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									     Club Membership                          Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club
Membership supports club programs
and entitles you to join us for weekly
night skiing, monthly full moon ski
socials, excursions. and other events.
                                             The objectives of the Arrowhead Nordic
Watch for our “Follow the Torch”
                                             Ski Club (ANSC) are to promote and
event this winter! We have a clubhouse
                                             develop the sport of Nordic skiing by
in Arrowhead Park and members
                                             encouraging the general public’s
receive discounts at several local ski
                                             participation, by coordinating children’s,
retailers. Please note that club
                                             adult and racing programs and
membership fees are included in
                                             promoting professional development for
Jackrabbit and ARC program fees.
                                             coaches and instructors.

Membership fees:                                            We ski and run our
Adults - $20
Youth - (6 - 18) - $10                                      programs in Arrowhead
Children under 6 - $5                                       Provincial Park, just 5              Cross Country
                                                            km north of Huntsville,
                                                            Ontario. The park offers                 Skiing
                                                            22 km of beautiful                      Program
                                                            groomed classic trails and
                                                            11 km of skate trails that            Information
                                             range from beginner to expert, as well as
                                             two heated shelters. After skiing, enjoy
                                                                                                 2009/2010                      Jackrabbits
                                             snowshoeing, tubing or skating. Rentals
                                                                                                                           Racing Program
Club Sign Up Day and                         and trail passes are available at the park
                                                                                                                            Adult Programs
       Ski Swap
                                                                                                                         Elementary School
Saturday, October 17th at Arrowhead
Park 10 am to 2 pm Come sign up for                                                                                        Muskoka Loppet
all our programs, talk to our coaches    Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club
and Jackrabbit coordinator                                                                                                Club Membership
and look for new                                   Ken Parsons, President, 788 2674                  Promoting cross
equipment. Hot dog and                         Cathie Raynor, Club Secretary, 789 0327               country skiing in
marshmallow roast for the                   Pamela Steel, Jackrabbit Coordinator, 385 8026                  Muskoka
kids (weather permitting).                            Pamela.steel@sympatico.ca
Sign up early and reserve                    Tracy Marshall, Head Club Coach, 788 3607
                                                                                                     Registered with
your place! You can also help out with                                                        Cross Country Canada
                                          For more information, or to register online,
our Trail Cleanup Watch for more
                                               go to www.arrowheadnordic.ca
details on our website.
                                                  booklet that provides a comprehensive
                                                  record of the young skier’s ski career and
                                                                                                    Adult Ski for Fitness!
    Programs for all ages                         award stickers to chart the different levels    This friendly, non-competitive class is for
                                                  of achievement. Hot chocolate and               adults who want to improve their skiing
                                                  cookies provided every week!                    and fitness at their own pace and level.
Arrowhead Nordic provides programs for
                                                  Program early bird fee $110; $125 after Nov     (This is NOT a program for “hardbodies”
all ages and ability levels.
                                                  10, 2009. Equipment may be rented from          only!) Choose from classic or skate
                                                  Arrowhead Park for a special rate of $6 per     instruction, or both. You’ll also meet
            Jackrabbits                           session.                                        other skiers and have fun! Runs
                                                                                                  on Saturday afternoons.
                                                  Financial assistance is available.
Cross Country Canada’s Skill                                                                      Ski for Fitness! Classic - begins
Development Program provides three
levels of skier development opportunities
                                                             Track Attack                         Jan 3, 2010 -4 sessions $75
                                                   (10 to 13 years) The objective is for the      Ski for Fitness! Skate - begins
for children - Bunnyrabbits, Jackrabbits                                                          February - 4 sessions $75
and Track Attack. The overall objective of        participants to become technically
                                                  competent skiers, and explore a wide            Ski for Total Fitness! - all 8 sessions $140
the program is to assist children in the
development of a love of the outdoors, a          range of cross-country “adventure based”        Club membership is required for insurance
healthy lifestyle, excellent technical skills     ski activities. It is designed to develop       purposes.
and a good level of physical fitness within       fitness through active play, games and fun
a sport environment. Bunnyrabbits and             events. This program runs from mid fall to      Adult Beginner Lessons
Jackrabbits run for 8 Saturdays beginning         early March. Program early bird fee $150;       This two hour group lesson is designed to get
January 2nd and are taught by qualified           $160 after Nov 10, 2009.                        you skiing. Call for dates and pricing.
instructors. Choose from morning or
afternoon classes.
Bunnyrabbit Program (3-5 years) is
                                                          Arrowhead                                    Elementary School
designed to introduce cross-country skiing              Race Centre Team                                    Races
through organized activity and active
                                                  The ARC program enables skiers to               We organize two cross country ski races
play. Children make ski friends, develop
                                                  improve their fitness and skiing in order to    each year for Muskoka area elementary
                                                  compete in cross country ski racing This        school students, grades 1 to 8. Last year
                          movement skills
                                                  group trains year round and includes            we had over 500 students participate!
                          and have fun!
                                                  weekly off-season training sessions,            Volunteers are always needed for these
                             Jackrabbits (6-12    training camps and biweekly on-snow             events.
                             years) is            instruction. It is designed for athletes
                             designed to          interested in racing at the Ontario Cup or             Muskoka Loppet
                             teach basic cross-   Masters Cup levels, but is also suited to
                             country ski skills                                                   Our annual 15 km and 30 km classic race
                                                  skiers wishing to compete in friendly
                             (both classic and                                                                    is scheduled for a Sunday
                                                  loppets and younger athletes who are
                             skating), help                                                                                24th,
                                                                                                                  January 24th at
                                                  considering racing at higher levels but are
children develop confidence, provide                                                                              Arrowhead Provincial
                                                  not quite ready yet. Athletes have access
children an opportunity to ski and                                                                                Park. There is also a 5
                                                  to roller skis, classic skis, slider mats and
socialize with their ski friends, instil a                                                                        km race for kids and all
                                                  roller boards. Coaching and waxing
lifelong interest in the sport, and be fun.                                                                       ages. Skiers come from
                                                  support is provided at O-Cup races. Ages
Each level includes an enrolment kit, a                                                           Ontario and beyond. Get involved by
                                                  11 to adult.
                                                                                                  participating or being a volunteer.
                                                  ARC fee is $275

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