000
          B. Sports - has only ~1/3 of their $1,500 budgeted
                1. Concession – Already made several $100s
          C. Start-up monies for teachers, ~ 8 have turned in receipts
          D. We are set to make gym floor payment to the parish on-time

V.      Spring Events
         A. Catholic Schools week
                 1. Special Person’s Lunch – Kim Gumina
                     a. Need volunteers –especially men for set-up
                     b. Set-up starts at 9 AM
                     c. Lunch at 11:30 – 12:30
                     d. Thank you to everyone who has pledged baked goods!
                 2.      Sister said a tan information sheet went home with the
                         children today, listing the rest of the events & special days
                         for Catholic Schools Week
           B. Niagara Candy Sale – Rosalie K.
                             Home School Guild
                  1. Orders are due Tues. (1/22)
                  2. Do NOT collect any tax
                  3. School receives ~33% of candy sold up to $2,000 & 50% for
                     $2,001 & above
                  4. Last year we made over $2,000, this year’s target is $2,500
                  5. There are no quotas per family – just sell what you can
                  6. Prizes (Chocolate bunnies) are given to 1st , 2nd & 3rd top
C. Luck & Laughs – Jayne O’Grady
      1. March 16th from 6 PM-10 PM at Michael’s in Hamburg
      2. Ticket prices are $36 single tickets & $255 per table of 8
            a. STRONGLY recommended people get their tickets early
                & if they want to sit with specific people to get a table.
            b. Ticket sales are first come – first serve this year
            c. Table sales with have the name of the party on the
            d. Tickets currently available in the parish office
            e. Tickets will be sold after all masses and at the school
                office during the week starting Feb. 2nd
            f. It will be possible again this year to donate tickets
                and/or money towards a teacher table and the Sisters
      3. Volunteers will be needed for set-up, raffles, ticket takers,
         basket runners & clean-up
      4. Basket Raffles – Jayne O’Grady coordinating
            a. List of classroom basket donations will go home next
            b. Basket items need to be turned in by Feb. 15th
            c. Baskets will be put together at 6 PM on Feb. 21st in
                Selbert Hall
                    1. In addition to your classroom donation, if you are
                        able we will need baskets, ribbon, cellophane
                    2. All classroom donations get used, sometimes if a
                        class’s basket is over-flowing a donation may be
                        put in another basket that needs a little extra
            d. Whole basket donations are due Feb. 22nd and receive
                1 hour of volunteer credit
            e. We will start selling tickets for raffle baskets after all
                masses starting the weekend of Feb. 23rd
      5. Wine raffle
            a. Last year we ran out of wine early (~100 bottles)
            b. We would like to have at least 150 bottles this year
            c. Caryn B. suggested that parents solicit area business
                members they know & suggest they could donate 1, 2,
                (½ a case!) bottles of wine & attach their business card
                to it/them for free advertising.
            d. For each bottle of wine donated families receive ½
                hour credit towards volunteer hours
                       e. Wine can be donated up to the night of the event- just
                          make sure any wine you donate has your name on it to
                          receive credit.

VI.   Safety Committee - Caryn Bartnik
         A. Safety Committee has existed for 3 years, currently Rachel Tibold is
         B. Annunciation has a good reputation around the county & NYS for
            being 1 of the first schools to implement AEDs & other safety
         C. Committee has worked hard the last few years improving the
            school’s security & student/staff safety
               1. CC cameras throughout the building
               2. New locked entry system
               3. Entry into Parish Center does not permit entry into the school
                   & vice versa.
               4. Entry through the gym doors does not permit entry into main
                   school hall where the office is.
         D. Revising Crisis Response Plan is a priority given recent events (Sandy
            Hook ES, Newtown, CT)
               1. The committee has worked VERY hard in a relatively short
                   period of time to complete crisis plan.
               2. Contains plans for almost every scenario conceivable from
                   massive trauma to liquid spill in the hallway
               3. Would like plan in place & start drills by Spring ‘13
               4. Once Plan has been printed & folders put together, a copy
                   will be available on the school’s website
               5. A copy is on file with the Elma Fire Dept. & Erie County Sheriffs
                   & Iroquois CSD.
                       a. Sister is trying to get a representative from the fire dept.
                          or sheriffs to come to an Educational Advisory Council
                          meeting, so far nothing set-up.
                       b. Would like NYS Police to look over the plan
               6. Training will be mandatory for all faculty, staff & coaches
               7. Every effort will be made for regular substitutes and after
                   school personnel to be trained.
               8. Parents who volunteer in the school (&/or just want to be
                   informed)are strongly encouraged to take part in the training
               9. Safety Committee is looking to do the trainings for volunteers
                   on a Saturday (TBD) & the next HSG meeting on March 14th
              10. Part of the plan is to have emergency backpacks in every
                       a. Packs to contain; class roster, basic first aide kit, bottles
                          water, granola bars & much more
                        b. Packs have been obtained & are in the process of
                            being assembled
           E. Fr. Gene shared that communication between the Safety
              Committee, custodial staff, buildings & grounds, Deacon Jim &
              Parish council has been excellent!
           F. Rosanna raised questions about not being able to reach after
              school care program
                  1. There is a phone in K room. Could calls be forwarded there
                     after Kathy leaves? Could it be part of the automated system
                     “push 3 for ASCP” –Sister to look into this
                  2. Also a pre-paid cell phone suggested. Relatively inexpensive
                     ($10/mo.) –Sister to check with Deacon Jim
           G. Future Goals:
                  1. 2-way PA system
                        a. Current system needs to be updated or replaced
                        b. Currently each classroom has walkie talkies as well as
                            teacher cell phones

VII.    Sports Concessions – Lisa Courtney
          A. First year this is being done – still working out the kinks
          B. Every family with a child in sports is asked to work 1 hour of
               concessions or pay $25
                 1. This hour counts towards volunteer hours
                 2. Next year hour of concessions will be in ADDITION to required
                     volunteer hours.
                 3. Annunciation sports are free for any child who attends
                         a. Area schools charge up to $30 per sport per child.
                 4. Concessions needs rosters from coaches once teams are
                 5. Planning a sucker candy sale in Feb.

VIII.   Principal’s Report – Sr. Marilyn
            A. Thank you’s…
                  1. All who came tonight –tremendous turn-out!
                  2. Parents, children & HSG for all the Christmas gifts
                  3. Caryn B. & Safety Committee for their hard work
            B. Christmas program a huge success
            C. Christmas around the World was wonderful!
            D. Schedule for Catholic Schools Week went home 1/17
                  1. Get responses in for Special Person’s Lunch
                  2. Need 8 children willing to write about why they like
              3. 2 children to read after each mass weekend of Jan. 26th &
                 27th -Don’t have to attend the mass they read after, can
                 come for the end just to read
              4. Jan. 26th 5 PM mass kick-off to Catholic Schools week, pot-
                 Luck dinner to follow in Selbert Hall
         E. Announcements:
              1. Jan. 23rd Pre-K4 breakfast for parents
              2. Jan. 24th & 25th Mrs. Schaub + five 8th graders going to
                 Washington D.C. for “walk for Life.”
              3. Feb. 7th Open House & Curriculum Fair
                    a. Tour guides needed
                    b. Desserts needed
              4. Feb. 10th next children’s mass
         F. Reminder –keep updated with Veritus

IX.   Additional Business
        A. Teresa took a general survey as to whether people liked the
            combined pot-luck dinner & meeting – general consensus –YES!

X.    Closing Prayer – Kristen
XI.   Meeting Adjourned 7:41

 **Next Meeting March 14th combined pot-luck dinner in Selbert Hall; dinner at
                         6 PM meeting at 6:30 PM.

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