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									       2009 – 2010
       25th anniversary
       season                            Programs
                                         for K – 12

i m ag i n at i o n s s i n c e 19 8 4
                                                                          Fall TOuR SPONSOR

                                                                       WiNTeR TOuR SPONSOR

                                                     aRTiSTS iN SchOOl ReSideNcy SPONSOR –
                                                                        ShakeSPeaRe SeRieS

25 yeaRS
                                                              SummeR dRama camP SPONSOR
                                                                    The Anonymous Fund at
                                                                     the Calgary Foundation

                                                                          OuTReach PaRTNeR

OF excelleNce                                                              FuNdiNg ageNcieS

FOuNded iN 1984, Quest Theatre
is an award-winning professional theatre
company with a national reputation for high
quality theatrical productions and educational                    adOPT-a-SchOOl SPONSORS
leadership. The company has an outstanding                      Alberta Newsprint Company
record of fiscal responsibility.                                The Anonymous Fund at the
                                                                       Calgary Foundation

The cOmPaNy haS PeRFORmed                                            Imperial Oil Foundation

FOR OveR 1.1 milliON yOuNg                                           Penn West Energy Trust

PeOPle and also operates thriving Artists in                      Suncor Energy Foundation

School Residency, Theatre School and Summer                              cORPORaTe dONORS
Drama Camp programs. The company has a                          Accu - Tax Consulting Corp.
strong commitment to new play development                      B & E Electronics Supply Ltd.
and regularly commissions new scripts that                       Chevron Canada Resources
address issues that affect young people.                              Dandi Productions Inc.
Every season Quest Theatre provides work           Gregory J. Forrest Professional Corporation
for over 200 artists, technicians, designers        Rundle Mountain Charitable Foundation 
and administrative staff.                        S. Bruce Yaholnitsky Professional Corporation
                                                                        Wawanesa Insurance
                                                                Wettstein Family Foundation
                      Quest Theatre
                   is a member of the                     Calgary Jewish Community Centre
               Professional Association                                   Glenbow Museum
                of Canadian Theatres                                    Temple B’Nai Tikvah
             (PACT) and engages theatre                             Trudie Lee Photography
               artists under the terms of        University of Calgary, Department of Drama
                the Canadian Theatre
Message froM the
artistic Director
Hello and welcome to Quest Theatre’s
25th Anniversary Season! I am so thrilled
to be succeeding Duval Lang as Quest
Theatre’s Artistic Director. For over
20 years I have loved working with
Quest Theatre and it is such an honour
to be part of such a wonderful, wonderful
company! I have been witness to, and heard
many stories about, the transforming power that
theatre has for young audiences. Whether young
people are watching our shows, performing in one
     of our Artists in School Residencies, expressing
         themselves through our Annual Youth Art
            Show or exploring the craft of acting in
              our Theatre School or Summer Drama
               Camps — theatre and young people
                are a wonderful and magical fit.

                   Both of our touring shows this year
                   focus on courage. In The Invisible Girl
                  Ali must find great courage to do the
                 right thing despite enormous pressure
               from her friends. And all three characters
             in Night Light find the courage to face
          their fears despite the fact that they have                                      Mission
     tried and failed before.                                                           stateMent
As they navigate through their lives young people                Quest Theatre is a
encounter many situations in which there are no easy            professional theatre
answers. Theatre is a wonderful, emotional and                 company that serves
communal experience that helps us understand               as a catalyst for creative
we are not alone. Use our work as a catalyst           communication, co-operation
for communication and change so all of your           and change. Quest develops
children feel the courage of their convictions,            and produces theatrical
try again where they have failed before, and          experiences that are relevant
celebrate their beautiful, unique sense of self!    and important to young people.
                                                    The Quest experience enhances
                                                       one’s sense of self, engages
                                                     individuals with issues in their
Nikki Loach                                       communities, and fosters ongoing
artistic Director | quest theatre                connections to the performing arts.

q u e s t t h e at r e   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 th a n n i v e r a r y s e a s o n            1

october 13 – november 29, 2009                                                           Play themes
                                                                                         Bullying, Friendship,
          y stage Family series PerFormances                                             Respect and Self Esteem
                         november 25 – 29, 2009                                          curriculum ties

                             aPProPriate For grades K – 6                                english language arts
                                                                                         General Outcomes: 1.1, 1.2,

the invisible
                                                                                         2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.4, 5.1,
                                                                                         social studies
                                                                                         General Outcomes: K.1, K.2, 1.1

girl by michele riml
                                                                                         drama (K – 6) First goal,
                                                                                         second goal, third goal
                                                                                         General Outcomes: K.1, K.2, 1.1

                                                                                         health and liFe sKills
The Invisible Girl focuses on a young girl named Ali                                     Wellness, Relationship and
                                                                                         Life Learning Choices
who is part of the most popular group in school.
When Ali stands up for an unpopular classmate,                                           Detailed curriculum ties
                                                                                         available by request.
she finds herself excluded from the “in” crowd and
becomes virtually “invisible.” Will she be forced to
befriend the “uncool” kids or will she do what it                                        sPonsored by

takes to please the popular crowd and get her friends
back? The Invisible Girl is a timely piece that examines
the devastation of social bullying and culminates in
a young lady’s conviction to do the right thing.

q u e s t t h e at r e   |    2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 th a n n i v e r a r y s e a s o n                                   2

          February 8 – marCh 26, 2010                                                    Play themes
                                                                                         Bullying, Self Discovery,
                             aPProPriate For GraDes k – 6
                                                                                         Relationships, Courage

niGht liGht
                                                                                         and Overcoming Fear
                                                                                         CurriCulum ties
                                                                                         enGlish lanGuaGe arts

by John lazarus                                                                          General Outcomes: 1.1, 1.2,
                                                                                         2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.4, 4.1, 4.3, 5.1
                                                                                         soCial stuDies
Night Light examines both the imaginary and very                                         values anD attituDes, skills
real fears that exist in one family. Victor is being                                     anD ProCesses
                                                                                         General Outcomes: K.1, K.2,
tormented by a bully at school and his younger                                           1.1, 4.2
sister is afraid of what she believes is living in her                                   Grade 6 – Meeting Human
                                                                                         Needs/Topic A
top dresser drawer at night.
                                                                                         Drama (k – 6) First Goal,
                                                                                         seConD Goal, thirD Goal
Both children eventually find the courage and help
                                                                                         health anD liFe skills
they need to overcome their fears and stand their                                        Wellness, Relationship and
ground against bullies and monsters in this very                                         Life Learning Choices

funny and moving play for young audiences.                                               Detailed curriculum ties
                                                                                         available by request.

                                                                                         sPonsoreD by

q u e s t t h e at r e   |    2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 th a n n i v e r a r y s e a s o n                                      3
Our week-long Residency Programs                                         MATHEMAGICS
are an exciting way to unite students,
staff and parents in the creation of a                                   APPROPRIATE FOR GRADES K – 6
theatrical event complete with set,                                      We’ll make fractions fun, measurements
costume pieces, simple props and lights.                                 magical and probability profound.
                                                                         Who knows what they could ‘add’ up
THE SHAKESPEARE                                                          to, what ‘angles’ we’ll pursue, what
SERIES                                                                   good ‘lines’ your students will come
                                                                         up with. The prospects are infinite!

                                                                         ALLIGATOR PIE AND
                                                                         THE PAPERbAG
Choose from an abridged version of
the following classic plays: Hamlet,
Julius Caesar, Macbeth, A Midsummer                                      APPROPRIATE FOR GRADES K – 6
Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet,                                         We’ll lead your students in a theatrical
or Twelfth Night. Then, watch as your                                    presentation of stories and poems by
students explore such universal themes                                   two of Canada’s favourite writers for
as mystery, loyalty, revenge, intrigue,                                  young people — Robert Munsch and
and unrequited love while experiencing                                   Dennis Lee. This residency is all about
the beautiful language of the Bard in an                                 imagination, innovation and participation
exciting atmosphere that encourages a                                    as we bring to life stories that evoke
life-long love of his works.                                             laughter, suspense and the absurd.

Schools are eligible to apply for a grant to cover 50 – 75% of the residency fee (excluding GST)
through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA). The deadline to apply for funding of programs
that take place between Sep. 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011 is Apr. 1, 2010. Please contact the AFA at
403-310-0000 or 780-427-9968 for more information.

q u E S T T H E AT R E   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 TH A N N I v E R A R Y S E A S O N                           4

                                                                         Let the theme of CouRAge
                                                                         inspire you and dazzle us with
                                                                         your art by entering the 8th Annual
                                                                         Youth Art Show. A jury selected
                                                                         by Quest Theatre will judge the
                                                                         artwork submitted, and the finalists
                                                                         will have their work displayed in the
                                                                         lobby of the glenbow Museum the
                                                                         weekend of November 21 – 22, 2009.
                                                                         Quest Theatre will present an abridged
                                                                         version of our production of The
                                                                         Invisible girl on November 21, 2009
                                                                         followed by the official presentation
                                                                         of cash awards to the winning artists.
                                                                         All artwork must be submitted to
                                                                         our office no later than 4 p.m. on
                                                                         october 23, 2009. For more details,
                                                                         submission guidelines and the artwork
                                                                         application form go to our website
                                                                         at or contact
                                                                         our Director of Development and
                                                                         Education at 403-264-8575 ext. 21.
                                                                         PROGRAM PARTNER

q u E S T T H E AT R E   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 TH A N N I v E R A R Y S E A S O N                        5
For aGes 7 – aDuLt

sePtember – aPriL
900 – 47 avenue sW
(temPLe b’nai tikvah)

Participants will learn step-by-
step, once a week, about acting,
voice, speech and movement from
professional actors and directors.
Classes are taught in a nurturing and
supportive environment that allows
students to expand and channel all
their imaginative, creative energy.

Classes will run over two semesters.

Call 403-264-8575, ext. 21 for more
information. For full Theatre School
details go to

musiCaL theatre Partner

q u e s t t h e at r e   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 th a n n i v e r a r y s e a s o n   6
                                                                         15th annuaL
                                                                         For aGes 6 – 18

                                                                         JuLy 5 – auGust 6, 2010
                                                                         900 – 47 avenue s.W.
                                                                         (teMPLe B’nai tikvah)

                                                                         Join our veteran theatre artists as they
                                                                         enable camp participants to build self-
                                                                         esteem, gain confidence and explore
                                                                         theatre in a concentrated summer
                                                                         acting experience unlike any other!

                                                                         Participants will work on voice, acting,
                                                                         improv and movement during fun-
                                                                         filled 1, 2 and 3 week camps that run
                                                                         Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

                                                                         For full Summer Camp details
                                                                         go to or
                                                                         call 403-264-8575, ext. 21 for
                                                                         more information.

                                                                         sPonsoreD in Part By
                                                                         The Anonymous Fund at the Calgary Foundation

q u e s t t h e at r e   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 th a n n i v e r a r y s e a s o n                              7
MaNageMeNt teaM
           Nikki Loach,
               artistic Director
                    With Quest theatre siNce 1988
               After a long history with Quest Theatre,
                Nikki became Quest Theatre’s Artistic
                Director in June 2009. Over the years
                Nikki has enjoyed performing in and
               directing several Quest productions.
              She has also been an instructor for
             Quest’s Theatre School, Summer
           Drama Camps and Artists in School
         Residency programs. Nikki has enjoyed
     being an actor, director and teacher in
Calgary. Her directing work has been seen on                                             BoarD of
many stages including The Shaw Festival,                                                 Directors
Theatre Calgary and Theatre Junction.
                                                                                        Beverley Blue, Director
                                                                                         Kathy Fraser, Director
           rose BroW,
               MaNagiNg Director                                                             Bill Gray, Director

                    With Quest theatre                                                  Sally Holman, Director
                     siNce 1998
                                                             Elrose J. Klause, chair
                Rose began with Quest Theatre
                                                        Roderick J. McKay, treasurer
                as the Tour and Communications
                Coordinator. She has been the               Bill Patterson, Past chair
                Managing Director of Quest Theatre
               since 2001. Born and raised in Calgary
              she has spent the last seventeen
            years working with such organizations as
          Alberta Theatre Projects, Theatre Calgary,
       The Banff Centre for the Arts, The Calgary
  International Children’s Festival, duFort Enterprises
and Mulgrave Road Theatre (Nova Scotia). Rose has
served, on a variety of arts related boards and
committees including: the Professional
Association of Canadian Theatres,
Mount Royal College Conservatory and
the Calgary Professional Arts Alliance.

Q u e s t t h e at r e   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 th a N N i v e r a r y s e a s o N                         8
            MAndy ClArke dAle,
               direCTor oF developMenT And
                         WiTh QueST TheATre SinCe 2003
                 Mandy has been a stage manager,
                 high school drama teacher, workshop
                 instructor, and an Artists in School
                 Residency team member. Her passion
                for Theatre for Young Audiences
              inspires her as Director of Development
            and Education to make the arts more                                            ArTiSTS in
          accessible to young people in Alberta and                                           SChool
      throughout western Canada. In her position,                                          reSidenCy
Mandy works to enable sponsors and donors to
see the difference their funding makes to the
schools and communities Quest visits.
                                                                                        TeAM leAderS
                                                                                                  Aaron Coates

           dAniel libMAn,                                                                       Braden Griffiths
               TheATre SChool And SuMMer
                drAMA CAMp CoordinATor                                                            Cheryl Hutton

                         WiTh QueST TheATre                                              Karen Johnson-Diamond,
                         SinCe 2005
                Daniel is a playwright, actor,                                                    Marcy Lannan
                director and teacher. There                                                          Joel Smith
                have been over 40 professional
                                                                                               Adrienne Smook
                productions of his plays in North
               America and he was Playwright-in-                                               Nova Lea Thorne
             Residence and Associate Dramaturge
           at ATP (1989 – 94).  As a director Daniel
        has worked with ATP, LATA, Theatre Junction,
  Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, as well as directing
student actors at Theatre Calgary, the EPCOR
CENTRE Theatre School (which he founded
and ran) and Quest Theatre. He has
taught at the Saidye Bronfman
Centre in Montreal, Mount Royal
College, Calgary Opera, and Theatre
Calgary. Daniel continues to act regularly
in film and television.

Q u e S T T h e AT r e   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 Th A n n i v e r A r y S e A S o n                          9
Touring                                                                  ArTiSTS in SChool
perForMAnCe FeeS                                                         reSidenCy priCeS
CAlgAry region                                                           in CAlgAry (300 STudenTS)*
$695.00 + $34.75 GST = $729.75                                           $5,900.00 + $295.00 GST = $6,195.00
ouTSide CAlgAry                                                          ouTSide CAlgAry (300 STudenTS)*
$825.00 + $41.25 GST = $866.25                                           $7,100.00 + $355.00 GST = $7,455.00
                                                                         briTiSh ColuMbiA And
                                                                         SASkATCheWAn (300 STudenTS)
                                                                         $7,500.00 + $375.00 GST = $7,875.00
                                                                          * If school has over 300 students, costs increase.
On tours, a $100.00 transportation                                               Please call us at 403-264-8575, ext. 21
surcharge is levied to schools that are                                                              for more information.
more than 325 kms from Calgary.
lengTh oF                                                                SurChArge
perForMAnCe                                                              On residencies, a $200.00 transportation
Each performance runs approximately                                      surcharge is levied to schools that
50 minutes with a 5 – 10 minute                                          are 300 to 500 kms from Calgary,
question and answer session following.                                   and a $300.00 transportation
                                                                         surcharge for those more than
                                                                         500 kms from Calgary.
STudy guide
A professionally-prepared study guide
with curriculum enriching material                                       To ConFirM A booking
for your classroom is provided with                                      ConTACT QueST TheATre:
each booking.                                                            phone 403-264-8575 ext. 21

                                                                         Toll Free 1-888-801-2508

                                                                         FAx 403-264-8578
AudienCe Size                                                            e-MAil

There is a maximum audience size                                         Web

of 400 students per performance.
A discount for a second performance                                      For y STAge FAMily SerieS
on the same day is available for                                         bookingS ConTACT verTigo
schools with more than 400 students.                                     TheATre box oFFiCe:
                                                                         phone 403-221-3708

                                                                                               deSign Daniel   Blais Design Studios
                                                                                                      illuSTrATion Dena   Seiferling

privACy poliCy
Quest Theatre does not buy, sell or trade your personal information with other organizations.
Your information is kept confidential and is only used as required. If you would like your name
removed from our mailing list or require more information, please contact the privacy officer at
403-264-8575 ext. 24.

Q u e S T T h e AT r e   |   2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 2 5 Th A n n i v e r A r y S e A S o n                                         10
25 years
of exCellenCe
          Bay 9, 6143 – 4 Street SE | Calgary, AB | T2H 2H9
Phone   403-264-8575 |    toll free   1-888-801-2508 |   fax   403-264-8578
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