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					1-800-805-0263                                          TIMBERLINE                           April 2011 27

                                                       FOR SALE

     2001 West Salem                                                  Find Industry Equipment &
         Brute Grinder             SIGN UP FOR THE
                                                                     Service Suppliers ONLINE at:
8,800 hours. Excellent Condition
      New Price! 89,995.00
                                   DIGITAL EDITION!            
    Call Bill at Pallet Express
         484-264-9447                   digitaledition               A CENTRALIZED ONLINE RESOURCE
28 April 2011                               TIMBERLINE                                       
                                            FOR SALE

                                                                                                   Thin Kerf
                                                                                               Band Saw Blades
                                                                                                 Check Out Our...
                                                                                                  • Price
                                                                                                    • Service
                                                                                                      • Quality
                                                                                                         • Dependability
                                                                                               See Why We Are Your Best
                                                    2003 Timberjack 1410D                     Source For Bandsaw Blades!
                                                      5,982 hrs, Super Grip Bucket,
                                                              700mm Tires,                     Satisfaction Always
                                                    Very Good Condition...$210,000.00              Guaranteed!
                                                     (608) 558-7372 Located in WI.
                                                                                                 Toll Free

                         Turn Logs                                                               RECON FMC Model 210
                     Into Valuable                                                                 TRACK SKIDDER
          Lumber, Where You Want,
                   When You Want!
Call y!                 Baker Portable
Toda                       Band Sawmills
(800) 548-6914

                                                                                                   Sale Price: $54,000 US
                                                                                                       FOB: Your yard
                                                                                                Call Toll Free 1 800-562-5303

                                                                                              • (2) Semi-Flatbed Trailers..$2,750.00 ea.
                                                                                              • Hydraulic, Stringer Plater/Splicer Repair
                                                                                                 Table w/End Board Remover...$3,800.00
                                                                                              • Self Dumping Hopper–2 Cu. Yd....$650.00
                                                                                              • Air Compressor, 80 Gal. Tank...$850.00
                                                                                                           Located in Georgia
                                                                                                           Call 1-800-362-9332
                                                   2005 Timbco                w/ Quadco       2007 Salsco 30” Shaver
                                                   425EXL                    2200 Hotsaw

                                                                                                   Model 14019, 83 HP, 1900 hours,
                                                                                                 Serial No. 190063, CAT Eng. Overhaul,
                                                   Approx. 10,000 hrs. on engine. New final   Ready to Shave, New Mill Bearings, Fuel Pump,
                                                    drives, new under carriage, new pins &    Drive Belts and Precision Sharpener Included
                                                   bushings in the boom, many new parts.             $2,000 in spare parts included.
                                                    $140,000. Call Anytime: 304-846-4631              $40,000. Call 800-247-5522
1-800-805-0263              TIMBERLINE                             April 2011 29
                 FOR SALE                            FOR SALE
                                         ’87 CAT 518 CABLE SKIDDER
                                             13,000 hrs. Good Condition.
                                          Rear Tires- 90%, Front tires- 25%.
                                         Engine & Transmission rebuilt in 2010
                                            $25,000. CALL 717-687-9906
                                          RT Pallet Jig & Stacker: Practically new.
                                           Builds up to 52inch Pallet. See demo @
                                   No money
                                          down. Currently under lease. Just take over
                                         remainder of lease payments. Must meet credit
                                         requirements. Contact Kathy 780-217-4344
                                                         For Sale
                                            1991 480v Viking Duomatic, left hand,
                                         4 stringer, hydraulic coolers and no electrical
                                           roll-ins for lumber. Rebuilt with Duomagix
                                          2200 Hot Rod Computer System including
                                         Stacker. Also upgraded Overhead Hydraulic
                                           Valves for Nail Cylinders. Machine has a
                                          brander on it also. Complete overhaul done
                                            by J&J Machinery LLC. (850-712-4975)
                                                 Price includes 5 days install and
                                               service at your location....$175,000
                                          760-372-4729 • Located in Trona, CA

                                         List Your Used
                                         With Color Photo – Special
                                               Reduced Price
                                             Call Gary Stergar

                                             John Deere 750B

                                               Pallet Inventory &
                                             Design Software Sales
                                         FSI, a leading supplier to the hardwood
                                          and pallet industries has an immediate
                                                  opening for an experienced
                                            salesperson. This individual must be
                                               very knowledgeable of the pallet
                                           industry with at least two (2) years of
                                              active work experience. Our pallet
                                              inventory and 3D design systems
                                                automate and streamline pallet
                                           manufacturer’s operations. Extensive
                                            travel is required visiting operations
                                             and demonstrating our solutions. If
                                         interested in a new and dynamic career,
                                               mail your resume to: Pat Jenks,
                                                 FSI Inc., 4105 Oak Ridge Rd.
                                                  Summerfield, NC, 27358 or
30 April 2011                                                                              TIMBERLINE                                                        
                                                                   LUMBER FOR SALE / WANTED
    NULYNE FOREST                   PRECUT DENSE HARDWOOD & PINE PALLET COMPONENTS                                                                                      1-800-393-0062
    WOOD PRODUCTS              • 2/way & 4/way stringers: 11/8, 11/4, 13/8, 11/2 , 13/4 & up   Contact Steve Paladino:
              Inc.             • Top quality deck boards: 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8                  Barry Vaughn:                           INDUSTRIAL LUMBER SUPPLIER OF:
                               • Specialty precut components and band grooving               Donnie Siebenmorgen:                       Hardwood, Aspen, Yellow Pine,
                               • We also have high quality no. 2 deck boards and stringers           1-800-425-7297                                                 Spruce & Panel Products
       Knoxville,              • Both truck and rail shipping                                               FAX 479-885-3715                                  Complete Reman Plants in
           Ark.                HEAT TREAT CERTIFIED                                                                                    Bristol, PA & Crewe, VA
We Specialize in Dense                                                                                                                                    
                                                          Mars Hill, Inc.                           website:
   Hardwood or Poplar:
  • Notched Runners Available                           • KD & HT SYP Pallet Parts                                         ✓ Deck boards 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 3/8   STRINGERS!!!
  • Heavy Dunnage (3"x3"& 3"x4"& 4"x4")                 • Industrial Grade SYP Lumber                                      ✓ Stringers 11/8, 11/4, 13/8,      STRINGERS!!!
                                                        • SYP Blocks                                                          notched or solid
  • Pallet Deck-boards                                                                                                                                                Notched or Plain
  • Heat Treating Certified #2273                       • OSB & Plywood                                           ✓ Long Stock Available
                                                                                                    T.L.B. FOREST ✓ Average inventory: 500,000                  High Percentage hardwood
  • Custom jobs no problem                              • 1 x 6 Mixed Hdwds
                                                        • 1 x 8 Mixed Hdwds                         PRODUCTS INC.             fbm on the ground for               11/8, 11/4, 13/8, 11/2, 13/4
For more information—Contact: Keith Barbo                                                                                     prompt delivery time
                                                        • Hardwood Cutstock                           THE CANADIAN                                             Some decking also available
          E-mail:                                                                                          ✓ Best price / quality ratio
1-800-230-1202 ext. 12 • Fax 304-472-0212               • Hdwd & SYP Stakes                          BIRCH SPECIALIST                                         Commited to Quality and Service
                                                                                                      READY TO NAIL        ✓ Direct from our hardwood              Contact: John Klepzig
 or 1-800-624-3110 • Jim Hinkle ext. 17 and             • Banding Material                                                    sawmill
             Patty Talbott ext. 15                                                                  PALLET COMPONENTS                                                   J.S.K. Lbr. Inc.
                                                      866-629-9089                                                         ✓ Serving satisfied customers
              Forest Products
WV                                                                                                                            since 1987 in areas such
                                                                                                                                                                     Ph: 573/996-4302
                                                                       Contact: Gaetan #223
                                                                                                    tel: 450-492-5130
                                                                                                                              as: New England, Eastern              Fax: 573/996-3647
                Website:                                                         and Mid-West U.S. and
PO Box 9, 16 Lumber St. • Buckhannon, WV 26201                                                      fax: 450-492-5918         Eastern Canada
                                                                                                    email:                                PALLETS FOR SALE
                                                        WAVERLY WOOD
         W3955 Mill Rd, Polar, WI 54418                 We need cutting orders for                     MEISTERS FOREST PRODUCTS                                ROBBINS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
                                                         5/8 and 3/4, 30" material
• Quality Pre-Cut Pallet Lumber                                                                     PALLET CUT STOCK                                                  FOR SALE
                                                     Call us for all your cut-stock,                  We Specialize in Stringers                              Pallets   Pallets 48 x 40 #1 and #2
• Aspen & Mixed Hardwoods                             crating and blocking needs.
                                                                                                        Also 1/2, 5/8, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4                                   Many other sizes,
• Notched Stringers                                   650 Sawmill Lane • Waverly, TN 37185
                                                                                                     Aspen and Hardwood Lumber                                          call for availability!!!
• Deck Boards                                       Office: 931-296-1455 • Fax: 931-296-7698
                                                                                                                                                              Stringers 48” 4-way new and recycled
Phone: 715-623-6402                                                                                   #2 Wood Available, Also 40-48"                                    48” 2-way new and recycled
Fax: 715-627-2726                                     HEAT TREATMENT                                     Supplying the Chicago,                                         Many other sizes available,
                                                                                                    Milwaukee, & Minneapolis Areas.                                     new and recycled
  AFRICA TROPICAL                                  IPPC Certified Heat Treatment                          Phone: 608-587-2050                                 Decking 36” and under
  TIMBER FOR SALE                                            Pallets, Crates,                              Fax: 608-587-2011                                            60” X 51/2” X 5/8” Pine
   Tracer International Corporation.                      Skids, Boxes & Reels                         Locations at Endeavor, WI                                        Many other sizes available,
  Large quantities of logs and sawn                         Mt. Pleasant, PA                             & Black River Falls, WI                                        new and recycled
   tropical timber from West Africa.                      Better-Built Products                                                                               Contact us toll-free at 1-877-734-8817
     TALI, OKAN, TEAK, KOSSO,                        Contact John Kitz: 724-423-5268                                                                             or e-mail
                                                                                                     Get the Best Values First!
       and many other species.
                                                                                                     YOUR ONLINE EQUIPMENT SOURCE
      Lowest price on the market.
             Contact us at:
                                                   CERTIFIED HEAT TREATMENT
                                                   Pallets, Crates, Skids & Boxes                                                  SIGN UP FOR THE
  Email:                            Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                       DIGITAL EDITION!
          Ph: (615) 403-5139                              Parc-Way Industries                       BUSINESS FOR SALE                               
                                                          Contact: Eric Welsh
                                                          412-995-5000 X453                                       For Sale
                                                                                                     Scragg Mill operation located in
                                                      PALLETS WANTED                                  Central Wisconsin. Processing                             Northern Illinois ReMan Plant
   Hardwood Blocks For Sale                                                                            bolt timber & cants, cutstock,
  Northwest Wood Products is now                           WANTED
                                                                                                                                                                 Looking for an experienced
                                                                                                       stakes, etc. Fully operational.
  offering Hardwood Pallet Blocks
                                                          Miscellaneous Size Pallets
                                                                                                                                                                 Millwright for upgrades and
                                                                                                    1.2M BTU biomass burner for heat
   from our mill in Harvard, Illinois                                                                                                                                    automation.
                                                     Truck loads. We can arrange pickup.               (2) gas fired heating systems.
      Call Kelli at 815-648-2406                                                                                                                                Fax resumes to: 708-388-9235                           Cleary Pallet • Union, IL 60135                20,000 sq. ft. production area.
                                                            800-861-9858                              Completely renovated in 2009.
                                                                                                                                                              Help Wanted: Alderman’s Saw Shop, Inc.,
                                                                                                                 For info, call                               a family owned business since 1971, has
   TIMBERLINE                                       ROBBINS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
                                                    We Buy Pallets and Recycled Lumber
                                                                                                              510-795-7204                                    a full time band saw filer/saw doctor po-
                                                                                                                                                              sition available. Duties include but are not
 TRADING POST                                      We can buy mixed loads & pick up at your door.
                                                                                                                    NAILING                                   limited to benching band saws from 4" to
                                                             WANTED                                                                                           14". This position is a long-term position
      YOUR ONLINE                                  Pallets 48X48 4way & 2way
                                                                Euro pallets
                                                                                                                     Rayco Industries Inc.                    and pay is based on experience.
                                                                                                                                                              Alderman’s Saw Shop, Inc. repairs band
       EQUIPMENT                                                40 X 48
                                                                48 X 40 2-way
                                                                                                                              DIVISION                        saws and has been manufacturing band
                                                                                                                                                              saws since 2006. Benefits include 7 paid
         SOURCE                                    Decking 30” 32” 36” 40” 45” 48”
                                                               new and recycled 4” and 6”            HOLD-FAST PALLET NAILS
                                                                                                                                                              holidays, 5 paid sick days, 2 week paid va-
                                                                                                                                                              cation, and health insurance is available.
                                                                                                                Collated and Bulk
     Get the Best                                  Stringers 291/2” 30” 36” 42” 44” 45”
                                                                                                              All Sizes and Gauges.                            For more information about Alderman’s
                                                                46” 48” 2 and 4 way                                                                             Saw Shop, you can visit our website at:
     Values First!                                 Contact us toll-free at 1-877-734-8817           High Quality, Excellent Pricing and Delivery
                                                                                                                                                     or call us at
       Visit Our Web Site at                       Hard to move items or excess inventory                                                                         (804) 333-4895. Applications and
                                                        fax (309) 734-0661 or e-mail us                                                                       inquires can be sent to Ronald Alderman                            
                                                                                                     Rayco Your Authorized Max Distributor                             at:

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