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									Common Alchemical Recipes
Item                 cost CL Notes
Powdered Water*       0.5    I An ounce of these crystals, when mixed with a drop of water, becomes a gallon of drinkable water after 1 round. The crystals become inert if exposed to air.
Alchemist's Mercy*     1     I This fine powder removes all effects of a hangover when mixed with water or fruit juice and consumed.
Acid, Minor            2     I This very weak acid can be used to dissolve organic material, slowly. It does only 1 point of damage per minute
Drawing Coal           5     I This 'drawing stick' makes permanent black marks on any not-metallic substance. A single stick is sufficient for covering a typical door in text written at 3" height.
                               A specially treated strip of fabric & twine about 1’ long and no more than a ½” wide. When it becomes wet, it becomes puffy & slimy & begins to twitch & undulate like a
Red Wriggler1          1    II
                               dying worm. It remains active for 3d6 rnds before melting away into an acrid yellow cloud that quickly fades.
Acid, Acrid            5    II This weak acid does 1d2 points of dmg/rnd when exposed to skin & will burn for1d3 rnds. It eats through cloth, but not stone, metal or similar hard substances.
Heat Rub               5    II A salve that can be applied to the skin to protect from cold, granting a +2 save vs. cold or the natural effects of a cold environment. It affects1 medium creature for 6 hrs.
Ice Crystal*           5    II A crystal that becomes as cold as ice when immersed in liquid, and remains that way until removed from the liquid, at which time it reverts to normal temperature.
Inebriater             5    II A single dose (1 oz) of this causes the imbiber to become one stage more intoxicated. A FS (DC15) is allowed to avoid the effects
Insect Repellent*      5    II When applied, repels insects of tiny size or smaller for 4 hrs/dose. Larger/controlled insects must make WS (DC 12) to approach. Benefit lost if insects are attacked
Skin Pigment           5    II This mixture alters skin tone of a medium sized creature to any desired color for 6 hours. It takes 10 rnds to apply & grants a +2 to disguise skill checks.
Acid                  10    II This acid does 1d6/1 dmg on a direst hit/splash. It affects most substances
                               A perfume made for use by a specific race/gender at creation. Wearer gains a +2 to charisma checks & skills when dealing with the target race/gender for 6 hrs after
Musk, pleasant        10    II
                               application & a +1 bonus when dealing with compatible races/genders.
Nausea Inducer        10    II Imbibing causes violent retching for 2 rnds unless a FS (DC20) is made. The victim is incapacitated while retching, but gains a +4 on their next poison save.
Spark Powder          10    II This powder, used for the tip of Tindertwigs, will create a spark when struck or impacted against a hard surface. One doeswill cote 20 arrowheads.
Esther of Waking      15    II When inhaled it will instantly awaken a sleeping person. It does not affect coma or coma-like conditions, but can be used on those affected by sleep spells or potions
Preservative          15    II This chemical and herb mixture, when applied to rations or meats helps preserve them 10 times longer than their normal spoilage rate.
Moth Balls            20    II These small balls prevent the decay of cloth-like material from moths and other insects. They last 3 months per dose
Drowsy Brew           25    II Upon drinking, make will save (DC10) or fall into deep sleep for 8 hrs unless forcibly wakened & then be fatigued for 2d6 rnds. A save induces fatigue for 2d6 mins.
Soupstone*            30    II This small stone turns water into hot, nourishing broth of a flavour chosen when the stone was created. It affects up 10 gallons before becoming inert.
Tindertwig             1   III An alchemical match. Lighting a torch or fire is a standard action.
Glitterbright          5   III This sparkling liquid enhances flaws and facets in gemstones. Any Appraise or Craft checks on a treated gem gains a +4 bonus. This effect lasts for 1 minute.
Fire Color            10   III A fine powder that will produce a coloured flame. The color is determined at the time of creation.
                               A sticky, adhesive substance that ignites when exposed to air causing 1d6/1 dmg on a direct hit/splash & 1d6 dmg on the rnd following a direct hit. A full round & a RS
Alchemist's Fire      20   III
                               (DC15) are required to extinguish the flames prior to taking additional dmg.
                               The same process creates both ink & revealing-solution. Anything written in the Ink is un-noticeable, until it is dipped in the revealing-solution at which time the ink turns
Courier's Ink*        20   III
                               red. A single dose is sufficient to write 3 pages of text. It cannot be used to scribe spells, as it is impossible to draw the precise symbols without being able to see them.
                               A mild explosive that generates a flash of blinding light. Anyone looking directly at the flash suffers a -5 to spot checks for 5 rnds & flash provides enough of a distraction
Flash Powder*         20   III
                               to allow someone under observation to make another Hide check
Smokestick±           20   III A wooden stick that instantly creates enough thick, opaque smoke to fill a 10’ cube when ignited. The stick is consumed in 1 rnd & the smoke dissipates naturally.
Acid, Potent          25   III This powerful acid can eat through metal. It does 1d4 points of dmg/rnd, for 1d4 rnds.
Fire Retardant        25   III Cloths or leather materials can be soaked in this material, giving the material fire resistance 5 for 2 hours.
                               Thick grease that grants fire resistance 10 after it is smeared over the entire body. It is only effective for ½ hour, & if left on the body for more than 1 hour it will inflict 1
Firebane*             25   III
                               point of subdual dmg/min. It washes off easily with water. A single dose is sufficient to cover 1 medium sized or 2 small-sized creatures
Numbing Powder        25   III When applied to the skin, the area applied to becomes much less sensitive to pain. A creature completely covered can remain conscious up to -10 hit points.
Snortawake            25   III A single dose of this pungent-smelling, clear liquid placed in the mouth or nose of a living creature removes 1d8 points of subdual dmg.
Water Repellent       25   III A clear liquid used to coat paper, cloth, and similar porous substances, granting immunity to minor moisture effects & dmg resistance 5 vs. more immersive effects.
Itching Powder        30   III On a direct hit, target makes a WS (DC15) or suffers a -2 to attacks, DEX checks/saves/skills. Effects last 2d6 rnds or until subject is fully immersed in water for 2 rnds.
Cooling Gel*          100 III If applied to the skin it protects1 medium creature from heat for 6 hrs by providing a +1 save vs. heat/fire or it heals 1d6 points burn dmg, but only if applied within1 hour.
Sunrod*                2  IV A 1-foot-long, gold-tipped, iron rod with glows brightly when struck. It clearly illuminates a 30’ radius and glows for 6 hours
Slimebane*            15  IV This breaks down oozes by doing 1d6/1 dmg on a direct hit/splash. Struck oozes must make a FS (DC15) each rnd or take 1d6 dmg/rnd for 3 rnds.
                               When applied, repels animals of tiny size or smaller for 4 hrs/dose. Larger/controlled animals must make WS (DC 12) to approach. Benefit lost if animals are attacked.
Animal Repellant      25  IV
                               Animals with the scent feat save at a -4.
Coma Cure             25  IV Used to awaken someone unconscious or in a coma. Those at negative hitpoints can be awakened & will function as if at 0 hitpoints until they die or are healed.
                               Quick-drying oil that makes a 5' x 5' area very slippery. Any creature moving through the area must make a balance check (DC15) to keep their feet. Trying to stand
Free Foot*            25  IV
                               back up or move out of the area also requires a check. Larger & multi-legged creatures only suffer the effects if all of their legs are within the area.
Night Eyes*           25  IV This thick eye grease takes 1 rnd to apply, lasts for 30 min, & grants low-light vision. Any source of bright light causes discomfort & a penalty of -1 to attack rolls.
Softshoe Powder*      25  IV Applying Softshoe powder on one's feet or footwear provides a +2 competence bonus to move silently checks for 10 minutes.
                               A 10' thin barbed wire coated tanglefoot material. If set in a trap, a victim must make a spot check (DC15) or hit the wire & take 1d2 dmg/rnd unless they are immobile &
Tangle Wire*          25  IV
                               become stuck in that 5' square. Escaping requires a DEX or escape artist check (DC20), a STR check (DC15), or 1 round with a slashing weapon.
Liquid Ice*           30  IV This viscous liquid can freeze the surface of a 10' x 10' area of water or smother a small area of fire. When thrown, it inflicts 1d6/1 dmg for a direct hit/splash.
Thunderstone          30  IV A small stone that creates a deafening bang when it strikes a hard surface. Creatures within a 10’ radius must make Fortitude saves (DC 15) or be deafened.
Acid Protectant       50  IV This mixture, when applied, provides acid resistance 10 while covered. The substance wears off within one hour of application.
Acid, Vile            50  IV This acid does 1d6 points of damage to expose skin / round, for 1d4 rounds And can eat through even magic items of +2 or less
Antitoxin±            50  IV After drinking, a character gets a +5 alchemical bonus on all Fortitude saving throws against poison for 1 hour.
Armor Soft*           50  IV Any non-magical metal armour treated has its armor check penalty reduced by 1 for 1 hour. Each application has a 5% cumulative chance of ruining the armour.
Fire Beetle Paste*    50  IV A thick, red paste that burns for 1d4 rnds once ignited, doing 3d6 dmg/rnd. It can burn through wood, stone, & metal. One dose is sufficient to draw a line 1/2 “ x 3’ long.
Firestone*            50  IV A small orange stone that will burst into flame for 1d6 dmg upon hitting a hard surface. Flammable material in a 5' radius of impact will be ignited & burn normally.
Grounding Rub         50  IV This mixture, when applied, provides electrical resistance 5 while covered. The substance wears off within one hour of application.
                               A small bundle of tanglefoot substance attached to a rope end. When thrown as an attack, the bundle breaks, holding fast the rope with a miss having a 50% chance of
Holdfast*             50  IV
                               hitting another surface. One bag can support 200 lbs & lasts 1d4+3 rnds before becoming too weak to hold weight. A STR check (DC27) is required to break the hold.
Love Philter          50  IV This elixir induces sexual desire in the imbiber, WS (DC15) to resist, or they will come on to anything they see for the next hour.
                               When this thick red salve is spread over the body, it grants a +2 to strength for 10 min, & a -4 to dexterity for 1 hour. A dose will cover 1 medium creature. Any use over
Red Rager*            50  IV
                               twice a week, requires a FS (DC15) or a loss of 1 point permanent CHA due to the chemicals raising the temper & coloring the skin a faint red.
Slippery Oil          50  IV When covered in slippery oil, a character gets a +5 bonus to escape artist checks, and is more difficult to grapple (-5 to grapple attacks against him).
                               Anyone struck with the tar must make a reflex save or have it stick, causing them to exudes a powerful stench, prevent use the Scent feat, allowing detection at x4
Stinktar1             50  IV
                               normal range by others with this feat, & granting a -4 to concentration, diplomacy, search, hide, & spot checks. Effects last for 1 hour & It takes 1 min to remove.
                               When thrown, anyone struck is at -2 ATK, -4 DEX & must make a RS (DC 15) or be glued down; move at ½ speed with save. Anyone glued can break free with a STR
Tanglefoot Bag        50  IV
                               check (DC 27) or 15 slashing dmg but can only move at ½ speed. Spellcastiing require a Concentration check (DC 15). It becomes brittle & fragile after10 min.
                               Fatigued characters that drink a dose suffer no penalty to STR or DEX; exhausted characters suffer a -4 to both. Effects last for 1d4 hrs, but upon wearing off exhausted
Traveler's Solace*    50  IV
                               characters require 8 hrs of rest to become fatigued & fatigued characters require 8 hrs of rest to become rested. It has no effect if it has been taken in the last 8 hrs.
Vapor's of Sleep*     50  IV Ingestion/inhalation causes a FS (DC13) or the victim falls into a deep sleep for 1d4 hrs. Skin contact causes - 2 to all actions for 1d4 rnds due to fatigue, save to avoid.
Sneezing Powder*      60  IV A direct hit on a target causes them to suffer a -2 to all rolls for 1d4 rounds unless they make a FS (DC15).
                               1 dose will coat 1 small creature for 1 hour. Fine non-spider vermin will avoid contact & larger non-spider vermin must make a WS (DC15) to approach. Spiders cannot
Spiderlilly Essence1 75   IV
                               detect the essence & are not affected. Once a vermin makes its save, it is immune to the essence for an hour.
Coma Inducer          100 IV This elixir induces a coma-like sleep resulting in a feign death effect upon its victim, for 1d4 days, WS (DC15) to avoid.
Flare                 50   V A chemical torch that burns for 3 hrs with a 90’ radius of illumination & inflicting 1d10 dmg on any creature struck. It is lit and extinguished as a normal torch.
Lode Stone            50   V These rare stones are used for a variety of magical and alchemical purposes.
Truth Wine*           75   V A sweet elven white wine. In addition to suffering from the normal effects of alcohol, a WS (DC15) is required to tell a lie. Effects last for 10-(CON bonus) rnds.
Mad Rager             100 V This yellow drink induces a Barbarian like rage for 2d6 rounds, after which the person suffers from the same ill after-affects for 12 hours.
                               Each does raises an ability score by 1 point, permanently. However, each drink requires a roll on the table below with a –20 cumulative penalty after the first drink.
                     1000 VI Random Effects: 0-10: Die; 11-20: -1d4 ability points; 21-30: -1d2 ability points; 31-40: Arsenic; 41-50: Blinding Sickness: 51-60: Fatigued; 61-100: Normal
                               Elixirs also require blood from following: STR: Titan; DEX: Quickling Brownie; CON: Giant 2-headed Troll; INT: Great Red Wyrm; WIS: Silver Wyrm; CHA: Succubi
Universal Solvent 3,000 VII If applied to any form of adhesive or sticky material, it immediately dissolves the other material including sovereign glue. One ounce affects 1 ft 3.
                               This substance can be contained only in a flask whose inside has been coated with 1 ounce of oil of slipperiness & each time any glue is poured from the flask, a new
Sovereign Glue      3,600 VIII application of the oil must be applied within 1 rnd to prevent the remaining glue from adhering to the container. One oz. covers 1 ft2, bonding any 2 substances together
                               in a permanent union. The glue takes 1 rnd to set & if the objects are pulled apart before that time has elapsed, that application of glue loses its effectiveness.
Distilled Universal
                    4,500 VIII Will dissolve 1 ft3 of organic or inorganic material, just as if a disintegrate spell had been employed. The target is entitled to a FS (DC19) to avoid being dissolved.

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