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									Compliance Training Keeping You in Business

Clients expect a certain standard of behavior from your business. These expectations range from good
customer service, to a presentable location they feel safe visiting.

Expectations also rage within the workplace. Employers expect their employees to behave in certain
ways to create safe and happy work environments.

On top of that, the government has very strict expectations about the removing of inappropriate
behaviors between co-workers, ie. harassment and discrimination. Specifics are available on your local
government’s website.

State and Federal Laws

State and federal laws take special interest in the treatment of employees. Rights have to be respected
in the workplace; otherwise they will step in to right any wrongs.

When these expectations are not being met, your business can suffer. Bad reactions can hurt the
business at both ends of the stick, especially when legal authorities get involved.

The company could fall into serious trouble. For that reason, it is imperative that you, the owner or
manager of the company, takes responsibility to teach your
employees what behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate
for every aspect of their job.


Employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each
person has been shaped by family, associates, and professors.

Each employee sees the world through the colored glasses of
their past. Consequently, certain behaviors are valued over others.

Some values are the same as your own and others are not. Your job is not to debate over the

Your job is to tell your employees what behavior is and is not appropriate for the workplace. Part of the
agreement to work with you is that they will abide by a particular code of conduct.

Some of that behavior will be determined by you, the employer. Certain aspects of it are often required
by state and federal laws.
Your job is to teach them what’s expected from both you and the government. You do that best with
compliance training.

The way in which you go about your compliance training is completely up to you. You can set up an
online training course or hold a massive, interactive meeting.

The important thing is that you get it done, cover the right material, and refresh your employees in the
right time frame. The state legislates how often you should complete their requirements, usually about
once every couple years or so.


                               The company ethics that you care about should be reviewed often
                               enough to keep the ideas fresh in your employees’ minds, but not so
                               much that it annoys them. Many employers like to cover both their
                               expectations and the legal matters at the same time: creating an ethics
                               and compliance training.

                               A combined meeting of ethics and compliance can be extremely
                               influential. Be sure that you not only make them happen within the
                               required time frame, but you also make them memorable.

An employee tuning in and out of a three hour lecture won’t remember a single thing. Even though they
are technically accountable for the information in the lecture, it’s unfair to expect them to remember
everything you present.

Make compliance training interesting and helpful for all involved. That way they will come away with an
understanding of what they should and should not do.

You’ll not only improve behavior in the workplace, but you’ll also ensure your customers are well taken
care of and you keep a good relationship with the law. That could be the thing that saves your business
from a dreadful downfall.

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