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									                                                                                                                       P R O G R A M S
                                                       EFFECTIVE STEWARD LEADERSHIP                                                                                      SABBATICAL PILGRIMAGE EXPERIENCE
                                                       Serving Beyond Boundaries                                 The program covers:
                                                                                                                                                                         A Sacred Time To: Stop—Take Time—Move On
                                                       January 4 – April 1, 2011
                                                                                                                   •   Emerging models of Church leadership and
                                                                                                                       inclusive ministry in Asia-Pacific context.       Excellent for people on crossroads, or in new
                                                       The course is designed to empower the                       •   Theological/spiritual reflection on steward       beginnings, or simply wish to stop and pause,
                                                       ministers—lay, religious, and ordained—in their                 leadership and other related themes such as       the Sabbatical offers valuable time:
                                                       role as agents of the reign of God in a world                   dialogue, reconciliation and accountability.
                                                       torn by disparity, strife and violence, where               •   Skills in management of groups, facilitating      • where questions are not necessarily answered
                                                       the absence of effective leadership is felt now                 and building community, mediation and                 but serenely lived with;
                                                       more than ever. It provides vision and skills                   conflict management.                              • where paradigm shifts experientially occur;
                                                       in ministering to people beyond boundaries,                                                                       • where integration of faith and life happens through
                                                       stretching the limits of structures and institutions.     Cost: US $ 2,880 (Tuition + Board and Lodging)              a wholistic exposure to the rich disciplines of
                                                                                                                                                                             different cultures;
PASTORAL RENEWAL PROGRAM                                 COURSES                          FOR                  APRIL - JUNE                           2011               •   where a deeper discovery of the self makes
Ongoing Formation for Integral Transformation                                                                                                                                possible an intimate knowledge of God;
June 28 – December 10, 2010                            PASTORAL MANAGEMENT                                       SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS IN
                                                       WORKSHOP                                                  PASTORAL MINISTRY WORKSHOP                              all in a safe, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere
Implementing the Vision and Mission of the             This one-month workshop is designed for                   This month-long workshop provides pastoral              of a caring community.
EAPI, this Program provides an integral, holistic,     pastoral workers (lay, religious men and women,           workers with lectures and hands-on training on the
ongoing formation for those engaged in pastoral        clergy) currently holding managerial functions in         use of media for their various ministries. It aims to       •   June 28 – December 10, 2010
ministry—lay, religious, and clergy. This course                                                                                                                                 Cost: US$4,980 (Tuition + Board and Lodging)
                                                       church-related institutions or organizations. It          enable participants to improve their communication
is designed to enable them to reflect anew on                                                                    and presentation skills as well as learn how to use
being ministers in the churches of Asia and the
                                                       includes modules on strategic planning, project                                                                       •   January 4 – April 1, 2011
                                                       management, human resource management,                    different media for pastoral work. It will also help            Cost: US$2,940 (Tuition + Board and Lodging)
Pacific in this time of complex socio-political,       financial management, social marketing,                   them appreciate the ways the Church has used
cultural changes and religious pluralism and           strategic negotiation and conflict resolution,            media effectively and the major challenges that
to equip them with a variety of pastoral skills
needed in their mission of proclaiming the
                                                       transformational and steward leadership, etc.             face us today in the work of Evangelization.            RESIDENT STAFF
                                                                                                                                                                         Amelia Vasquez, RSCJ           Luc Mees, MJ
Good News in their particular pastoral contexts.
                                                       LAY DISCIPLESHIP IN A                                     SPIRITUAL DIRECTION WORKSHOP                            Carmencita Rojas               Jeyaraj Rasiah, SJ
                                                       PARTICIPATORY CHURCH                                      This one-month workshop affirms the growing             Cecilia Tong, ACI              Pham Minh Uoc, SJ
The program covers:                                                                                                                                                      Gemma Yecla                    James Meehan, SJ
                                                       This program responds to the needs of                     need of communities and of many individuals
                                                                                                                 for spiritual guidance or accompaniment in their        Felipe Gómez, SJ               Dennis Paez, SDB
  •   Deeper self-understanding, psycho-spiritual      lay pastoral workers who desire a deeper
                                                                                                                 growing personal relationship with God. Carefully       Leticia Taberdo                Arthur Leger, SJ
      integration, and spiritual renewal of the        understanding of their own vocation as disciples                                                                  Fernando Macalinao, SJ
      ministers through monthly recollections and      of Christ and better formation in their role in the       structured in a gradual and experiential way, the
      a week-long silent retreat.                      Church and in the world. It provides opportunities        course provides the participants with a clear and
  •   Greater familiarity with the Word of God—        for updating, personal renewal, growth in self-care       balanced perspective of spiritual direction as well     V I S I T I N G F A C U LT Y
      as studied, celebrated, and shared in small      and empowerment by strengthening their sense              as the dynamics, methods and issues related to
                                                                                                                                                                         Niceta Vargas, OSA             Mark Koo, SJ
      communities.                                     of dignity and competence as co-workers in a              it. Practicum in giving spiritual direction is one of   Estela Padilla                 Felix Wilfred
  •   Updating in major areas such as Christology,     participatory Church. It also gives skills training to    the highlights of the workshop, where participants      John Füllenbach, SVD           Diarmuid O Murchu, MSC
      ecclesiology, sacraments, mission theology,                                                                apply principles and skills learned. The workshop       Earnest Tan                    Augustine Loorthusamy
                                                       harness the lay participants’ gifts in proclaiming
      and spirituality.                                                                                          is very helpful for discerning one’s gift and call to   Philip Gibbs, SVD              Jerry Martinson, SJ
  •   Practical pastoral skills: community building,   the Word, animating communities and leading
                                                       particular ministries.                                    this ministry.                                          Sebastian Painadath, SJ        Emmanuel de Guzman
      counselling, ministering to specific groups
      (family, youth, and the aged).

Cost: US $ 4,810 (Tuition + Board and Lodging)
                                     OTHER PROGRAMS
                                     MASTER OF ARTS                                       VISION STATEMENT
                                     IN PASTORAL STUDIES
                                                                                          The East Asian Pastoral Institute - EAPI - is a
                                     • Prerequisites: A Civil Bachelor’s degree,
                                                                                          multicultural community of disciples striving to
                                       Pastoral Renewal and Effective Steward
                                       Leadership Programs.                               witness to a new way of being Church. We commit
                                                                                          ourselves to the churches of Asia and the Pacific
                                     • The curriculum includes ten courses, taken         in their mission to serve as leaven (Lk. 13:21) in
                                       over a one-year period, and the writing of a       a vast region characterized by ancient cultures,
                                       thesis. The degree is given through the Ateneo     diverse religious traditions, widespread poverty,
                                       de Manila University.                              and complex social changes.

                                     PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA                                 MISSION STATEMENT
                                     IN PASTORAL STUDIES
• Pastoral Renewal Program                                                                The East Asian Pastoral Institute, following the
                                     • Prerequisites: Pastoral Renewal and Effective      way of Jesus Christ, places itself at the service
• Sabbatical Pilgrimage Experience     Steward Leadership Programs.                       of the transformation of societies and cultures in
                                                                                          Asia and the Pacific towards the values of God’s
• Effective Steward Leadership       • This one-year program involves eight courses       reign by providing programs of integral formation
                                       in the M.A. curriculum and two fieldwork           for laity, religious and ordained ministers to help
                                       courses with supervision or a major paper.
                                                                                          them become more
2010 - 2011                                                                                • conversant with Sacred Scriptures and
                                                                                             theological insights
                                     INTENSIVE ENGLISH COURSE
                                                                                           • rooted in their own cultures and spiritualities
                                     • Open for those with a basic English proficiency     • aware of their social and ecclesial contexts
                                       but need further training and practice in           • skilled in pastoral methods and approaches
                                       preparation for regular EAPI courses.               • motivated in their apostolic commitment to
                                                                                             the triple dialogue with faiths, cultures and the
                                     • Covers three modules at the end of which              poor, and enriched by a lived experience of
                                       students are tested for the required proficiency

Asian                                                                                                                                                East
                                                                                             intercultural and interpersonal exchanges.
                                       for enrolment to the regular courses at EAPI.
                                       The course is offered twice a year, from
                                                                                                      ADDRESS ALL INqUIRIES TO:
                                       January to June, and from July to December.

Institute                            • Conducted by the English Language Unit
                                       at EAPI.
                                                                                                                     ThE SECRETARIAT
                                                                                                              East Asian Pastoral Institute
local churches                                                                                                P.O. Box 221, U.P. Campus            Serving the
the Pacific                                                                                                 1101 Quezon City, Philippines         of Asia and
                                                                                                                   TEL: (632) 426-5901
                                                                                                                   FAx: (632) 426-6143
                                                                                                         E-MAIL: eapisec@admu.edu.ph
                                                                                                       WEBSITE: http://eapi.admu.edu.ph

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