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					     Barrington Middle School – Station Campus PTO

Original copy of this form must accompany any receipts of cash,
coin, or checks turned into the PTO Treasurer. Please attach a
listing of the individual items in your deposit. This could be an
excel schedule, an adding machine tape or a hand written list.
Please keep a copy of this form for your committees’ file/binder.

Date Submitted: __________________

Name of Person Submitting Receipts: __________________________

Phone Number: _____________________Committee:_________________

Function/Activity for Which Receipts are Related: __________________


      Total Coin Receipts:                      $______________

      Total Cash Receipts:                      $______________

      Total Check Receipts:                     $______________
      (Please attach detail with checks)
      Total Submitted For Deposit               $_______________

                      Committee Chair Signature: ___________________________

                               (PTO Treasurer Use Only)

Date receipts were received: _______________________

Total amount received for deposit: $__________________

Date deposited was made at bank: ________________

                                                                       Rev. 5/06