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justify the invasion of Iraq, ‗peak oil‘ is a program designed to justify higher oil prices. Most involved in the energy industry have been aware of this, & the fact that oil is a ‘RENEWABLE & ABIOTIC FUEL?‘ Oil has been called a ‗fossil fuel‘, based on the idea that it comes from formerly living organisms. This may have been plausible back when oil wells were drilled into the fossil layers of the earth‘s crust, but today, great quantities of oil are found in deeper wells that are found below the level of any fossils or decomposed living matter. If it exists in rock formations far below layers of fossils, and shows no fossil trace, it means it‘s back to the drawing board. Any reputable geologist will tell you that OIL IS CREATED BY MAGMA OF THE EARTH. Oil wells that were pumped out dry at the turn of the century & capped are now filled with oil again. Oil Companies & governments created the concept that it was of limited supply & therefore extremely valuable. This fits in with the ―Depletion‖ allowance philosophical scam. Most can remember stories about the middle-east oil wells running dry by the 80s. It did not happen. Today, their wells are just as full as they continue to replace the billions of barrels being pumped out. At home in Australia we were told that our country had little oil and it would soon run out, and, to ensure further exploration and ensure supplies, we would need to increase prices to OPEC parity pricing. We are all aware at what this has done to our fuel pump prices, and the drastic effects it‘s having on our communities and economies. The truth is there is no shortage of petroleum in Australia. In fact, the country is awash with it, especially gas. Australian oil is what is known as a ‗light sweet crude‘. In other words, it‘s low in deadly sulphur and is ideal for diesel, petrol, avgas etc. We are 97% sufficient in petroleum products with only the need to import about 3% of heavy crude oils for bunker fuels, bitumen etc. Our oil fields such as Barrow, Bass Straight & Moonie are still producing oil for $2 to $3 dollars a barrel. In fact, all our oil fields are producing for well under $10 per barrel (six cents per litre). Gas is produced for $120 per tonne about (three cents per litre) which is exported to countries such as communist China on a twenty-five year contract for less than three cents per litre CIF. Based on these facts, it is estimated that the uniform prices of fuel in this country should not exceed the following;


SPECIAL REVISION OF UPDATE 31 ‘FUEL PRICES’ EXPOSING MEDIA LIES We will be running a campaign to inform the public of the need for the debit tax & exposing the truth on fuel prices.


Petrol Diesel LPG

$ 50 cents per litre $ 40 cents per litre $ 20 cents per litre

(The above prices provide huge profits to all in the chain)
Ref: ―The Deep Hot Biosphere‖ by Dr. Gold. ―The genesis of Hydrocarbons & the origin of petroleum‖ by Dr. Kenney ― Power from

Howard cons motorists on fuel prices.
PETROLEUM PRICES By now, most everyone has heard that we are about to reach ―peak oil‖ - the point when the global oil supply diminishes. This now appears to be another lie, and, just like the ‗weapons of mass destruction‘ (WMD) lie used to

the Earth Deep Earth Gas‖—Energy for the Future‖ by Thomas Gold.

The fuel price grab is purely to satisfy the greed of the CFR & the Howard government, who are never effected, as they do not pay for the fuel used in their taxpayer-provided cars. However the Australian workingman, farmers, retires & others on fixed incomes are suffering as fuel prices impact on us due to the tyranny of distance in Australia.

The time has come for the Howard government to put the interests of the nation first, or resign. tightly controlled & the leader of the trade-unions Bob Hawke received many brown paper bags to ensure it best not to interfere in a democratic political process – which it definitely was not. (Like the current Beattie dictatorship in QLD) When Hawke came to power, all energy projects well underway were immediately cancelled upon instructions from the CFR. This cost the Australian economy $trillions from which it never recovered and our foreign debt has escalated along with our fuel prices since then. Despite the CFR‘s orchestrated World oil crises, the media led us to believe that our oil was of such poor quality that the wells had to be capped off, thus making way for the parity pricing scam. Much the same happened with the discovery of diamonds which happened whilst searching for oil. They were so plentiful that people were tripping over them. The media again went into action telling us all that they were of low industrial quality & of little value so as not to upset the world markets. But when the CFR organised the downfall of the Whitlam government, replacing him with Malcolm Fraser & eventually John Howard, the policy of selling off the national wealth & privatisation was well established. He lied to the Australian people saying the diamonds were of a very low industrial quality & of no real commercial value. Therefore they had to hand over the mining rights, lock stock & barrel, to de Beers. Surprisingly after this happened the world‘s most valuable diamonds (the Argyle Pink) suddenly appeared. What a surprise that De Beers, not Australians, still benefit from this fortune. (The Zionist Rothschild‘s of course owns De Beers.) Since just about all the Australian peoples‘ assets have been sold (Energy, water, banks, airports, railways the list goes on), thanks to globalisation, industry has been destroyed & shipped off-shore and Australia is becoming a vast quarry for the multinationals to plunder, with no return to the Australian people except for debt, and the introduction of the GST to ensure the debt is paid. The greed of these people is never satisfied & daily they come up with scams to rip us off. Eg. Ozone scam, Greenhouse Scam from which they are making $billions trading in fictitious carbon credits. Now the latest is the ‗Peak oil scam‘ we have all felt this each time we fill up at the petrol pump. This has now been proven to be a misleading CFR Zionist scam to increase oil prices on pretence that production has peaked & there is a shortage. Peak Oils media man Dr. Colin Campbell is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg of academic Peak Oil ‗experts‘ who suddenly appeared en-masse to give you this frightening news, right after President Saddam Hussein suddenly started trading his oil in Eros rather than $US, which, in turn, caused the CFR Zionist to illegally invade Iraq pushing the lie of WMD to justify it. Then along came Wall St. asset Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who fraudulently got his hands on Yukos oil for a mere fraction of its value, and was on the point of selling the entire outfit to the CRF Rockefeller oil barons when Vladimir Putin had him hauled off his private jet somewhere in Siberia. So the CFR missed out on taking over the Russian peoples‘ oil and poor old Mikhail had better get used to the taste of prison food.

One Nation is the only party that proposes the elimination of the OPEC PARATY & FUEL EXCISE pricing racket, replacing it with a national energy policy, tax & finance reform to reduce fuel prices, remove deadly & costly aromatics from petrol and encourage the use of cleaner fuels, ensuring Australians receive the benefits of their vast energy resources. Join One Nation and stop the fuel price ripoff. For the truth on Australia’s energy supplies, check our web site. FUEL WATCH EXPOSING THE TRUTH NEW WA OILFIELDS
Santos news release 15 February 2005. New Australian oil field to start production ahead of time & under budget. Santos Ltd is pleased to announce that oil production from the Mutineer-Exeter oil fields, 160 km off the coast of north-western Australia will commence next month. Initial production is expected to be about 90,000 barrels of oil per day, only three years from the Norfolk 1 oil discovery. Expected pay-back period of less than two years, which makes for a very profitable business. In 2006 mean production of around 19 mmbbls is expected.

The Gold Coast Bulletin 25/11/05: BHP Billiton & Woodside Petroleum have approved the $814 million Stybarrow oilfield development in Western Australia.
The Field, in 825m of water 65km from Exmouth, is expected to start production early in 2008 when it will become Australia‘s deepest oil field project Five production wells will be drilled under the waves & tied back to a floating production storage & offtake vessel, which can hold 900,000 barrels & process about 80,000 barrels of liquid each day. At that rate with a maximum price for Australian produced oil of say $10 per barrel, the initial investment will be recovered in less than three years. The pool of recoverable oil is currently estimated at 60-90 billion barrels that will renew as it is pumped out. This should be a very profitable operation as oil at $10 per barrel means petrol at 6 cents per litre, compare this with current pump prices & you will see how much Howard & the CFR oil barons are ripping us off for. OIL IN AUSTRALIA Vast oil deposits have been discovered in Australia, capped, buried & marked on a map. Cast back your minds to the days of the old Labor party when Rex Conner the then Minister for Minerals & Energy became the target for the CFR when he threatened their world market monopolies by deciding in his own words, to ‗buy back the farm‘ from the international oil & mining cartels then (& still) in place. A subsequent smear campaign using forged documents, saw him collapse under the strain & die a broken man. Of course the media was

15TH December 05 This reply was received by Col Harding in reply to questions asked on the position of oil & gas in Australia. The reply was on behalf of the Hon Mark Vaile Minister for Trade. It states that ‗the Australian government takes the position that oil & gas should be determined by the free operation of market forces. As you can appreciate, oil & gas are both commodities that are traded on the international market. If Australian prices do not reflect international prices, investment in the Australian exploration, extraction & refining industries will disappear‘ Consider the above statement. It may have been the case 50 years ago, to encourage the search for oil and investment in refining capacity. However, since then we have discovered huge supplies of energy and built large refining capacity. The investment has been returned many times over, with a pay back period now as low as two years, resulting in the capping off of many wells in an endeavour to keep prices and profits up. Even the Arab OPEC countries are smarter than our government. They only apply parity pricing to exports, where as our government only applies it to the domestic market and exports our energy at cost. ‗On the particular issue of LPG prices, we note that the contract with Communist China was for LNG not LPG, & as such, a comparison of prices with domestic LPG is not useful. In addition, gas prices vary according to transport, storage, administrative, dispensing and taxation costs. Therefore price difference, even within particular products, can be misleading. The terms of the LNG contract with Red China are confidential commercial information and, as such, the price of gas has not been publicly disclosed. However it has been recognised as one of Australia‘s most significant export contracts, which will provide Australia with up to $25 billion of additional export income.‘ With statements such as the above it leaves a questionmark over the minister and his advisers. Corrections LNG is what is known as natural gas in a liquid state thus LNG. The reason for this it is first pressurised to a liquid state then frozen to further reduce the volume to reduce shipping costs. LPG is a product of LNG. Petrol can also be obtained from it. The next part of the lie is that the price of the contract is public information and has been disclosed in most media outlets. Without going into a lot of detail it was for a period of 25 years for supply on a CIF basis (we pay all freight, insurance & shipping costs, only fools sign contracts on this basis). An approximate calculation on the huge volume involved works out cents per litre at less than 3 cents. Before deregulation the cost price of LPG in Australia was $120 per tonne or 3 cents per litre. This means the government is giving away our gas at cost price or less. They call it good business. Most would agree they should be charged with fraud. The truth is, our energy resources are worth $trillions. The motives of the government are questionable. Their actions do not benefit the people!

Sketch of Ultra Deep Oil During the forties & fifties, Russian reservoir engineers realized their reserves were somehow being ―topped up‖ from below, despite a total lack of additional decaying matter. All that lay below was solid granite & basalt, meaning that the oil was actually being manufactured in the mantle of the earth, before slowly migrating between 70 & 150 miles upward to the existing reservoir. It all seemed too fantastic to believe, but the Russians persevered. Since that time they have drilled more than 300 production wells through solid granite & basalt, with another 20 drilled the same way in the White Tiger Field in Vietnam. By the midnineties Russia was so far ahead of the west, that Wall St asset Mikhail Khodorkovsky was orded to ‗acquire‘ Yukos Oil Company in order to steal the technology. US Scientists have since confirmed all this, but the media & the Australian government are running an expensive campaign to hide it & thus justify higher oil prices. Time is fast running out. Russia is now the worlds leading oil supplier and, along with a number of other countries, no longer trades in $US. The day is at hand when the Arabs will be only too happy to accept $10 a barrel for their oil and OPEC parity pricing will be but a memory. OIL IN NEW ZEALAND July 1968 Placid Oil a company comprising the Rockefeller Seven Sisters (Gulf, Shell, BP, Standard, Mobil & Arco) begins the Great Southern Basin exploration. October 1969 Seven Sisters confirm a new source of oil comparable to the Alaskan North Slope fields with gas reserves estimated 150 times larger than the Kapuni fields. October 1979 NZ Prime minister Muldoon makes a deal with Rockefellers Seven Sisters that effectively robs New Zealanders of their oil. November 1979 Muldoon paid off with $1million in non repayable loans, thus ensuring these vast fields were not developed as, to do so, would affect the control over oil prices. PEAK OIL SCAM, THE GOVERNMENTS POSITION

THE ENERGY CRISIS As 1973 drew to a close, the global plotters decided that the time was ripe to spring the ‗energy crises‘ on an unsuspecting public. Many have been thoroughly brain

washed by the torrent of propaganda cascading from various agencies of the federal government that they have been induced into accepting the alleged energy crises as a reality. If you are among the hoodwinked, it is to shake yourself loose from the cobwebs of deceit so skilfully spun in your mind by the myth mongers, & become attuned to reality. Acting on the time-proven principle that when a lie is repeated often & loudly enough it will be accepted as truth, the CFR went to work on the people. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, the people had to be sold the monumental ideal lie that the United States & Australia were virtually out of oil & would have to become increasingly dependent on foreigners for their future needs. Conveniently ignored by the bureaucrats, in their anxiety to generate nationwide acceptance of the energy crisis myth, was the fact that numerous highly authoritative sources had presented clear evidence of a superabundance of oil within the borders of the US & Australia. For example, in a report published in December, 1972, the National Petroleum Council estimated that there were 810.4 billion barrels of oil within the borders of the US aloneenough for at least 125 years; the same report estimated that there was close to a 100 year supply of natural gas. CREATING A CRISIS The early US winters of the 1970s were intensely cold; the price of heating fuel & natural gas skyrocketed. Many senior citizens-on fixed income & short of funds-were faced with a terrible decision: would they spend their meagre resources on food or on heating bills? A number of deaths were attributed to their inability to cope with this major crisis in their lives. Most were convinced that their suffering was unavoidablethe result of a genuine energy shortage. Few suspected that their traumatic experiences were the result of a plot initiated at the highest levels of the federal government. Soon, however, dramatic evidence began to emerge that the energy ‗crisis‘ was a monstrous fraud. One source of evidence was the book, ―the Non Energy Crisis‖ by Lindsey Williams. The author was a Chaplin with the Alyeska Pipeline Co. during the construction phase of the Trans-Alaskan pipeline. His friends included some of the company executives. As a result, he had accessed too much of the data pertaining to the North Slope development project. Here are some of his important findings (1) When the pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, on Alaska‘s North Slope to the port of Valdez, 800 miles to the south, was first planned (1967), construction costs were estimated at US$600,000,000. When bureaucratic & environmental roadblocks were overcome & construction finally began (1973), the projected cost had soared more than 300% to US$2,000,000,000. The construction phase of the pipeline was a nightmare for its builders. Swarms of arrogant bureaucrats & overly zealous environmentalists, backed by the power of the federal government, invaded Alaska & did everything in their power to undermine the project to raise costs. The success of their efforts is reflected in the fact that, when the pipeline was completed in 1976, the cost had skyrocketed to a dumbfounding US$12,000,000,000. – twenty times the original estimate. The major oil companies were compelled to borrow heavily from the CFR bankers to complete the project. This was due primarily to the intervention of the CFR & federal government; (2) The North Slope covers a vast area, stretching 500 miles from east to west, & 150 miles from north to south. Highly sophisticated & reliable seismic readings show that it is virtually impossible to drill a ‗dry‘ well anywhere across the length & breadth of that vast expanse. This indicates that there may be as many as 750 ‗Prudhoe Bays‘ on the North Slope. With such awesome energy resources, all ‗shortages‘ are planned & created to accomplish political goals; (3) Another staggering fact! Unknown to most, 60% of all energy produced at Prudhoe Bay is natural gas. The crude oil pumped down the pipeline is merely a byproduct of that gas. What happens to the 190,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas produced at Prudhoe Bay each day? On orders from the federal government, this natural gas is pumped back into the ground at huge expense to the oil companies. The powers-that-be have banned the construction of even one pipeline to carry this excess fuel to the lower states; (4) There are dozens of wells in the Prudhoe Bay area ready to produce huge quantities of inexpensive energy. Each of these wells is capable of yielding 700,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas every 24 hours. An Arco executive bulletin, dated July 27, 1983, revealed that the Prudhoe Bay had developed into the ―largest field ever found in the US, with 9.6 billion barrels of recoverable crude oil & 26 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas waiting to be put to use‖. Latest estimates by Oak Ridge Laboraties in its June 2000 newsletter put the energy reserves‘ potential estimates at from 350 to 3500 years. Similar estimates have been made from Russian Siberian Messoyakha Gas fields. Alaska is estimated as having recoverable oil reserves sufficient to offset all the US oil imports for the next twenty-one years.

One must ask with all this cheap energy available, why does the government & the media attempt to brain-wash us into accepting only sources of expensive energy. Surely it would not be to protect the profits of the CFR oil monopoly.
LIARS MAY FIGURE BUT FIGURES DON’T LIE The ‗oil crisis‘ erupted suddenly with the outbreak of the Yom Kipper war in the Middle East on October 6, 1973. It is, perhaps, of historical importance that the war broke out immediately after the Israeli‘s withdrew significant numbers of troops from forward positions, despite the imminent threat of an Arab attack. Was this withdrawal planned to provoke an Arab assault so that a major crisis would erupt in that part of the world, & thus pave the way for additional far-reaching events in the months that followed? That possibility must not be overlooked! The tide of war turned against the Arabs only after the United States, on orders from Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, airlifted a huge quantity of the most highly sophisticated weaponry in America‘s arsenal, & reinforced the Israelis. It was America‘s top weapons that tilted the scales against the Arabs. As the dust settled on the Middle East, the Arabs supposedly slapped an embargo on oil & immediately

began to greatly increase the price of their oil. Within weeks Americans were forming long lines at gas stations & amid rising tensions, numerous fights broke out among agitated drivers as they waited for their allotments. A ‗grave oil shortage‘ was cited by federal authorities as restrictions were clamped on the nation‘s drivers. What was the truth? Was there a genuine oil shortage in the world at that time, or was the whole thing a hoax? The answers to those questions soon emerged from a variety of sources. Early in 1974 Lloyds of London, the worlds leading maritime insurer, issued some illuminating statistics in their annual report. Lloyd‘s revealed that in the three months prior to the alleged ‗embargo‘, a total of 474 tankers sailed from Middle East ports laden with oil for the rest of the world. During the three months at the height of the embargo, Lloyds revealed a total of 492 tankers sailed from the same ports laden with oil. This information, of course was not revealed in the media. As the phoney energy crises developed, as prices skyrocketed, & as independent gas stations were forced to close down for lack of fuel, reports began to circulate that the major oil companies were stockpiling huge quantities of gasoline in storage facilities across the US. In one case, drivers employed by ARCO, whose president Thornton Bradshaw was a member of the CFR (the invisible government), were working long hours of overtime hauling excess fuel to storage facilities in the Mojave Desert. OPEC has four-and-a half percent of the world‘s energy reserves. That‘s all. But the US has twenty-four percent. Australia & Russia have similar amounts. So lets get it, instead of listening to all the greens & anti-nuclear groups (who are funded by the CFR to ensure we have shortages to increase their oil profits). THE BIG WINNERS Who are the big winners from the contrived energy crises? Those ‗greedy Arabs‘ who, allegedly, were rolling in wealth at the expense of the public? At first glance such a charge may appear to be founded. But first glances are frequently deceptive & misleading! If the Arabs were running their own show they would truly be in an enviable position, but such is not the case. As has been the case with most nations around the world, the Arabs have, for the best part of the twentieth century, been under the control & direction of the CFR. They call the shots & reap the rewards. The fact that the Arabs get cut in for a piece of the action is just fine with the CFR. The Arabs take the heat, while the CFR takes the money. DAVID ROCKEFELLER The fact that the CFR call the shots in the Middle East was made clear by a couple of public utterances. In the course of a lengthy interview with David Frost early in 1980, the Shah of Iran revealed that it was David Rockefeller & Henry Kissinger who put tremendous pressure on Iran & the OPEC nations between 1972 & 1974, to greatly increase the price of oil. The CFR is so powerful, & their influence so all-pervasive, that they supply ―invisible ministers of foreign affairs‖ to various countries around the World! Another important question needs an answer: Who handles the colossal wealth that leaves the US & other countries to pay for OPEC oil? Who else but the paragons of virtue the CFR! The CFR bankers, in turn, are able to lend this money at high rates of interest to countries that are wallowing in red ink as a result of the contrived energy crisis. On top of this, there are the huge commissions paid to the banks for handling the multi-billion dollar international business affairs of OPEC nations. Another question that must be asked is why does the Australian government impose OPEC prices on its own people whilst it exports its energy resources at cost-price or lower? The Arabs at least look after their own people first. They only apply OPEC prices to export, giving their people the advantage of their own resources by charging them a real price of only a few cents per litre. Maybe the answer comes from a director who recently retired from the CFRowned IMF, when he made a statement that the IMF had a 10% slush fund to buy the government with. THE BIG LOSERS The big losers in the deliberately-created energy crisis are the people of the US, Australia & the other nations of the world. Their standards of living sagged, & their economies were thrown into a state of confusion. The Australian economy has never recovered due to the tyranny of distance. Fuel prices greatly affect every one in Australia. WHY AUSTRALIA NEEDS AN ENERGY POLICY Self Sufficiency: in 2000-2001 Australia produced 42,753 million litres of liquid petroleum (crude oil, condensate & Liquid Petroleum Gas), which is 95% of the demand for liquid petroleum products-44671 million litres. Australia has eight major oil refineries capable of producing enough petroleum products to easily supply the domestic market & export as well. However as we have no energy policy, we no longer own or control our industry, so these refineries source only about 40% of their crude oil requirements from Australian fields. Petroleum & gas accounts for about 75% of Australia's bulk energy requirements; electricity accounts for about 25%. However to satisfy demand for cleaner cheaper electricity, we have no choice other than the power of the atom. PARITY PRICING, SURRENDERING OIL, GAS & MINERAL DEPOSITS TO FOREIGNERS The Federal Government, working with the foreign CFR oil companies, plays us as suckers. Our Prime Minister told us, there was a world shortage of crude oil, & we must adopt something called PARITY PRICING. There was no shortage. It was a bluff to raise taxes & prices. In fact over 160 wells are capped off in Australia, whilst we borrow money to import crude oil. ‗Globalisation‘ it is called or Australian's losing control of Australia. Our resources are exploited to profit the CFR. One Nation will ensure the integratory of our territorial boundaries & withdraw from any treaties that endanger them (Timor Sea Oil & Gas fields) Australia has huge reserves of all the major forms of renewable & non-renewable energy. These are worth trillions of dollars, & should be used for the benefit of Australians, in much the same way as Alaska did We propose an energy policy to ensure our energy resources benefit the people of Australia. Our energy policy will ensure that our vast energy reserves are used for the commonwealth of all Australians, in a similar manner to OPEC countries in their export pricing

structure, whilst domestic market is exempt from such loadings & taxes. The OPEC pricing of export fuels will be used to provide funding to encourage the change-over to clean fuels ‗Autogas‘ & to make the industry economically viable. A nation-wide uniform price will be set at twenty cents per litre, with a 50% subsidy of conversion costs of new, low mileage & restored vehicles. Manufacturers will be encouraged to supply new vehicles designed for gas-only operation at lower prices than petrol vehicles. To ensure a cleaner environment a 10% loading (environmental tariff) could be applied to fully imported unleaded fuel vehicles.      3 gallons of jet fuel 9 gallons of gas & oil distillates 4 gallons of lubricants 3 gallons of heavier residues Total: 40 gallons

HISTORY OF FEDERAL OIL TAXES & LEVIES IN AUSTRALIA 1900 Customs levied on oil imports 1901 Excise on petrol introduced when first oil refineries established in Australia. 1902 Excise on diesel for on-road use introduced 1926-1959 petrol excise revenue directed to Federal road grants. 1959 revenues from petrol to general revenue PRICING FOR AUSTRALIAN PRODUCED CRUDE per/barrel 1964 Moonie prices $ 2.15 1965 First prices scheme $ 3.14 1968 Price reduction for Bass Straight oil $ 2.42 1970 5 year pricing agreement for Moonie oil $ 2.15 Bass Straight oil $ 2.06 Barrow oil $ 2.21 1974 The Whitlam government added a levy of $ 2.00 1978 The Fraser government increased the levy to $ 3.00 Total top price for Australian produced crude oil $ 5.21 Production cost is still very much the same today. Long term contract prices to Australian refineries are about $10 per barrel (note prices quoted are in A$ as there is no need to price our resources in US$). In Queensland pipelines deliver oil & gas directly from the fields around Moonie to the refineries at the mouth of the Brisbane River; these refineries supply oil & gas for Queensland & Northern NSW. Estimates of production costs in Australia vary greatly up to about 3 cpl. However, as our energy resources are foreign owned or controlled, they escape paying tax under the foreign reciprocal tax agreement, so huge profits go offshore without any benefit to Australia. Only when the Debit tax replaces the GST will they pay their far share. In the meantime Australian's suffer. Based on this & above pricing data, the estimated price of petrol should be as follows: Production cost (estimated at $10 per Barrel/42) 6 cpl Profit margin for producers 5 cpl Cost of fuel distribution 5 cpl Road maintenance & construction taxes (state) 5 cpl Fixed profit margin for retailers 5 cpl TOTAL UNIFORM PUMP PRICE for petrol 26 cpl Based on the lesser cost of production we estimate the pump price of Diesel & Kerosene should be around 20 cpl, or less. OPEC less price for Australian crude oil $10.40 per barrel 1984 6 month index of petrol excise, by Labor 6.15 cpl 1985 Labor increased excise by 7.5 cpl During Labor‘s terms in office excise went from 5 cpl to 35 cpl 1997-2000 liberals have retained fuel excise taxes introduced by Labor increasing them & adding GST to about 42 cpl

AUSTRALIAN CRUDE OIL One barrel of crude oil contains 42 U.S. gallons, this yields:  21 gallons of petrol

Verifying the pricing deceit. Diesel fuel in Australia is supplied to multinational companies tax free at 10-14 cpl, Petrol is sold at the pump in Venezuela @ 8 cpl, Autogas at the pump in Japan is 9 cpl, pump price in Indonesia petrol 23 cpl, diesel 11 cpl, OPEC countries petrol is under 10 cpl, Iraq 1 cpl, we export LNG CIF to China for 3 cpl. For every cent of increase over 30 cpl, $370 million goes to the government & oil companies. The government receives $2.7 billion pa. in resource tax rental. . The Kyoto Protocol & its carbon taxes would raise energy prices in this country, & the growth of domestic product would be cut by more than half as those few businesses left moved offshore. Therefore, it is the duty of ONE NATION to unite in public condemnation of the Kyoto Protocol through all possible communication channels. We must educate the public about the relationship between cheap energy & manufacturing, & between manufacturing & economic power. Our country's standard of living & military security must not be sacrificed to trendy, feel-good political correctness. If we allow our future to be determined by this misbegotten document, forget about your present line of work. You'll need to learn a new trade, one that will require you to make frequent use of the question; "Would you like fries with that". are only $24 billion per year, they should be a least 10 to 20 times this amount. Maybe because most of our energy is now in foreign hands we receive very little for it, take for example the gas deal with China where we signed a contract to supply them with gas for less than one tenth of the price that we pay at the pump. (On page 58 of the document it states) ―The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment & imposes no mandatory local equity or local content requirements on energy resource development‖. One Nation proposes an energy policy which will provide the benefits of our vast energy sources to Australians first, & then we will provide guaranteed supplies at market prices to the rest of the world thereby defusing any further chances of wars as, like Iraq, wars are fought over control of energy. In the third paragraph his involvement with the CFR & their Kyoto scam appears. ―Australia must grasp this opportunity while improving the sustainability of energy production & use, energy is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, & although Australia is a small contributor to global emissions, we will play an active roll in developing an effective global response to climate change. We will also move strongly to reduce the cost of meeting any future greenhouse constraints, without the competitiveness of our energy & energy dependent industries in the meantime. Our goal is to place Australia in a strong position to respond to the challenge of climate change, while maintaining a prosperous economy.‖ The SME & other recognised Engineering & Scientific Association have already made the statement that the Kyoto accords & greenhouse gas scam is fraudulent. Of all the gasses harmful to man carbon dioxide is not one of them. In fact it is essential for plant life. Scientific evidence shows the earth is entering into another ice age, it may-be 10,000 years away or less. Mr Howard has this information, however it is evident that he is working for the CFR, not the Australian people. Howard has already established the Australian Green Office & the document goes on to list how he proposes to waste $1.5 billion of taxpayers money on green projects. No wonder he is cheating seniors of their pensions & assets. Australian carbon is already trading on the world futures market for $10 to $200 per ton with brokerage fees of up to 45% estimated amount of about $15 billion pa. My god how the money rolls in. The minister for slush funds will drown in it. The 5th & last Paragraph as follows: ―The framework is backed up by substantial new initiatives, including additional incentives to encourage petroleum exploration in frontier areas; a comprehensive reform of fuel taxation to reduce cost of fuel in business use; innovative trials of solar technology teamed with leading edge efficiency technologies to demonstrate ―solar cities‖ of the future; a fund to generate at least $1.5 billion in investment to demonstrate low-emission technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our energy sector, extra effort to back up our world first renewable

Securing Australia’s Energy Future
Howard’s Energy Policy Statement The question is who wrote it? Surely it‘s not by an Australian Prime minister. It a appears to come direct from the CFR Rockefeller money men. Lets examine the first paragraph: ―Our nation‘s enormous energy resources are a are a source of considerable prosperity for Australian. They provide access to low cost energy for business & households across the land. Energy exports deliver more than $24 billion a year in export income to Australia, & low-cost energy supports the competitiveness of significant parts of our industrial base. Our energy industries, which directly employ 120,000 Australians, have an enviable record of providing energy when & where it is needed. He actually got the first sentence correct, however in the next sentence he claims they provide access to low cost energy. This is as far off the mark as his WMD claims, as on page 84 of his policy document there is a graph showing that Australia‘s energy prices & taxes are the highest of all the world‘s energy producing countries. The next sentence claims our energy exports deliver more than $24 billion a year in export income, however in the overview it is stated that Australians spend $50 billion a year on energy, is this good business practice? Project Apollo one major energy project alone was to provide an export income of $200 billion pa. & 10,000 direct jobs & a further 100,000 plus with subcontractors. In the second paragraph he goes on to say: ―Looking forward Australia has an opportunity to play a major role in supplying the world with energy, & energyrelated products‖ lets stop at this point our energy exports

technologies; & a wide ranging effort to ensure the careful prudent use of our valuable energy resources by industry & the community.‖ What useless rhetoric! Let‘s examine this paragraph stepby-step: ―a comprehensive reform of fuel taxation to reduce cost of fuel in business use.‖ No effort is made to reduce fuel costs to families & seniors - evidently they don‘t matter. Nowhere in the document is there any mention of removing OPEC pricing on Australian-produced fuels. OPEC countries only apply this pricing to export markets, not their own people. Rather than eliminate excise taxes, there is a complex formula that will increase prices of clean fuels such as LPG whilst reducing the cost of diesel fuel to big business. Diesel fuel comes from the lower end of the refining process & is much cheaper to produce than ULP. However, to get the GST through the Senate, Howard did a deal with the Democrats to inflate the price. (Most multinationals do not pay any taxes on fuel.) Next, the Buck Rogers stuff comes in & he talks about ―solar cities‖ Then we return to the greenhouse fraud. Maybe he never heard of the ENRON scandal, & the $billions of dollars ripped off retirement funds. He then goes on to talk about renewable energy technologie s. However, first we must define what is renewable & what is not. Non-renewable energy sources are: Fossil fuels such as coal. Depleting-renewable: Wood, biomass, biodiesel, ethanol, etc. Un-reliable sources of energy: Solar, wind, wave, hydro etc. Renewable sources of energy: Petroleum, diesel, LPG, nuclear. (The new FBR technology is the closet source of renewable energy, figure 2. Global oil reserves shows that they are increasing, which confirms recent scientific research that shows no fossil trace in most major oil & gas fields. This verifies that they are indeed renewable.) What is energy efficiency? Energy efficiency refers to gaining the same or a higher level of useful output, using less energy input. Energy conversion: The heat values of various fuels: Fuel Heat value Brown Coal 9.7 MJ/kg Wood (dry) (biomass) 15 MJ/kg Black Coal 13.5-30 MJ/kg Ethanol 30 MJ/kg Natural Gas 38-39 MJ/kg Crude Oil 45-46 MJ/kg LPG 49 MJ/kg Hydrogen 140 MJ/kg Uranium in LWR 500,000 MJ/kg Uranium in FBR 24,000,000 MJ/kg The above clearly shows the best source of energy. Efficiency in conversion to useful power must also be considered. The modern internal combustion engine is less than 30% efficient, whereas up to 80% efficiency is being claimed from fuel cells. The government choose to go down the path of low efficient engines by fitting catalytic converters to inefficient designs. To make a catalytic converter work, it was necessary to remove the lead & reduce compression ratios to prevent pre-ignition In an attempt to regain some engine efficiency, deadly aromatics were added to our fuels resulting in much harm to the nation‘s health, & increasing the cost of petrol. The document goes to a lot of trouble to cover up the actual cost of production of fuels in Australia. However, we do know that the cost price of LPG is 3 cents per litre & petrol is between 3 - 6 cents per litre; ethanol is 75 cents per litre, before OPEC pricing & taxes are added. No provision has been made for research into advanced energy technologies (AET). Australia once led the world in nuclear technology. Today, the Atomic Energy Commission is all but closed & our top scientists have fled the country. Australia has been left behind in the pollution of the coal age. The latter makes up the bulk of our energy exports which cannot last very long as most of our markets are switching to clean efficient nuclear energy. Today, nuclear power drives most of the world‘s navel & space vessels, & will be the future power-source of shipping & large-scale electricity generation. The anti-nuclear lobby is so well-established in Australia that it was able to dispose of Prime Minister Holt on the eve of the announcement of the building of our first nuclear power plant. They also dismantled NERDC & destroyed our fuel & manufacturing industry, & free trade policies are in place to destroy what is left, along with our rural industries. Remember, they have a 10% slush fund, to fund the greens & ensure control over our government. And who controls the IMF & who owns Chase Manhattan bank & stands to loose the most from advanced low cost energy? Remember WMD & who orchestrated & benefited from it. Guess?
References: Briefing data ― Descent into Slavery‖ by Des Griffen. "The good oil on Fuel Prices" & "Energy" . "Kyoto Protocol is a Mistake" by William Levinson, CMfgE, CEI, PE, SME snr member. "The Struggle for Power" by John Grover. Liquid Petroleum Gas"

The Timor Gap Dispute is just a ploy to steal our oil In 1993 Anti-Australian bureaucrats & politicians conspired to defraud the Australian people by transferring Australia‘s oil finds to Transnational Corporations CFR (via Indonesia) by shonky treaties. Timor has no rights to claim our oil. In simple terms, there are two methods of settling boundary between maritime nations. The first is the deep water line. The deep water puts the boundary within a couple of hundred kilometres of the Timor coastline. All of the oil is on our continental shelf by international law. The second method is a complex computation of equidistant points from coast to coast. Our coastline is not Cape York, Amhern Land, Darwin, WA, Broome etc. It is measured from Sabai (10 km off the New Guinea coast), Deliverance, Ashmore, Christmas, Cocos etc. so the continental shelf & the oil on it is ours.
PS: Hunt Petroleum, drilling in the Great South Basin, discovered a huge resource of oil comparable in size to the North Sea or Alaskan North Slope. Gas reserves alone now estimated at 30 times greater than Kapuni & oil reserves of at least 20 billion barrels. This has been covered up to prevent any decline in world oil prices. Egypt has proven estimated gas reserves of 3 trillion cubic metres. Researched & compiled by: Colin Law, VP QLD Div. Policy Coordinator.

THE NORTH WEST SHELF GAS PROJECT 1963-1967 - Woodside acquired North West Shelf permits & formed a joint venture with, Shell, BP, Chevron & Burmah Oil. 1967 - First well (Ashmore Reef 1) spudded in October. 1971 - Twelfth well (Scott Reef 1) & subsequent wells (North Rankin 1, Angel 1) found substantial gas/condensate reservoirs. 1972 - Goodwyn 1 found additional gas/condensate. 1976 - BHP acquired Burmah‘s holding in the project & formed an equal partnership with Shell. 1980 - SECWA signed contracts (Phase 1) for the 20-year supply of 414 terajoules of gas away commencing in 1985. Implementation of North Rankin ‗A‘ production platform, a submarine trunkline to shore & the domestic gas processing plant. 1985 - Ownership of phase 2 of the project was structured to create six equal shares with a joint company formed by Mitsubishi & Mitsui for the 20-year supply of LNG beginning in 1989. Implementation of the first two processing trains in the LNG plant, LNG storage & LNG loading facilities. 1986 - five contracts were placed for vessels of an eventual fleet of seven LNG carriers. 1987- A gas recycling unit was installed on North Rankin ‗A‘ Platform. 1989 - Go-ahead to build third LNG processing train at Burrup plant. Go-ahead to construct Goodwyn ‗A‘ platform & 6th & 7th LNG carriers. First LNG shipment arrived in Japan in August 1989. Some Statistics: Total Cost was $12,000 million excluding $1,600 million for the LNG shipping fleet. (Recovery of investment less than 2 years.) Domgas output 414 terajoules (10.5 million cubic metres) gas per day since 1989, plus 20,000 barrels condensate per day with North Rankin ‗A‘ gas recycling. LNG Phase output up to 6 million tonnes of LNG per year from 1989 plus up to 80,000 barrels a day of condensate. Prime Minister Howard negotiated a contract to supply gas to Communist China over a 25-year period at less than 3 cents per litre cif. (The volume of gas filtering up is so extensive that export markets had to be found in order to control the flow)
Ref: ‗Beyond the Flame‘ The Story of Australia‘s northwest shelf natural gas project‘ .

extension/appraisel wells drilled, resulting in 12 new-field discoveries. Most of the success & activity occurred in the Cooper & Eromanga Basins of South Australia & Queensland where exploration drilling continued to be driven by the relinquishing in 1999 of Petroleum Exploration leases, 5 & 6 in South Australia, leading to the entry of new operators into the area (new Russian deep drilling technology) The drilling carried out by operators in the region during the year resulted in two oil and seven gas discoveries. Further oil and gas discoveries occurred in the Bowen & Surat Basin of Queensland at Overton 1 (gas) & Myall Creek East 1 (gas) & in the Perth Basin at Eremia (oil). Petroleum exploration expenditure in 2003 was $755,711,000. This sounds like a lot of money, but remember, return on investment is usually less than two years. Development In September 2003, the Chevron Texaco Gorgon gas field was given a production licence. On 15th February 2004, the first condensate production was achieved from the Bayu-Undan gas recycle phase of the project. Following the successful commissioning and startup, the first shipment of 54 ML or 340,000 bbl of condensate was completed on March 3, 2004. The Yolla Field Commenced construction in April 2003 & will be the first gas production from the Bass Basin, located 120 km offshore from Tasmania and 220 km south-east of Melbourne in 80 metres of water. ROC Oil is progressing towards the development of the Cliff Head oil field in the offshore Perth Basin, 11 km off the WA coast in 16m of water. In the Carnarvon Basin, Woodside is planning to drill additional sub-sea development wells into the Perseus field. March 2003, Woodside Energy Ltd submitted plans to develop the Enfield oil field, located 16 km north of the northernmost part of Ningaloo Reef in the Carnarvon Basin. June 2003, Woodside submitted development plans for production licences over the Geographe & Thylacine gas fields, about 55 & 70 km south respectively, of Port Campbell Victoria. February 2004, Santos announced approval for expenditure for the Casino field development. The production licences over the Mutineer & Exeter oil field were granted. The fields are located in the northern part of the Dampier Sub basin of the Carnarvon Basin in WA. (Production is estimated at 100,000 bbl/d). July 2003, OMV submitted a preliminary development plan for the Sole gas field. The Sole field is located in the offshore Gippsland Basin, Victoria. The existing Patricia Baleen Gas Plant will be extended to accommodate additional Sole gas production.

OIL & GAS RESOURCES OF AUSTRALIA 2003SUMMARY Exploration 2003 Sixty-three offshore exploration wells were drilled in 2003, in addition to 59 drilled in 2002. Offshore: 48 new-field wildcat wells and 15 extension/appraisal wells drilled resulted in six new field discoveries. In 2003 new-field discoveries occurred in the following: Carnarvon Basin at Crackling South, Crosby, Stybarrow (oil), Ginger (gas), Cyrano, Ravensworth (oil & gas); Gippsland Basin at Scallop (gas & minor oil) Onshore: 43 exploration wells were drilled in 2003, 42 in 2002. There were 31 new-field wildcat wells & 12

Production Estimates by Geoscience Australia of future crude oil plus condensate production, suggests production for 2005 at between 78.0 ML/d or 490,700 bbl/d & 107.3 ML/d or 674,700 bbl/d. Sufficiency Current crude oil & condensate reserves in 2003 could sustain production of 33.4 GL or 210 million bbl per year. This will increase as further new fields come on line and new drilling technology increases the flow of existing wells. Recent research shows that our oil & gas fields are being replenished from deep down in the earth, making future supplies unlimited. Russian deep-drilling technology will open up many new fields in the coming years, providing complete self-sufficiency in petroleum products.
Ref: condensed from Geoscience Australia 2003 oil & gas resources of Australia - Summary


At Silver Springs, Mosaic‘s wholly owned plant separates water & oil from the gas. The plant can treat up to 40 million cubic feet of gas per day, store over 10,000 barrels of oil, and compress gas to send it along the 120 km pipeline to Wallumbilla. The Mosaic/ Santos plant at Wallumbilla is one of two LPG plants in the region. This plant can treat up to 40 million cubic feet/day. The state-of-the-art plant cools the wet gas to low temperatures in order to remove condensate, butane & propane (LPG). The LPG is trucked from the site and sold to Elgas. (Note, before deregulation, price of this LPG was $120 per tonne, approx 3 cents per litre) The Bowen/Surat, Adavale, Cooper/Eromanga & Amandaus Basins are immense, extending across Queensland, SA and the NT into WA. They are providing Queensland with a huge renewable source of energy. It is now up to the government to stop exploiting the people and explain the lies of Peak oil & the OPEC pricing scam, now that Queensland is self-sufficient in petroleum products.
Ref. Mosaic Oil Domestic production QLD.

In 2001, Australia produced approximately 3 million tonnes of LPG. In the same year, we consumed 2 million tonnes. Some 70% (2 million tonnes) of LPG production is naturally occurring and is sourced directly from underground reserves associated with crude and natural gas. 30% of indigenous LPG production (900,000 tonnes) is the waste by-product from crude oil refining at eight refineries located near Australia‘s major capital cities. 40% of the revenue, derived from upstream-sourced LPG, goes to the Federal Government via the Resource Rent Tax (RRT). 60% of LPG consumed is used in automotive applications across 500,000 cars and light commercial vehicles. Australia currently exports approximately 1,4 million tonnes of LPG. In 1991, the price-gouging of Australian consumers began when the wholesale price of LPG was deregulated ($120 per tonne, approx 3 cents per litre)

On February 14, 1964 Esso Exploration Australia entered into an agreement with BHP subsidiary Haematite Exploration to explore for oil & gas in the hostile waters of Bass Strait. Just one year later, with Esso as operator, the major Barracouta gas field was discovered and, in 1967, oil was found in the huge Kingfisher & Halibut fields. These discoveries transformed Australia‘s oil supply situation from one of almost complete dependence on imports to one of self-sufficiency. Since then, Bass Strait has been one of Australia‘s premier oil & gas production areas, supplying the nation with more than 3 billion barrels of oil and over three trillion cubic feet of gas. (Note 1967 Bass Strait oil was $2.42 per barrel reduced in 1970 to $2.06 per barrel. Current price is $3.00 per barrel.) BHP has been sold to Billiton, which, in fact, means that most of our major oil companies are now foreign owned by the CFR. MOSAIC OIL Mosaic wholly owns the Silver Springs, Taylor, Tinker & Fairymount fields. The area involved is over 2,000 sq km (500,000 acres) and runs from near the town of Surat to the Silver Springs area, 60km to the south. The new production is coming from an emerging gas & oil province discovered by Mosaic in the lower and older Permian sandstones. These are the small Downlands/Spring Grove gas & oil fields, the large Churchie gas field & the soon-to-be-developed Waggamba gas field. A revolutionary change in drilling technique (introduced into Australia by Mosaic) has meant that the reservoir rocks that previously flowed gas at 1-2 million cubic feet per day have now flowed at rates up to 20 million cubic feet per day.

Frequently asked Question: Why is Australian-produced LPG sold here at Saudi contract prices instead of production prices? Answer: Because the CFR oil barons control the government and it is all part of the globalisation plan to exploit the Australian consumer. What can be done to stop it? Answer: Don‘t vote for either of the coalition governments. Only ONE NATION offers the 1% debit tax

which will eliminate OPEC parity pricing, reducing the uniform price of LPG to 20 cents per litre.

PORT STANVIC OIL REFINERY IN MOTHBALLS ‗The Australian‘ 31/1/06 announced that there is a dispute between Mobil and the Government about this refinery being in mothballs. The Port Stanvac refinery processes oil & gas piped direct from our own vast oil & gas fields. However, Exon/Mobil, to ensure their exorbitant profits, prefers to import oil at the parity price of $60 per barrel rather than use the far less expensive Australian-produced oil & gas. Exon/Mobil posted a record US$14 billion profit, a 43% increase since 2004. Exon/Mobil is the worlds largest oil company and is owned by the Rockefeller oil barons. With these sorts of profits, it is easy to force the Howard government into parity pricing, rather than develop Australia‘s own vast oil fields, as it would reduce prices. Howard is already in trouble over the Iraq deal with the AWB. However, the far bigger fraud of the Australian peoples‘ assets is the Peak Oil Parity fuel pricing scam and now, the call for taxation reform. Howard is quick to denigrate One Nation,but who has been calling for complete reform of Taxation and Finance with the 1% debit tax, and the removal of the parity pricing scam from our fuel prices.

11 attempt to justify the lie. They blame prices on international competition & OPEC pricing etc. However OPEC producers only apply this pricing to export, not domestic production. Here it’s the opposite. The government, and the CFR foreign-owned oil barons, export our petroleum products at production-cost and sell it to us at OPEC-pricing, plus excise tax and GST. The Peak oil scam, and globalisation, are all part of Howard’s plan to destroy our industries and inflict world government on us. The urgent need for tax reform and fuel price reduction continues to be ignored. Howard and the multinational oil companies should be charged with price fixing. Updated figures on the debit tax are now available The Debit Tax will eliminate OPEC PARITY PRICING EXCISE TAX & GST on petroleum products.

Please use all the above information to tell the public the truth revealing the peak oil lie. Since our first edition, the word is spreading and politicians are on the defensive with a well-orchestrated litany of half-truths in an


All is revealed here - why the cost of all our daily needs is so high! Also why our banks & insurance coys rip us off! Why our interest rates continue to soar & who is behind the control of our complete Parliament & its politicians!

Major & Principle Share holders of

Aust. Trading Companies. Listed as.
Woolworth’s, Big W, Coles, David Jones, Bi-L0, Target, Franklins, Myer, Payless, Food for Less, all major world wide Supermarkets! Caltex, Shell.

Warburg Manhattan Bank merged with Rockefeller Bank & became Chase Manhattan Bank. To become chase Manhattan Nominee’s Ltd.

Standard Oil Trust: All major oil companies. Caltex, Shell, Ampol, Exxon, Amoco, Esso, Atlantic, Phillips 66, Unocal, Etc; Etc; Chase Manhattan Nominee’s is the major Primary shareholder of Aust. Commonwealth Bank with: 104 Mill. 532 Thous.492 shares! Holds major shares in Westpac 14, 218, 300 Primary shares! The National Bank & ANZ major shares of 11.6%

J.P. Morgan
First National Bank or Citicorp Aust. finance Group, also has 21, 821, 853 in Aust. Commonwealth Bank! General Motors, General Electric & Finance, General Dynamics, Bell.

Harken Oil, Zappata oil, CBS, Coca Cola, United Defense Industries

The Australian reserve Bank Board consists of, apart from Chairman I. McFarlane who can‘t vote, only two Govt. Ministers compared to six multinational foreign businessmen! All who out-vote them by six to two! Who are they? All have close connections with those above! Would they vote against their Company‘s best interests? You Judge!


GOVERNOR: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DEPUTY GOV: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SECRETARY TO THE TREASURER. . . . . . . . . .

I.J. McFarlane Glenn Stevens. Ken Henry

Jillian Broadbent: Director Coca Cola, Special Broadcasting, Woodside Petroleum! Roger Corbett: Chairman Woolworths, (Just appointed) a Warburg Company! Frank Lowy: Chairman Westfield Holdings, Lowy Institute, Aust. Soccer, Director, Daily Mail & General Trust PLC (UK). (Warburg owns the shops, Lowy owns the buildings) Donald McGauchie: Chairman Telstra, Rural Finance Vic. Dep. Chairman, Ridley Corp. Director National Foods, Nufarm Ltd. Director James Hardie Industries NV. Warick McKibbin: Exec. Dir. Asian Studies etc; Fellow Lowey Institute, McKibbin Software USA, Hugh Morgan: Principal First Charnock, Pres. Business Council Aust. Larfage International.

The previous page provides an accurate tree on who owns and controls our resources and government. JAPANESE FIRM TO DEVELOP MAJOR WA GAS FIELD ABC Online 10/4-/06: Leading Japanese energy company Inpex Holdings says it plans to invest up to $8.26 billion to produce natural gas off the west coast of Australia from 2012. ‗Impex aims to start producing the gas after seeking an environmental examination by the Australian government this month‘, a company spokesman said. ‗The project is expected to produce about five to six million tonnes a year, or about 10% of Japan‘s total annual gas imports‘, the spokesman said. ETHANOL, BIODIESEL FROM CROPS NOT WORTH THE ENERGY Turning plants such as corn, sugarcane, soybeans & sunflowers into fuel uses more energy than the resulting ethanol or biodiesel generates, according to a new Cornell University and University of California- Berkley study. ―There is just no energy benefit to using plant biomass for liquid fuel,‖ says David Pimentel, Professor of Ecology & Agriculture at Cornell. ―These strategies are not sustainable.‖ Pimentel and Ted W Patzek Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Berkeley, conducted a detailed analysis of the energy input-yield ratios of producing ethanol from corn, switch grass & wood biomass, as well as for producing biodiesel from soybean & sunflower plants. Their report is published in Natural Resources Research (Vol.14: 1,65-76). In terms of energy output compared with energy input for ethanol production, the study found that:  Corn requires 29% more petroleum energy than the fuel produced.  Switch grass requires 45% more petroleum energy than the fuel produced; and  Wood biomass requires 57% more petroleum energy than the fuel produced. In terms of energy output compared with the energy input for biodiesel production, the study found that:  Soybean plants require 27% more petroleum energy than the fuel produced, and  Sunflower plants require 118% more petroleum energy than the fuel produced. In assessing inputs, the researchers considered such factors as the energy used in producing the crop (including production of pesticides and fertilizer, running farm machinery and irrigating, grinding and transporting the crop) and in fermenting/distilling the ethanol from the water mix. Although additional costs are incurred, such as federal & state subsidies which are passed on to consumers and the costs associated with environmental pollution or degradation, these figures were not included in the analysis. ―If the United States desperately needs a liquid fuel replacement for oil in the near future,‖ says Pimentel, ―producing ethanol or biodiesel from plant biomass is going down the wrong road, because you use more energy to produce these fuels than you get out from the combustion of these products.‖ ―The government spends more than $3 billion a year to subsidize ethanol production when it does not provide a net energy balance or gain, is not a renewable energy source or an economical fuel. Further, its production and use contribute to air, water and soil pollution and the carbon credits scam.‖ Pimentel points out that the vast majority of the subsidies do not go to farmers but to large ethanolproducing corporations. ‖Ethanol production in the U.S. does not benefit the nation‘s energy security, its agriculture, economy or the environment,‖ says Pimentel; Ethanol production requires large petroleum energy input, & therefore, offers no alternative. Oak Ridge National Laboraty puts US alternative energy reserves (gas) estimates at least 3500 years, with other research showing that once capped-off wells being replenished but the oil & gas show no fossil trace, this now proves the theory that it is renewable energy. Daily there are reports of new oil & gas fields being discovered, proving that there is no shortage of petroleum products. What it‘s all about is prices maintenance. Check out who controls the marketing of oil and petroleum products worldwide, and who controls the world‘s finances and boasts they also control the US & Australian government? Who created the WMD myth to enable them to take over Iraq‘s oil? Why all this nonsense in the media about ethanol and other alternatives when the facts are that it costs 75 cents to produce a litre of ethanol; compare this with 3 cents for a litre of LPG & 6 cents for litre of petrol. Wars are cost. Ever had the feeling that the government is lying about the price of fuel? BIG AFGHAN OIL RESOURCES FOUND Iran Daily 19-03-06: two geological basins in northern Afghanistan hold 18 times the oil and triple the natural gas resources previously thought. Nearly 1.6 billion barrels of oil (mostly in the Afghan-Tajik Basin), and about 15.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (mainly in the Amu Darya Basin), could also be tapped. The total area assessed was only about one-sixth of the two basins‘ 200,000 square miles that lie within Afghanistan. Without being cynical, one must wonder if oil was the real reason for the US invasion of the country. Bush surely would not attack his family business partner Osama bin Laden. EROMANGA BASIN UPDATE The extent of oil exploration and drilling in Eromanga district could come as a surprise for anyone who listens to the media propaganda about oil shortages. There are 15 wells on Bodalla; another 47 sites operate on the Kenmore field only 17 km from Eromanga, and a forest of up to 80 new wells will soon pepper the Santos field, about 5km from the local station Mt Margaret.

Five areas off the NT. Five areas off Tasmania Four areas off Victoria Two areas off the Ashmore & Cartier Islands. With all the concessions given to foreign oil companies, there will be a mad scramble for permits. Huge profits are being made at the expense of Australians, as new gas projects will soon supply LNG to a growing number of international customers in Asia & North America at bargain prices. While domestically, our gas prices continue to increase due to the parity pricing scam, which, if removed and prices regulated, the scene would be set for a huge increase in this clean renewable fuel.
REF: For copies of a dual CDROM package email

Venezuela is the world’s fifth largest oil exporter

Production is roughly three million barrels of oil a day and
generates about half of the governments annual revenue. From 1928 to 1870, Venezuela was the largest exporter of oil in the world. Now it ranks fifth but there is more oil than ever. Until the peak oil scam, the price was $9 per barrel.

REAL DRIVEWAY SERVICE By the early Sixties, we had over a dozen oil companies in here, expanding their networks to cover much of Australia. Ampol alone had opened over 600 new service stations. Driveway service was prompt and efficient. The smartly dressed attendants would reliably clean your windscreen and ask, ―May I check your oi?‖ How many can remember the following brands: TEXACO, CALTEX, AMPOL, PLUME (VACUUM OIL COMPANY), PAX (PACIFIC OIL COMPANY), MOBILGAS, NEPTUNE, GOLDEN FLEECE, KANGAROO, SHELL, ATLANTIC/UNION, C.O.R. (COMMONWEALTH OIL REFINERY), BP, ALBA, TOTAL, ESSO, AMOCO, WARATAH. Many of these were privately-owned independent companies and competition was keen. Back in the fifties, all brands were usually sold by the same garage, providing motorists with a real choice. Come the sixties, the larger oil companies introduced their own one-brand outlets. At first, they promised driveway-service and all sorts of incentives that were basically designed to put the independent multibrand garages out of business. Many rumours circulated about refusals to supply independents with fuel. Oil was discovered in Australia and the 1964 Moonie prices were $2.15 per barrel. However, imported oil was less and there was a reluctance to use Moonie oil at first. The industry remained competitive until the first oil price scam in the mid seventies which doubled prices and, by 1978, the total top price for Australian oil was $5.21 per barrel including all taxes. Since then, huge resources of oil and gas have been found in Australia and, today, production cost range from $3 to $10 per barrel. So what happened to service & competition, and what is the reason for today‘s inflated fuel pump prices? Well, all the above-listed companies have been taken over or are controlled by Warburg Chase Manhattan Nominee‘s / Rockefeller. Deregulation was introduced in the nineties to provide competition, but how can there be competition if there is only one owner? To add insult to injury, parity pricing was introduced using the offshore futures market pricing in US$ to justify continuous price increases.

FACT: George Bush‘s family has been in the oil business since 1950 FACT: Dick Cheney became a multi-millionaire as CEO of Halliburton, the world‘s biggest oil services company. FACT: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sat on the board of Chevron, which interestingly named a tanker after her. FACT: Former Secretary of Commerce and recent appointee to the President‘s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Donald Evans, was CEO of a natural gas company for more than a decade. FACT: The oil industry has had US$58 million in campaign contributions since President Bush took office, with 81% of that going to Republicans, and has spent an additional US$221 million lobbying Congress & President Bush for environmental regulatory rollbacks and tax-breaks over that same time period. FACT: The largest 5 oil companies have recorded US$342.4 billion in profits since President Bush took office. FACT: President Bush‘s energy bill just handed over oil companies US$5 billion in new subsidies for so-called alternative energy scams such as ethanol, whilst oil companies are being forced to pump gas back into the ground because, if it became available, it would be a threat to maintaining petrol prices. RELEASE OF THE 2006 OFFSHORE PETROLEUM EXPLORATION ACREAGE “The release of these exploration areas is key to the Government‘s strategy to encourage more petroleum exploration in Australia‘s vast offshore sedimentary basins. Australia now has a record number of exploration permits, with more than 180 awarded in Commonwealth water, ― said Ian Macfarlane, Minister for Resources. The new areas announced as open for bidding include: Twenty areas off WA.


As they also own the banks, now they‘re in for their share with charges, and.of course, the government takes a huge slice with excise taxes, and adds GST to the total. The government, banks and Rockefeller are reaping huge profits, but Australians are suffering badly. How long will the people continue to suffer when they have an alternative? BAYU-UNDAN, TIMOR SEA Bayu-Undan lies in the Timor Sea, 500km offshore of Darwin & 250km south of East Timor on the Australian Continental shelf. Bayu was discovered in early 1995, when the Bayu-1 well intersected a 155m gas/condensate column at a depth of 897m. This tested 2.54m3/day of gas & 5,250bbl of condensate. The follow-up well, Bayu-2, tested 991,000m3/day of gas & 2000bbl of condensate from a 52 m interval. In July 1995, Undan was discovered 10km north-west of Bayu, where a 130m gross hydrocarbon column tested 1.6 millionm3/day of gas & 3,900bbl condensate/day. The total recoverable field reserves is 350-400 million barrels of hydrocarbon liquids & 3.4 TCF of gas. was joined in his reconnaissance work in the Carnarvon Basin (then known as the North-West Basi) by Harold Raggatt who, by 1940 became the most senior geologist in the public service. Raggatt‘s interest in the oil potential of the Carnarvon Basin, inspired by Rudd, had far-reaching effects. Rudd was convinced, despite almost universal scepticism, that Australia was rich in oil & gas. He joined BHP, and became its chief geologist. In 1949 he took up Adelaide University‘s first Chair of Economic Geology in 1951, long before any commercial strikes predicted the three prime areas for discovery of oil & gas would be north-west Western Australia, Gippsland & the Roma area of Queensland. Thanks to Rudd, these areas are now rated as some of the world‘s greatest oil and gas fields, and have made Australia self-sufficient in petroleum.

Update on oil & gas developments 2005
Santos Ltd, Mutineer-Exeter (Carnarvon Offshore Basin) Up to 140,000 bbl/d of oil production commenced mid 2005. Perth Basin could emerge as an important oil exporter if wells currently being planned or drilled live up to expectations.

Don‘t suffer Howard‘s fuel rip-off. Get behind the campaign to reduce the price of Australian-produced fuel. Stickers are part of the campaign against fuel prices. This will be backed up by our web site that provides data on the history of the oil industry in Australia and exposes the peak oil scam. Available on our site is a campaign song and our policies on energy and tax. Stickers 50 cents each plus postage from PO Box 1199 Beenleigh 4207

LAWS DRAGS TRUTH OUT OF BEAZLEY John Law’s show July 12, 06: It took much pressure from John Laws to get Beazley to admit he would not remove parity pricing or taxes on fuel if elected? This proves both Howard & Laws are controlled by the CFR and they are there to ensure their profits and line their own pockets. The people of Australia can starve as long as their greed is satisfied.
ERIC RUDD In 1930, geology graduate Eric Rudd took a field job with the exploration company Oil Search. He spent months traipsing around WA, mapping as he went. In 1934-35, he

CHEVRON IN BIG GAS FIND OFF WA The Australian 14/7/06 reported a big gas discovery has been made off the WA coast which could add billions of dollars to the country‘s export earnings. US energy giant Chevron said yesterday the Chandon-1 well drilled about 260 km off-shore from Dampier, had found gas. Analysts said it appeared Chandon-1 had penetrated a structure that could contain 4 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas. This would place it in the top four gas discoveries in the world during the past year. Australia‘s gas reserves are estimated at 153tcf. Plans are in hand to build an LNG plant on Barrow Island producing 10 million tons a year. (Based on cost price of gas this would be worth $1,200,000,000 pa) Question is - Will Australians benefit from this? LIBYA BACK IN THE OIL BUSINESS Aljazeera 8/8/2006: The most important natural resources in Libya are its oil & natural gas reserves. A 2005 estimate put Libya‘s proven oil reserves at 39-40 billion barrels and its natural gas reserves at 52 trillion cubic feet. ― Libya is an important country with significant resource potential on a global scale‖ said Paul Weeditz, Marathon spokesman. Marathon left Libya in 1985 when US sanctions forced them to close their operations there. The company has been negotiating the terms of its return for the past two years, and they are fully engaged as partners with Amerada Hess, Conoco Philips & the Libyan National Oil Company. Weeditz says they expect to produce 40-45,000 barrels per day for the year 08-08-2006.

16 NATIONAL ENERGY RESERCH & DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (NERDC) Many oil exporting countries, especially the Arab ones, have got together & formed OPEC, to ensure their domestic supplies at production costs. Exports are sold for so-called world parity or market price. Thus, One Nation proposes the reintroduction of NERDC to prevent the Australian consumer being exploited by foreign-owned oil companies and to ensure that only exported energy is sold at world market prices in A$. Taxes will apply to exports, the amount to be adjusted to ensure that there are no shortages of supply to the domestic market.

What is the CFR? ‗The Council of Foreign Relations‘ also known as the ‗Establishment‘, ‗The Invisible World government‖. Briefly it is group of wealthy who control the world‘s banking finances & oil (Rothschild‘s & Rockefellers etc). Known as the Ashkenazim Jews, origins are Khazar Empire & upon its destruction migrated to Russia & became the driving force behind Communism, Zionism & the United Nations, orchestrated & financed wars & profited from them, objective is Anti-Gentilism the overthrow of Christianity, doctrine ‗Protocols of Zion.‘ History ‗The Thirteenth Tribe,‘ by Arthur Koestler, ‗Tragedy & Hope‘ by Dr.Carroll Quigley, ‗Descent into Slavery‘ by Des Griffen. Disclaimer: In accordance with the rights to speech conferred under the constitution. This newsletter is to keep our members informed, as our only financial & any other obligation is to them. Material in this newsletter is gathered from news & press releases, research & input from members etc, & to our knowledge there is no copyright. Please feel free to distribute or copy any article as this ensures the message getting to our members & public despite the media restrictions. Format is WORD all editorial contributions are welcome.

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