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					                                      MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT


        Whereas the Ministry of Planning of Jordan (refer to hereafter as ‘MOP’) and the Jordanian
Hashemite Fund for Human Development - Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Human Development (refer to
hereafter as ‘JOHUD/ZENID’) have, on the basis of their respective mandates, a common aim in the
furtherance of sustainable human development:

       Whereas the MOP has been designated as the Executing Agency for the United Nations
Development Programme (refer to here after as UNDP) project JOR/95/005 “Human Development Profiles
and Strategy for Jordan”, with certain resources to achieve the following objectives:

•    To produce a series of human development profiles for Jordan which highlight and document a broad
    range of human development issues and identify strategy options to resolve them
•    Improve the socio-economic data base so as to monitor progress on the human profile of Jordan and to
    strengthen the national capacity to identify information gaps as well as to collect, prepare an analyze
    human development related indicators.
•    To ensure, through an active public information programme, that the findings and recommendations of
    the NHDRs are disseminated widely within Jordan, and that they are incorporated fully into the country’s
    domestic policy debate, whether within the governments, among JOHUD/ZENIDs or in academic

       Whereas the JOHUD/ZENID, its status being in accordance with national regulations, is committed
to the principles of participatory sustainable human development and development cooperation, has
demonstrated the capacity needed for the activities involved, in accordance with the MoP and UNDP
requirements for management; is apolitical and not profit-making;

         Whereas the MoP and JOHUD/ZENID agree that activities shall be undertaken without
discrimination, direct or indirect, because of race, ethnicity, religion or creed, status of nationality or political
belief, gender, handicapped status, or any other circumstances;

     Now, therefore, on the basis of mutual trust and in the spirit of friendly cooperation, the MOP and the
JOHUD/ZENID have entered into the present Agreement.
                                             Article I. Definitions

        For the purpose of the present Agreement, the following definitions shall apply:

        (a)      "Parties" shall mean MOP, UNDP and JOHUD/ZENID

        (b) "The Initiative" shall mean the production of the second National Human Development Report
for Jordan (refer to here after as NHDR-2);

        (c) “The bodies” shall mean the High Level Advisory Committee and the Technical

       (d) "The Director" shall mean the person appointed by the JOHUD/ZENID, in consultation with the
Advisory Committee, who acts as the overall coordinator of the Initiative and assumes the primary
responsibility for all aspects of it;

       (e)       “Initiative Work Plan” shall mean a schedule of activities, with corresponding time frames and
responsibilities, that is prepared by the JOHUD/ZENID in agreement with the Bodies, deemed necessary to
achieve the production of the NHDR-2 and it will be revised annually.

      (f)  “Initiative Budget” shall mean the foreseen budget, specified by budget lines, for the proper
accomplishment of the Initiative that is prepared by the JOHUD/ZENID in agreement with the Bodies.

                        Article II. Objective and Scope of the Present Agreement

1.      The present Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of the sub-contract of
JOHUD/ZENID by the MOP to undertake the task of the preparation and production of the second NHDR
with the theme of “Social Integration and Anti-Poverty Strategies in Jordan”, incorporating studies about
poverty in Jordan.

2.      The Parties agree to join efforts and to maintain close working relationships, in order to achieve the
Objectives of this specific Initiative.

                                   Article III. Duration of the Agreement

1.     The term of the present Agreement shall commence on the date of the signature of the present
Agreement and terminate by December 2003. The Initiative shall commence and be completed in
accordance with the time-frame or schedule set out in the “Initiative Work Plan”.

2.      Should it become evident to either Party during the implementation of the Initiative that an extension
beyond the expiration date set out in paragraph 1, above, of the present Article, will be necessary to achieve
the Objectives of the Initiative, that Party shall, without delay, inform the other Party, with a view to entering
into consultations to agree on a new termination date. Upon agreement on a termination date, the Parties
shall conclude an amendment to this effect, in accordance with the last Article in this Agreement.

              Article IV. Implementation Strategy and General Responsibilities of the Parties

1.       The Parties agree to carry out their respective responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of
the present Agreement, and to undertake the Initiative in accordance with UNDP policies and procedures as
set out in the UNDP Programming Manual, which forms an integral part of the present Agreement.
2.   The MOP will act as the Executing Agency, being its responsibilities and tasks as outlined in UNDP
NEX manual for executing agency (see annex 1 here attached).

3.      The JOHUD/ZENID will act as the Implementing Agency, being its responsibilities and tasks as
outlined in UNDP NEX manual for implementing agency (see annex 1 here attached).

4.     An High Level Advisory Committee will be formed, chaired by HRE Princess Basma and including
one representative of MOP and one of UNDP (Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee as in the first
phase of the 2 NHDR production)

5.      A Technical Committee will be formed, chaired by the Secretary General of the MOP and including
eight (8) more members to be selected and agreed upon by the Advisory Committee (Terms of Reference
for the Advisory Committee as in 2 NHDR production).

6.       Technical Task Forces will be formed by JOHUD/ZENID, as deemed necessary, with the objective
of following-up and giving technical assistance on specific themes.

7.      Each Party shall determine and communicate to the other Party the person (or unit) having the
ultimate authority and responsibility for the Initiative on its behalf. The Director shall be appointed by the
JOHUD/ZENID, in consultation with the Bodies.

8.      The Parties shall keep each other informed of all activities pertaining to the Initiative and shall
consult through the Bodies on a regular basis or as circumstances arise that may have a bearing on the
status of either Party in the country or that may affect the achievement of the Objectives of the Initiative, with
a view to reviewing the Work Plan and Budget of the Initiative.

9.      The JOHUD/ZENID may use the name and emblem of the MOP or UNDP only in direct connection
with the Initiative, and subject to prior written consent of the Parties.

10.   The activities under the present Agreement are in support of the efforts of the government and the
MOP in Jordan. The Director will be responsible for day-to-day contacts with the relevant staff in MOP and
UNDP on operational matters during the implementation of the Initiative.

8.     The MOP and UNDP will facilitate access to information, advisory services, technical and
professional support available and will assist the JOHUD/ZENID to access the advisory services of other
Government Institutions and United Nations organizations, whenever necessary.

9.      The Parties and the Bodies shall cooperate in any public relations or publicity exercises, when the
Parties deems these appropriate or useful.

                                    Article V. Personnel Requirements

1.    The JOHUD/ZENID shall be fully responsible for all services performed by its personnel, agents,
employees, or contractors (hereinafter referred to as "Personnel").

2.     The JOHUD/ZENID personnel shall not be considered in any respect as being the employees or
agents of MOP or UNDP. The JOHUD/ZENID shall ensure that all relevant national labour laws are

3.     The JOHUD/ZENID shall ensure that its personnel meet the highest standards of qualification and
technical and professional competence necessary for the achievement of the Objectives of the Initiative, and
that decisions on employment related to the Initiative shall be free of discrimination on the basis of race,
religion or creed, ethnicity or national origin, gender, handicapped status, or other similar factors. The
JOHUD/ZENID shall ensure that all personnel are free from any conflicts of interest relative to the Initiative

                              Article VI. Terms and Obligations of Personnel

       The JOHUD/ZENID undertakes to be bound by the terms and obligations specified below, and shall
accordingly ensure that the personnel performing Initiative-related activities under the present Agreement
comply with these obligations:

       (a) The personnel shall be under the direct charge of the JOHUD/ZENID, which functions under
the general guidance of MOP and UNDP;

         (b) Further to subparagraph (a) above, they shall not seek nor accept instructions regarding the
activities under the present Agreement from any other authority external to the Parties;

        (c) They shall refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the MOP or UNDP and
shall not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the Parties;

         (d) Subject to the requirements outlined in the document “UNDP public information disclosure
policy”, information that is considered confidential shall not be used without the authorization of all Parties. In
any event, such information shall not be used for individual profit. The Director may communicate with the
media regarding the methods and scientific procedures used by the JOHUD/ZENID; however, MOP and
UNDP clearance is required for the use of the name MOP or UNDP in conjunction with Initiative Activities in
accordance with Article IV, paragraph 5, above. This obligation shall not lapse upon termination of the
present Agreement unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

                                   Article VII. Supplies and Procurement

1.     MOP shall contribute a total amount of US$ 60,000 following the approval of the detailed budget
submitted by ZENID.

2.        Equipment, non-expendable materials, or other property furnished or financed by any UNPD project
shall remain the property of UNDP and shall be returned to UNDP upon completion of the Initiative or upon
termination of the present Agreement, unless otherwise agreed upon between the Parties, and in
consultation with the MOP. During the Initiative implementation and prior to such return, the JOHUD/ZENID
shall be responsible for the proper custody, maintenance and care of all equipment. The JOHUD/ZENID
shall, for the protection of such equipment and materials during implementation of the Initiative, obtain
appropriate insurance in such amounts as may be agreed upon between the Parties and incorporated in the
Initiative Budget.

3.      In its procedures for procurement of goods, services or other requirements with funds made
available by MOP as provided for in the Initiative Budget, the JOHUD/ZENID shall ensure that, when placing
orders or awarding contracts, it will safeguard the principles of highest quality, economy and efficiency, and
that the placing of such orders will be based on an assessment of competitive quotations, bids, or proposals
unless otherwise agreed to by UNDP.

6.     MOP and UNDP shall make every effort to assist the JOHUD/ZENID in clearing all equipment and
supplies through customs at places of entry into the country where Initiative activities are to take place.

7.     The JOHUD/ZENID shall maintain complete and accurate records of equipment, supplies and other
property purchased with the Initiative funds and shall take periodic physical inventories. The JOHUD/ZENID
shall provide UNDP annually with the inventory of such equipment, property and non-expendable materials
and supplies, and at such time and in such form as UNDP may request.

                           Article VIII. Financial and Operational Arrangements

1.      In accordance with the Initiative Budget, MOP has allocated and will make available to the
JOHUD/ZENID funds up to the maximum amount of US$ 60,000. The first instalment of US$ 60,000 has
been allocated for the first phase of the Initiative and advanced to the JOHUD/ZENID. This second and
subsequent installment will be advanced to the JOHUD/ZENID, when a financial report and other agreed-
upon documentation for the completed phase one, as referenced in Article X, below, for the activities
completed have been submitted to and accepted by the High Level Advisory Committee as showing
satisfactory management and use of the available resources.

2.      The JOHUD/ZENID shall be authorized to make variations not exceeding 20 per cent on any one
line item of the Initiative Budget provided that the total Budget allocated is not exceeded. The
JOHUD/ZENID shall notify the High Level Advisory Committee about any expected variations on the
occasion of the regular consultations. Any variations exceeding 20 per cent on any one- line item that may
be necessary for the proper and successful implementation of the Initiative shall be subject to prior
consultations with and approval by MOP.

                                     Article IX. Maintenance of Records

1.     The JOHUD/ZENID shall keep accurate and up-to-date records and documents in respect of all
expenditures incurred with the funds made available to ensure that all expenditures are in conformity with
the provisions of the Initiative Work Plan and Initiative Budgets. For each disbursement, proper supporting
documentation shall be maintained, including original invoices, bills, and receipts pertinent to the

2.      Upon completion of the Initiative/or Termination of the Agreement, the JOHUD/ZENID shall maintain
the records for a period of at least four years unless otherwise agreed upon between the Parties.

                                     Article X. Reporting Requirements

1.     The JOHUD/ZENID shall provide the Bodies with periodic reports on the progress, activities,
achievements and results of the Initiative. As a minimum, the JOHUD/ZENID shall prepare an annual
progress report.

2.      Financial reporting will be on annual basis. The JOHUD/ZENID prepares a financial report and
submits it to the High Level Committee no later than 30 days after the end of the first year. Within one month
of the completion of the Initiative or of the termination of the present Agreement, the JOHUD/ZENID shall
submit a final report on the Initiative activities and include a final financial report on the use of the funds, as
well as an inventory of supplies and equipment.

                                       Article XI. Audit Requirements

1.     The JOHUD/ZENID shall submit to the High Level Advisory Committee a certified annual financial
statement on the status of funds advanced. The Initiative may be audited annually, as will be reflected in the
annual audit plan prepared by UNDP Headquarters (Division of Audit and Performance Review) in
consultation with the Parties to the Initiative.
2.     Notwithstanding the above, the UNDP shall have the right, at its own expense, to audit or review
such Initiative-related books and records as it may require and to have access to the books and record of
the JOHUD/ZENID, as necessary.

                                   Article XII. Responsibility for Claims

1.        The JOHUD/ZENID shall indemnify, hold and save harmless, and defend at its own expense its
officials and persons performing services, from and against all suits, claims, demands and liability of any
nature and kind, including their cost and expenses, arising out of the acts or omissions of the
JOHUD/ZENID or its employees or persons hired for the management of the present Agreement and the

2.    The JOHUD/ZENID shall be responsible for, and deal with all claims brought against it by its
Personnel, employees, agents or subcontractors.

                              Article XIII. Suspension and Early Termination

1.        The Parties hereto recognize that the successful completion and accomplishment of the purposes of
a technical cooperation activity are of paramount importance, and that the High Level Advisory Committee
may find it necessary to terminate the Initiative, or to modify the arrangements for the management of a
Initiative, should circumstances arise that jeopardize successful completion or the accomplishment of the
purposes of the Initiative. The provisions of the present Article shall apply to any such situation.

2.      The Bodies shall consult with the JOHUD/ZENID if any circumstances arise that, in the judgment of
the Bodies, interfere or threaten to interfere with the successful completion of the Initiative or the
accomplishment of its purposes. The JOHUD/ZENID shall promptly inform the Bodies of any such
circumstances that might come to its attention. The Parties shall cooperate towards the rectification or
elimination of the circumstances in question and shall exert all reasonable efforts to that end, including
prompt corrective steps by the JOHUD/ZENID, where such circumstances are attributable to it or within its
responsibility or control. The Parties shall also cooperate in assessing the consequences of possible
termination of the Initiative on the beneficiaries of the Initiative.

3.      The Bodies may at any time after occurrence of the circumstances in question, and after appropriate
consultations, suspend and terminate the Initiative by written notice to the JOHUD/ZENID, without prejudice
to the initiation or continuation of any of the measures envisaged in paragraph 2, above, of the present
Article. The Bodies may indicate to the JOHUD/ZENID the conditions under which it is prepared to
authorize management of the Initiative to resume.

4.      The JOHUD/ZENID may terminate the present Agreement in cases where a condition has arisen
that impedes the JOHUD/ZENID from successfully fulfilling its responsibilities under the present Agreement,
by providing the Bodies with written notice of its intention to terminate the present Agreement at least 30
days prior to the effective date of termination if the Initiative has a duration of up to six months and at least
60 days prior to the effective date of termination if the Initiative has a duration of six months or more. In such
a case, the JOHUD/ZENID shall undertake no forward commitments and shall return to the Parties, within
30 days, all unspent funds, supplies and other property provided by the Parties unless the Parties have
agreed otherwise in writing.
                                    Article XIV. Amendments

      The present Agreement or its Annexe may be modified or amended only by written agreement
between the Parties.

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto, have on behalf of the
Parties hereto signed the present Agreement at the place and on the day below written.

For the JOHUD/ZENID:                                          For MOP:

Signature:   _______________________           Signature:____________________

Name:        _______________________           Name: _______________________

Title:       _______________________           Title:   _______________________

Place:       _______________________           Place: _______________________

Date:        _______________________           Date: _______________________
Annex 1: Executing Agency

Each UNDP – supported programme or project may have only one executing agent. The Government
Coordinating Authority, in cooperation with UNDP, is
responsible for designing the national entity to serve as Executing agent for the project. The
designed entity must be directly concerned substantively with the project or program activities.
While maintaining the over all responsibility of the project, the Government Coordinating
authority may nominate one of the following national governmental entities as the executing
agent :a) A ministry , b) A department within a Ministry, or c) A governmental entity of semi-
autonomous nature, such as the central bank, a university, regional and local authorities,

The Executing agency is accountable to the Government Coordinating Authority and
UNDP for the production of output, for the achievement of project objectives, and for the use of
UNDP resources. The overall responsibilities of the Executing Agency include administrative
and technical tasks involved in the program or project, such as:

i)     Planning and overall management of the project and its day-to day activities
ii)    Reporting on substantive and financial issues to UNDP and the Government
iii)   Accounting management
iv)    Monitoring and evaluating the project activities and progress
v)     Supervising the implementing agents
vi)    Managing sand auditing the use of UNDP resources

In terms of Financial responsibilities, the Executing agent is responsibilities for:

i)     Managing all UNDP resources allocated to the project or program;
ii)    Maintaining an accounting system that contains records and controls sufficient to ensure
       the accuracy and reliability of project financial information and reporting ,as well as track
       the advances received and disbursed ,expenditure records, and direct payments made
       by UNDP;
iii)   Maintaining an inventory recording the acquisition and disposition of property and
       equipment used;
iv)    Preparing and submitting a sighed Financial report to UNDP:
v)     Opening as separate back account in order to receive the disbursement of UNDP funds;
vi)    Continuously monitoring the progress made and the disbursement of funds in order to
       take steps to avoid any problems;
vii)   Ensuring the return of any unused advances to the UNDP country office.
Implementing Agency

The Implementing agency is accountable to the Executing agency for the quality, timeliness
and effectiveness of the services it provides and the activities it carries our, as well as for the
use of funds provided to it. The overall responsibilities of the Implementing agency included:

i)     Providing services
ii)    Carrying out procurement activities
iii)   Ensuring the delivery of project inputs and their conversion into project outputs.

In terms of Financial responsibilities, the Implementing agent is responsible for:

i)     Designing a financial focal point to review and sigh all transactions. Reports,
       disbursements, and so on;
ii)    Managing the UNDP resources allocated to thew project to achieve the expected results
       and planing financial disbursements, in accordance with the work plan and project
iii)   Spending the designed advanced funds as agreed in a detailed work plan and in the
       project documents in order to achieve the results;
iv)    Recording the receipt and disbursement in of UNDP funds in the presented ,manner and
       verifying that disbursements do not exceed the available funds or the amount allocated to
       each budgetary category; (i.e Financial report):
v)     Justifying expenditures made from the advance funds in the event a further advance of
       funds is requested;
vi)    Reviewing and sighing quarterly financial documents and reports such as the CDRs, the
       financial reports, and so on.

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