Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Implementation Support for the by kp00p7


									      Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
 Implementation Support for the Defense Logistics
  Agency (DLA) Defense Distribution Center (DDC)
                  (Task N.0558)
Statement of Need                                             Distribution Headquarters at
The Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is a successful       New Cumberland, PA (DDSP).           Government POC
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)          For each location, the project         Mr. David Mack,
program whose implementation has demonstrated a               team will target its unique
reduction in occupational accidents. The Defense Logistics    needs based on current status
Agency (DLA) Defense Distribution Centers (DDC) has           toward completion of the VPP               Status
resourced a plan to implement the VPP throughout the          Challenge Maturity Stages                 Ongoing
distribution network. While the DDC organization has highly   One and Two sub-elements.
capable safety professionals on staff, highly specialized     The NDCEE team will support
knowledge and capabilities are needed to advance these        this effort by communicating OSHA reporting and recording
facilities’ Safety and Health Management Systems to           requirements for the 300 log and developing strategies
successfully complete Maturity Stages One and Two of          to meet VPP requirements for Management Commitment
OSHA’s VPP Challenge Pilot Program. Challenges exist in       and Employee Involvement, Worksite Analysis, Hazard
establishing effective communication, objectively assessing   Prevention and Control, and Training.
site progress toward establishing basic safety programs
necessary to meet VPP Challenge Maturity Stages One           Anticipated Results and Benefits
and Two requirements, keeping pace in implementing the        By completing the VPP Challenge Maturity Stages One
site specific action and progress tracking plans for VPP      and Two sub-elements, the DDC organization will achieve
implementation, engaging those with key responsibilities      better execution towards meeting the criteria of OSHA’s
in VPP implementation activities, maturing opportunities      VPP Challenge Pilot Program. This implementation of VPP
for meaningful employee involvement, and accessing            requirements supports the Army-OSHA partnership and
appropriate VPP and safety and health training for            effort for reduction of civilian mishaps and injuries at military
employees at all levels.                                      installations and agency facilities.

Technical Approach                                            Technology Transfer and Outreach
The National Defense Center for Energy and Excellence         The NDCEE team will provide expertise toward achieving
(NDCEE) team will provide expert contractor support to        VPP status at DLA facilities. This effort will include
assist the DDC organization in implementation efforts         completion of the VPP Challenge Maturity Stages One and
at distribution centers trying to meet VPP sub-element        Two sub-elements and development of strategies to meet
requirements. A VPP expert consultant shall advise local      VPP requirements.
operators on execution techniques to develop a safety and
health management system congruent with the specific
criteria of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs; DLA One
Book; and the DDC Environment, Safety and Occupational
Health Management System. The support will be focused
on assisting the DLA distribution centers’ personnel in
completing VPP Challenge Maturity Stages One and
Two. The effort is specifically focused on three DDCs to
include: Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, TX (DDRT);
Norfolk Navy Base in Norfolk, VA (DDNV); and Defense

       Executive Agent Office of the Assistant Secretary
       of the Army (Installations and Environment)
                                                                                                                     Rev. 9-09

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