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					                                        Auburn University at Montgomery
                                          Office of Sponsored Programs
                                                     Fact Sheet
Web site:

Extramural Cover Form: cover form (proposal and award approval routing document) are available on the Office of Sponsored
Programs’ web-site.

Typical Parts of a Proposal:
Transmittal Letter                          Title Page                 Abstract                  Table of Contents
Introduction                                Objectives                 Procedures                Evaluation
Equip, Facilities, & Personnel              References                 Appendices, Vita          Budget & Budget Narrative

Proposal Indicating the possible use of subcontractors or consultants should contain the following:
Subcontractors: A detailed statement of work and a detailed budget indicating the activities, levels of involvement, and costs
proposed by the subcontractor. This information should be presented in a way to distinguish it from the activities and costs of AUM.
A letter of commitment signed by an authorized representative of the subcontractor is also required. The AUM PI should be prepared
to explain the reason for choosing the particular subcontractor.

Consultant: A statement of work and indications of rates to be charged should be included in the AUM proposal in the form of a
letter of commitment from the consultant showing his or hers willingness o be part of the AUM effort.

Applicant Organization:
Mailing Address:                     Auburn University at Montgomery
                                     Office of Sponsored Programs
                                     P. O. Box 244023
                                     Montgomery, AL 36124-4023

Authorized Official (Signing for Applicant Organization):
Paper Submission:                  Dr. John G. Veres III, Chancellor
Electronic Submission:             Fariba S. Deravi, Director Office of Sponsored Programs

Business Information:
Awards should be sent to:                   Office of Chancellor
Checks should be payable to:                Auburn University at Montgomery
Checks should be mailed to:                 Auburn University at Montgomery
                                            ATTN: Contracts & Grants Accounting
                                            P. O. Box 244023
                                            Montgomery, AL 36124-4023

Financial Office:                           Wanda Blake, Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs

Organizational type:
Institution of Higher Education

Important Proposal Information
Legal Name:               Auburn University at Montgomery
Congressional District: Alabama Second District
County:                   Montgomery
Employer ID Number – Federal ID Number – Tax ID Number:                                   63-6000724A
Cage Code # (Federal Agreement):                   05uF6
Data Universal Number System – AUM (DUNS-for federal grants and contracts)                183862119
Data Universal Number System – AU                                                         066470972
NSF Institutional/Organizational Code:                                                    000363946
NIH Institutional Profile #:                                                              1470403
Human Subject:
IRB#:                              00006286
IORG#:                             0005227
FWA:                               00012889          Expiration Date:02/27/2010
Budget Information:

Fringe benefit rate for employees* year round for all divisions is:

                               FY 2010                                FY 2011 until amended
Full-time faculty/staff        33.19%                                        34.96%
Part-time faculty/staff        11.79%                                        12.07%
Graduate Assistant             2.95%                                         3.10%
Undergraduate student workers are exempt*

DHHS Agreement Date (Indirect Rate Agreement): 09/30/2012
                                        On-Campus                               Off-Campus
Research                                 46%                                       30%
Instruction                              46%                                       30%
Other                                    46%                                       30%

Direct salaries and wages including vacation, holiday, sick pay and other paid absences but excluding all other fringe benefits

Consulting Rates for AM Faculty**:
          12 month salary X .0012 = Maximum hourly rate
          9 month salary X .00156 = Maximum hourly rate
** As a general rule, extra compensation for faculty from externally funded sources in not allowed. Be prepared to provide
justification. Such consulting must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


(01/01/2009 – 12/31/2009)
        Reimbursement for mileage: $.55/mile for personal vehicle use
        Mileage to and from Montgomery airport = miles X $.55/mile =
        Mileage to and from Birmingham airport=
        Mileage to and from Atlanta airport=
        Mileage to and from Auburn=
          Meals for out-of-state travel will be reimbursed for actual expenses up to $34 per day (meals and tips) without receipts or $60/day with
          itemized Receipts
          Out-of-state lodging = actual expense
          Foreign lodging = actual expenses not to exceed Federal Travel Regs per diem for the visited city (
          In-state per diem = $75.00 per day
          Trips with no overnight stay $11.25 (6-12 hrs.) and $30.00 (over 12 hrs.)

Important Definitions:

Off-campus definition: For all activities performed in facilities not owned by the institution and to which rent is directly allocated
to the project (s), the off-campus rate will apply. Grants or contracts will not be subject to more than one F& A cost rate. If more than
50% of a project is performed off-campus, the off-campus rate will apply to the entire project.
Basic Research: Research for the purpose of gaining a fuller knowledge or understanding of a subject without seeking specific
ways to put that knowledge to work in new processes of products.
Research: Systematic study that is undertaken in order to gain a fuller scientific knowledge or understanding of a subject.
Instruction: Except for research training, instruction includes all teaching and training, whether for credit toward a degree or
certificate of on a non-credit basis.
Other Sponsored Activities: Programs and projects supported by outside sponsors that involve performing work other than
Instruction and Research.

Cognizant Audit Agency
Division of Cost Allocation
Department of Health and Human Services
330 Independence Ave., SW
Room 1067
Washington, DC 20201