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					    Creating inspiring musical experiences nationwide                                                            December 24, 2012
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Dear Scor! Friend,
         For the past few years, you’ve been hearing that
Scor! is a great success. That’s because it is--in no small
part thanks to your attending, giving, and enthusiastic
support. Stories of transformation, confidence, cour-
age, discovery, improvement, camaraderie, and

                                                                lum, and acquired copious tools and resources to make
                                                                these things happen.
                                                                         A few years have been spent transforming Scor!
                                                                from a micro-business into a tax deductible non-profit
                                                                organization. Scor! is positioned as a national leader in
                                                                the adult string movement, and the infectious Scor! spirit
                                                                has been shared across the country.
                                                                         But that’s not the whole story.
              Columbus Scor! Campers this past summer.                   Expanding Scor! is like planting an orchard. Plant-
                                                                ing seeds and nurturing them to maturity is a multi-year
friendship abound. Scor! programs are top notch. A local process. It takes time and resource to nurture and grow
camp that lasts a few days a year has been transformed          a seed until it bears fruit. Likewise, time and resource is
into a dozen camps around the country. We have built a          needed to establish and nurture new camps. Expansion
new website, re-energized publicity, stepped up com-            is not an easy phase. Scor!’s resources have been pushed
munication, developed efficient systems for marketing,          and pulled, stretched and challenged. Resource for new
designed a new registration system, improved customer           camps does not and can not come only from tuition dol-
service processes, designed several new sets of curricu-        lars. There are not enough of them. Not yet. We depend
                                                                                     on donations to provide resource so
“You have done a nice job organizing and thinking through the entire process         new camps can germinate and flour-
                                                                                     ish. Now is a crucial time to invest in
of camp management. When that is added to your significant musical talents           the future of these camps and in the
and teaching abilities, you have a powerful package. I certainly look forward        growth and transformation of others
                                                                                     like you.
to Scor! next year.” -S.C. (2012 Atlanta Scor! Camper)                                                   Continued on back...

                                    Scor! is a program of Symerge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation
        877-726-7267       67 Pembroke Street #1, Rochester, NY 14620

          We’ve heard it from you. You want Scor! to contin-                            knowing that so many others are exactly like me. I felt like
   ue providing opportunity to adult string players like you,                           my endeavors were validated and appreciated, and I love
   and you want Scor! in more places. We want this too. We                              that I was able to contribute and belong to something won-
                                                                                        derful and valuable. Now I have newly found confidence
   Scor! is the most amazing experience for me. Without it,                             and strength because of Scor!.” -2012 Rochester Scor! Camper
                                                                                                 Scor! generates community, growth, and inspira-
   I probably would have given up on violin. -E.B.                                      tion. Pass it on with a donation to Scor!. Happy New Year!

   have all the systems, ability, and willingness to make this                          Beth K. Bultman
   happen. But we can’t do it without you. We need your                                 Scor! Founder, Symerge Program Director

   partnership to provide the resource of investment –
   to nurture this orchard of camps so we can watch it,
   and those who participate, grow.
                                                     Kyle & I are doing                    Scor!-Mobile Campaign Update
                                              everything we can to                            •	 $5,800 raised so far. Thanks for your support!
                                              make Scor! thrive. We
                                              have continued to build                         •	 This is the 2nd year of a planned 3-4 yr. funding effort.
                                              Scor! at great personal                         •	 $8,200 not yet paid for. Interior is not yet finished.
                                              cost and sacrifice. We                          •	 Need $2,700 before this season’s camps to make pay-
                                              think it’s worth it,                               ments and add towing equipment upgrades.
                                              because we believe in
                                              adults. We believe it’s
                                              not too late to learn. We
                                              believe that investing
                                              in growth and transfor-
    Ken Abrams (RI): Recent violin aficionado
                                              mation is a worthwhile
    and Scor! attendee at Delray Beach Scor!  endeavor.
                                                     Maybe the follow-
   ing sentiment is similar to yours. We would like to see this
   story written over and over again. And I think you would
   too. “I liked everything about Scor!! I have grown through

I want to enable musical & personal growth!
                                                                                                 Detach & return form in enclosed envelope

 My tax-deductible gift to Scor! is enclosed.
                                                                                        Recognition Preference?
                                                                                        Check below & describe.          Thank you for your gift!
                                                                                        My gift is Anonymous.                   Give for Growth Today:
 I’m interested in learning about volunteering to obtain crucial                      In  Honor  Memory of:
                                                                                                                      Expand the reach of Scor!
small business sponsorships for a Scor! camp near me.
                                                                                                                         $30         $75
 I’d like to donate from my FlexNote balance. Indicate amount at                                                        $50         $100
right, then sign and date to approve a transfer of funds to a donation, according to
your FlexNote agreement terms. Funds will transfer from your oldest FlexNote.          If you donate from a           Build the Scor!-Mobile. Help finish the
                                                                                       FlexNote account, we will         trailer that hauls Scor! around the nation!
                                                                                       send you new pmt. info &
Signature:                                              Date:                          an account summary.                $125 (build 1 square foot!)
 Wrong Address:                                                                                                          $250 (build 2 square feet!)
My New Address is:                                                                                                    Nurture a Scor! Camp. Indicate Camp
                                                                                                                         Name, if desired:
                                                                                                                          $500 Venue/facility sponsor
                        Scor!                                                                                             $1,000 Camp sponsor
                        67 Pembroke Street #1                                                                         Other. Write description, if desired:
                        Rochester, NY 14620-1523                                                                         $
                 Annual Scor! Donations
                                                                             Thank You, Donors! (‘11-’12 fiscal yr.)
                                                                             Patrons: $1000-$4,999         Mark & Elaine Bundy
                                                                             Peg Beyer                     Jean Campbell
                                                                             Kyle & Beth Bultman           Nancy Castleberry
                                                                             Rita Epstein                  Janet Colburn
    $10,000                                                                  + Barbara Hill                Pat Crawford
                                                             $15,190                                       Carol English
     $5,000                                                                  Supporters: $200-$999         Jane Eno
                                                                             Ernestine Aberle              Frances Gray
         $0                                                                                                Brian Ingraham
                                                                             Ken Abrams
                 Oct '10 - Sep '11   Oct '11 - Sep '12   Oct '12 - Sep '13                                 Brent & Libby Ingraham
                                                                             Anonymous (total)
                                                                             Steve & Anne Bennett          Bob Israel
                         Cash Donations       Season Goal
                                                                             Rebekah Prince                Kathy Kemp
                                                                             Marion Ripley                 Deborah Little
          Thank you for your generous support! Donations were up             The String House (Company)    Anne Medberry
           substantially this past fiscal year. With your support we can                                   Gene Murray
                            meet Scor!’s funding goal!
                                                                             Robert Wyman
                                                                                                           John & Kay Nemire
                                                                                                           Steve Perkins
                                                                             Contributors: $100-$199       Margaret Perry
        Special thanks to:                                                   Jerrold & Victoria Alpern
                                                                             Larry & Joanne Boerman
                                                                                                           Brenda Ripley
          •	 Silent Auction donors (and shoppers!), who helped               Joann Bonafede
                                                                                                           Mark Silverbush
              raise over $1,700 in support of Scor!.                                                       Ruth Starkey
                                                                             Will Branch                   John Sweemer
          •	 Melanie and Jim Pandich for their extensive week-               Steve & Kim Bultman           Helen Sydavar
              long volunteer efforts at the Rochester Scor! Camp.            Richard Dassance              Dale Vanderlaan
          •	 FlexNote participants who have believed in Scor!                Milton (Bill) Knight          Gaby Wohlauer
              and invested in its future.                                     Lampcraft, Inc (Company)
                                                                             Leah Megiel
                                                                             Paul Ness                     + In Memory Of:
                                                                             § Mary Novak                  “My mother, Jean Taylor. “
Other Ways to Support:                                                       Jonathan Phillips
•	 Give a Scor! Wish-list item at our Support page online. Select                                          § In Honor Of:
   from specific items Scor! needs to expand and offer great camps           Friends: $20-$99              “Carol Suddath and Cindy
   this year! Go to                         Rosemary Agnew                Dapore, who first brought
                                                                             Sondra Anderson               me to Scor!.”
•	 Donate securely online by e-check/credit/debit/paypal at www.                                               Kyong Andress
                                                                             Carol-Ann Black                Includes In-Kind Goods
•	 If your employer has a Matching Gift Program, ask your com-               Ellen Brown
   pany to match your tax-deductible contribution to Scor!.
•	 Include a bequest to Scor! (a program of Symerge) in your estate
   planning. Symerge’s Federal Tax ID is: 26-3884911.

                                                                             Thank You, Donors! (‘10-’11 fiscal yr.)
          Budgeted Scor! Income                                              Founders: $15,000+            Friends: $20-$99
           Silent        Grants                          Merchandise          Kyle & Beth Bultman          Lampcraft, Inc (Company)
        Auction(s)        4%                              Sales, less                                      Ernestine Aberle
                                                            Cost of                                        Joann Bonafede
                                                                             Supporters: $200-$999
Individual                                                                   Rita Epstein                  Steve & Kim Bultman
                                                              2%                                           Mark & Elaine Bundy
  Donors                                                                     Anonymous (total)
                                                                             Steve & Anne Bennett          Pat Crawford
                                                                             Peg Beyer                     Ruth Hutchins
                                                                             Richard Dassance              Brent & Libby Ingraham
              Business                                                       Barbara Hill                  Brian Ingraham
              Sponsors                                                       The String House (Company)    Bob Israel
                13%                                                          Robert Wyman                  Kimberly Kim
                                                                                                           Jim Olson
                                                                                                           Margaret Perry
                                                                             Contributors: $100-$199
                                                                                                           Brenda Ripley
                                                                             Nadine Benaderet
   Meals                                                                                                   Carol Suddath
                                                                             Cress & Ken Bloss
                                                              Scor!                                        Harold Towslee
  Income,                                                                    Huthmaker Violins (Company)
                                                            Tuition &                                      Gaby Wohlauer
  less cost                                                                  Marion Ripley
                         Tuition revenue is expected to cover
     2%                                                                                                     Includes In-Kind Goods
                         at most 67% of Scor! costs in 2013. 67%
               from my scrapbook                                                                                     by Beth
                                 proverbs for the player

               Body Balance:                          pencil or the golf club             not expect to perfectly serve
                ÌString playing is a highly           as tightly as you can, you          a tennis ball the first time,
                 asymmetrical endeavor, and           wouldn’t write or swing well.       don’t expect to ace any string
                 yet, our goal is to feel bal-        Same with your instrument           technique without much
                 anced when we play.                  and bow!                            repetition.
                ÌYour primary senses while           ÌPhysical skill is not the same
                 playing are hearing and              as knowledge. No matter
                 touch. Your eyesight is not          how well you know some-
                 as prevalent as you think.           thing, you can’t apply that
                 Try playing with your eyes           to your instrument until
                 closed, or not looking at            your body learns it too.     “...our goal is to feel
                 your instrument.                    ÌString playing is a physical
                                                      skill. Just like you would
                                                                                   balanced while we play.”
                ÌRelax! If you gripped the

                                                    The Scor! Effect                                             2013 Scor! Camps
                                                    Campers, you wrote this one.                               SAVE THE DATES:
                                                                                                               March 14 - 16     Delray Beach, FL
                                              “The ability to make music and                                   March 21 - 23     Tampa Bay, FL
                                                                                                               April 3 - 6       Atlanta, GA
                                            learn with other string-passionate                                 TBA               *Southern Scor!
                                               adults is a dream fulfilled.” –RE                               TBA               *Mid-West Scor!
                                                                                                               TBA               Knoxville, TN
                                                                                                               TBA               *Carolina Scor!, NC
                                                    “Scor! has energized my                                    June 6 - 8        Bel Air, MD
                                                       musical soul.” –HH                                      June 13 - 15      Columbus, OH
                                                                                                               June 20 - 22      Lansing, MI
                                                                                                               July 9 – 13       Rochester, NY
                                                   “Scor! is like four days of                                 Jul 31 - Aug 2    Rhode Island
                                                       string nirvana.”
                                                                                                               * These locations represent approxi-
       Beth & Kyle Bultman,                                                                                    mate areas. Final details coming soon.
     Scor! & Symerge Founders                   “The opportunity… is beyond
                                                    price. Inspiring…” –KA                                     Register for Rochester Scor!
Symerge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit                                                                               Camp at the early-bird price,
organization dedicated to creativ-          “What a pleasant way to grow!” -RD                                 and save $50 off the full price.
ity training & transformational                                                                                Only through January 10!
growth experiences in the arts
through Scor! String Camps for
Adults (
& Express! school programs for
kids (

Symerge Staff:
Beth Bultman, Symerge Prog. Dir.
Kyle Bultman, Symerge CEO

Symerge Board of Directors:
Ken Abrams, Member
Beth Bultman, Secretary
Kyle Bultman, President
Nancy Mack, Treasurer
Rebekah Prince, Vice President                                      Scor! On Tour--5 months last year! The Bultmans’ motorhome (at
                                                                     left) pulling the Scor!-mobile cargo trailer (interior not-yet-built).

                                     Scor! is a program of Symerge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation
      877-726-7267        67 Pembroke Street #1, Rochester, NY 14620       

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