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U.S. Department of Treasury by yurtgc548


									U.S. Department of

                By Jasmine Bates
               Brief History
       The U.S. Department of Treasury was created
in 1789. Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary
of Treasury; he was sworn in on September 11,
Dept. of Treasury’s responsibilities
   Their responsibility is to collect taxes and pay
    the countries bills. It borrows and repays
    money for federal government. They also print
    coins, money, make the postal stamps, and
    manage the national banks.
   Investigate and prosecute all counterfeiters, tax
    evaders, forgers, & smugglers.
   Advising on domestic and international financial,
    monetary, economic, trade & tax policy- fiscal
           Departments within the
The Department of Treasury consists of many major
  departments such as the following:

   U.S. Customs Service
    U.S. Secret Service
   Alcohol and Tax Trade Bureau (TTB)
   Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
   Bureau of the Public Debt
   Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
   Financial Management Service (FMS)
   Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
   Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
   Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)
             The break down
   Current secretary: John W. Snow
   Budget: $11.1 billion (debt financing
    and tax credits account for
    another $357.7 billion) (2003)
   Employees: 116,675 (2003)

   Taxes
             What has Bush done?

   In 2001 & 2003 President
    Bush released a tax relief
    that fueled economic
    growth and reduced tax
    rates in all classes.
   If he wouldn’t of done
    that Americans would
    have paid $1.3 trillion in
    taxes. If congress lets his
    relief expire in 2010 we
    will pay $280 billion more
    each year.
           Obama’s plan
   President elect Barack Obama plans on
    giving 95% of the working middle class and
    small businesses a tax cut.
   He wants to rebuild the economy from the
    bottom up.
   For people making over $250,000 they’ll
    have to give back some of their tax cuts so
    we can restore fairness and fix the fiscal
   Health Care tax credit- making affordable
    health care for all Americans.
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