Features in Africa

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Features in Africa
                   Sahara Desert
• Location                          • Life in the Desert
   – Located across Northern           – Camels are used for
     Africa                              transportation
• Land                                 – People cover as much of
   – Cover 30% of Africa                 their body as possible
   – Vast, hot, and extremely          – Guides help people cross
     dry                                 the desert since there are
   – Dotted with oasis-a                 few landmarks
     watering hole                     – Deserts must be crossed to
   – Temps. higher than 100°             travel across the continent
     140°                             – Travel in packs so that if
                                         one person gets hurt or
   – Receives less than 10               sick there is help
     inches of rain a year
   – Little to no plant or animal
   • Food
     – Must be conserved
       and protected from the
     – Food and water can
       be replenished at
         Sahel (semiarid region)
• Location                         • Life in the Sahel
   – Between the Sahara desert        – Nomadic people carry
     and savanna                        their belongings with
• Land                                  them as they lead their
   – Harsh, barren grassland            herds to water and
   – Hot temperatures                   food
   – 10 to 20 inches of rain per      – Homes may be
                                        windbreaks made from
   – Water is scarce
                                        brush and sticks or
   – Agriculture and fishing are
     the basis of the economy
                                        tents made from hides
                                        or brush over a
                                        wooden frame
       Sahel (semiarid region)
• Food
  – Millet, rice, peanuts
     • Sometimes for profit
  – Fishing
  – Raise cattle
                      Tsetse Fly
• Found in the Sahel and
  savanna areas or Africa
• Causes sleeping sickness
  in humans
   – fever, headaches, and joint
• Causes nagana in
  animals and is fatal
   – causing fever, weakness,
     and lethargy which lead to
     weight loss and anemia; in
     some animals the disease
     is fatal unless treated.
• Location                         • Food
   – West and Central Africa,        – Small-scale farming
     Madagascar                         • Root or tuber crops; manioc,
• Land                                    cassava, yams
                                        • Women gather fruits and
   – Cover 8% of Africa                   nuts; fish
   – 60 inches of rain a year; 2        • Men hunt for monkeys,
     in. per month                        squirrels, and birds
   – 70° to 90°F                        • Trade outside the rainforest
   – Dense vegetation                     for grains, vegetables, nuts,
                                          and dried fruits from the
• Life                                    savanna.
   – Wooden homes or
     temporary huts made out of
     branches and leaves.
• Location                         • Life in the Savanna
   – Spreads north and south          – Most densely populated
     from the rainforest                area of Africa
   – Covers 2/3 of Africa             – Homes: Each building is a
• Land                                  separate room and all the
                                        rooms belonging to a family
   – Near the rainforests there         are surrounded by a fence
     are lots of trees                  or wall
   – Near the deserts few trees           • Made of mud walls
   – One rainy season that lasts            shaped around wooden
     4 to 8 months                          poles with a thatched
   – Dry season all but the                 roof
     strongest trees and bushes
   – Slow-Moving rivers in the
     west and long chain rivers
     in the east
• Food
  – Herd livestock: cows,
    goats, sheep, and camels
    provide meat, milk, and
  – Farm Crops – during and
    after the rainy season
     • Grains: millet, sorghum,
       rice, corn, cassava
  – Hunters follow herds of
    migrating animals
  – Rivers and lakes provide
    fishing all year

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