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                                 YOUTH PROGRAMS
  Leaders In Training                                                    Red Cross Babysitters Course
  Ages 9-13 years • Tuesdays, January 5-February 23 • 8                  11 yrs + • Monday and Wednesdays January 25- February
  sessions 4-5:30pm • $30 • Course #3954                                 6 4-6pm• $25 • Course #3987
  Learn what it takes to work in the recreation and                      Take the Canadian Red Cross Babysitters’ course and earn
  aquatics field. Each participant will receive a shirt and               extra money this year! Course includes child safe practices,
  volunteer hours. Volunteer hours will include                          first aid and a manual to keep for future references. Upon
  Lifeguard Shadowing, creating and                                      completion of the Babysitters Exam with 75%, participants
  organizing recreation programs                                         will be issued a Certified Ticket.
  and shadowing the leisure
  services department. Once                                              Teen Pool Party
  completion of volunteer hours,                                         January 29, 2010 8:30-10:30pm • Regular Admission
  participants will be issued a letter                                   Cannon Ball!!!! Teens only at this wild party. Get set as
  of acknowledgement for future                                          the lifeguards throw another shaker filled with music,
                                                                         inflatable’s, music, beverages and of course hot tubbing.
                                                                         What better way to spend a Friday night then chillin’ with
                                                                         friends at the local hot spot!

            YOUTH & ADULT PROGRAMS                co-worker) and join together and make
  Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo                                                                    Teen/Adult Swim Lessons:
  Instructor Sensei Sean Wadelius                 the commitment of 11 classes for this
                                                  first ever Bootie Camp. Rev Up your
                                                                                                Red Cross Swim Strokes
  Tuesday/Thursday Evenings                                                                     Morning 10-10:45am
  September 15 - June 17                          metabolism, burn some calories and lose
                                                  some inches doing boot camp exercises all     Mondays and Fridays,
  (No class December 22-31) 7-8pm                                                               January 11-February 4 • 8 lessons
                                                  over the Community Hall. Just bring your
  76 sessions full year • Cost: $180                                                            $ 15 • Course #3964 Evening 8-8:45pm
                                                  partner, clean runners, and a water bottle.
  Course #3994                                                                                  Tuesdays and Thursdays,
                                                  Participants will be given a fitness journal
  ½ year Sept 15- Feb 4 (38 sessions)             to keep track of their achievements. Join     February 9-March 4 • $15
  ½ year Feb 9-June 17 (38 sessions)              today as there is limited participation.      Course #3965
  Cost: Half Session: $89                         Please note there are no drop ins for this    Are you ready to fine tune your
  Course #3986                                    course.                                       swimming strokes or would you like
  Looking for some variety in your fitness                                                       to learn a new stroke to incorporate
  routine? Karate will provide you with           Jenny’s Water Workout                         into your workouts? Swim Strokes will
  excellent strength, balance, posture,           Instructor: Jenny Powell • Tuesdays,          develop one or more swimming strokes
  flexibility and self defence skills! Sensei      Nov 3-Dec 8 7-8pm                             and help as you work towards proficiency
  Sean Wadelius is an experienced karate          Regular Facility Admissions Not               and increasing swimming endurance.
  and self defence instructor. He is a 5th        Accepted                                      Participants will work with the instructor
  degree black belt in Isshin Ryu Karate          $54 • Drop In $9 • Course #3985               to develop their own lesson plan.
  and Kobudo, a Police Defensive Tactics          Who knew working out in the water
  Instructor Trainer and has his Level 1          could be this hard! Back by popular           2010 Swim Challenge
  Coaching Theory. For children 13yrs +           demand this course is great if you are        To celebrate the 2010 Olympic Games,
  interested, please see Sensei Sean before       looking to improve your fitness level,         Swim Participants will be either swimming
  registering.                                    gain muscle strength and even shed a few      one way from Vancouver to Whistler or
                                                                                                choosing to swim there and back. Whistler
  Circuit Training                                pounds.
                                                                                                to Vancouver: 122 km Or Vancouver to
  Instructor: Jenny Powell                        Teen/Adult Swim Lessons:                      Whistler and back: 244km
  Sept 15-Dec 17, 6-6:45am
  Regular Facility Admissions or Facility         Red Cross Swim Basics                         Red Cross Assistant Water
  Membership Get up with the birds and            Morning 10-10:45am                            Safety Instructor
  join the other eager Circuit Trainers! Run      Mondays and Fridays,                          Sept 11-13/18-20
  through the circuit changing stations           October 26-November 20 • 8 lessons            $377.50 includes course materials.
  every 1 to 2 minutes rotating between           Course #3962 $10 Evening 8-8:45pm             Course # 4001
  high intensity cardio, strength training        Tuesdays and Thursdays,                       Pre-requisite: 14 years of age.
  and resistance training. A great way to         October 27-November 19 • 8 lessons            100% attendance is required
  start the morning and will have you ready       Course #3963 $10                              AWSI introduces candidates to the
  to head off to work in good spirits.            Join us for the first instalment of the new    foundations of teaching skills by focusing
                                                  Red Cross swim program for adults and         on theoretical and practical knowledge
  Partner Bootie Camp                             teens. Adults and teens will learn to love    that supports the learning experience.
  Instructor: Jenny Powell                        the water and al of the benefits it can        Students must complete this 30 hour
  Monday and Wednesdays,                          have for you. This first level is designed     course and 8 hours of practice teaching.
  Sept 21-Oct 28 (no class Oct 12)                to get comfortable in the water through       For times please contact the Leisure
  7-8pm • Course #3984 • $100/each                attainment of basic flotation, movement        Facility.
  Houston’s very own Boot Camp to start           and breathing control.
  Sept. 21 This program is for all women
  - all ages, sizes and all fitness levels! Find
  a partner (your Mom, sister/cousin/aunt/
  daughter, or your friend/neighbour/