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					Dowe Law, Bay Area Bankruptcy, Helps Clients Understand Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws

Richmond CA, 21-MAY-2013 - Dowe Law and Hermin Dowe, Bay Area CA bankruptcy lawyer, are
pleased to announce that local residents who are in financial distress can get the kind of bankruptcy
representation that will make the entire process smoother. Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws are the simplest
and fastest to file, but are typically more complicated than the average person can understand.

Chapter 7 essentially removes assets from the control of the debtor and turns them over to a trustee, an
official of the bankruptcy court to dispose of them to the benefit of the creditors. Different states have
different laws about the assets which may be retained by the debtor and under which circumstances.
This is where the need for competent legal assistance and representation is important.

According to Hermin Dowe, Bay Area CA bankruptcy lawyer, speaking to an interviewer recently,
"Bankruptcy proceedings represent the ability to wipe the financial slate clean. You can start over
financially with no financial burdens from the past to cause emotional or mental distress. I review
every aspect of the financial situation for the benefit of my clients."

Chapter 7 may allow you to keep a family home and transportation. This well depend on presenting the
debt and asset information in the best possible light. The attorney will assist the client to recognize and
apply the legal regulations and statutes. There is no benefit to be gained by losing assets that should be
retained during the course of the filing.

If a Chapter 7 filing is not the best option for a client, the Bay Area bankruptcy lawyer will suggest
other choices that are open. Every step of the preparation and hearing process will be monitored to
ensure the best possible outcome.

Learn more about legal representation available to locals who are facing insurmountable debts by
visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
individuals who have further questions about the content of this specific press notice are urged to
contact Hermin Dove at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Hermin Dowe
Company Name: Dowe Law
Address (San Pablo Office): Alvarado Office Center, 13925 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 203 San Pablo,
CA, 94806
Contact Telephone Number: (510) 233-7700

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