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					                                 JACQUELINE ANN CONNOR
                                        April 2013


1973 University of Southern California, International Relations and Economics
1976 University of Southern California Law School Juris Doctor
Admitted to the State Bar of California December 22, 1976; State Bar Number 70479
Admitted to the United States District Court, Central District August 18, 1982


1977      Los Angeles District Attorney's Office
1986      Judge, Los Angeles Municipal Court
             Appointed by Governor George Deukmejian October 6, 1986
1988-2012 Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court
             Appointed by Governor George Deukmejian April 25, 1988
             Retired February 23, 2012

              Presently mediating with ADR Services.inc.


2000 Judge of the Year, Criminal Section Los Angeles County Bar Association
2000 Judge of the Year, Century City Bar Association
2006 Outstanding Jurist of the Year, Los Angeles County Bar Association
2006 Lawdragon’s Leading 500 Judges Nationwide
2007 Included in Top 100 California Leading Lawyers by Daily Journal
2012 Judge of the Year, Loyola Law School


Jury Reform, Journal of Legal Advocacy and Practice, University of La Verne Law Review, Inaugural
Issue 1999
Jury Innovations Defense Counsel Journal, International Association of Defense Counsel April 2000
Jury Service in Los Angeles County Los Angeles County Bar Los Angeles                Litigator
Winter 2001
One Day One Trial in Los Angeles California Litigation, State Bar of California Volume 18, Number 1,
2005 (April 2005)
Jurors Need to Have Their Own Copies of Instructions Los Angeles Daily Journal February 25, 2004
Ups, Downs and All, Serving on Juries Forum, Los Angeles Daily Journal May 17, 2005
“One Day One Trial” Opens Lawyers Eyes About Jury Service Los Angeles Daily Journal, April 25,
CEB California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial. Chapter 1: “Handling Trials
Efficiently” Co-Author April 2007
Perspectives From the Bench: One Day One Trial and What It Means to You CAALA The
Advocate Magazine October 2007
Perspectives From the Bench: What Are Jurors Thinking? CAALA The Advocate Magazine June
CAALA The Advocate Magazine 2009 Perspectives From the Bench: Mandatory Settlement
CEB California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure Before Trial: Judicial Perspectives Opening
Statements and Jury Deliberations 2009
Los Angeles Daily Journal: FOCUS: Handle ProPers Like a Pro (MCLE credit) July 27, 2009
ABTL JOURNAL Making the Evidence Code Work For You Fall 2009
CEB Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial: Judicial Perspectives Jury Management and Jury
Selection. 2010
CAALA The Advocate Magazine The Ten Best Ways to Sabotage Your Motions May 2010
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CAALA Advocate Magazine February 2012 WOMEN IN THE TRIAL TRENCHES
CAALA Advocate Magazine July 2012 JUROR NUMBER EIGHT Jurors and the internet
ABOTA IF I HAD MORE TIME, COULD I MAKE IT SHORTER? tips on closing argument June


     California District Attorney's Association, Co-Chair/Co-Founder Sexual Assault Committee 1981-
     Los Angeles County Bar Association, Chair, Sexual Assault Committee 1981-1982
     Office of Criminal Justice and Planning, State Advisory Committee for the California Sexual
     Assault Services and Prevention Program 1980-1983
     Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Draft Rules for Criminal Trials, Superior Court 1994
     Los Angeles Superior Court Grand and Trial Jury Committee Vice Chair 1989 to 2000
     Los Angeles Superior Court Trial Jurors Committee Chair 2000 to 2006, 2011-2012
     Los Angeles Superior Court Legislation Committee 1989
     Los Angeles Superior Court Executive Committee 1990-1991, 1998-2001
     Los Angeles Superior Court Personnel and Budget Committee 1991, 1993
     Member, Los Angeles Superior Court Task Force on Fairness and Equality 1994-1995
     Member, Nominating Committee, California Judge's Association 1995
     Member, Los Angeles Superior Court Ad Hoc Plan Oversight Committee, 1996-2000
     Board of Directors, Carlthorp School, Santa Monica 1993-1998
     Los Angeles Superior Court Criminal Court Committee 1997
     Chair, Los Angeles Superior Court Pro Per Committee 1991 to 2001
     Ad Hoc Committee on Death Penalty Appeals 1992
     Chair, Written Questionnaire Committee, L.A. Superior Court 1992; member 1993, 1994
     Member, Jury Deliberation Project, American Judicature Society 1997 to 1999
     Los Angeles Superior Court Services/Sheriff Committee 1999
     Member, Judicial Council Task Force on Jury System Improvement 1998 to 2006
     Member, Media Committee, Los Angeles Superior Court, 1998 to 2000
     Member, Hung Jury Advisory Committee, National Center for State Courts, 1999-2000
     Member, Los Angeles County Bar Task Force on Jury Service Practices 2003
     Vice Chair, Education Committee, California Continuing Judicial Studies 2004 to 2006
     Member, AOC Committee on Pro Per Litigants 2004
     AOC Steering Committee on Jury Rules Proposals 2005 to 2012
     Member, ABA Commission on Juries 2004 to 2012
     Member AOC Joint Working Group on Jury Administration and Management 2007 to 2012
     Board Member, Association of Business Trial Lawyers July 2008 to 2010
     Commission on Judicial Performance Special Master 2007 to 2012
Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Committee 2009 to 2012
Publication Consultant, AOC Bench Handbook JURY MANAGEMENT 2007 to 2012


Faculty, Criminal Law and Procedure Institute, CJER 1992
Faculty, Los Angeles Superior Court Trial Management Conference 1993
Faculty, National Institute for Trial Advocacy 1993
Panel Member, Bench and Bar Panel on PACE Attorney Claims 1993
Faculty, Conference on Sexually Abused Children, Stuart House 1993
Faculty, Criminal Law and Procedure Institute, Capital Cases, CJER 1994
Faculty, Continuing Judicial Studies Program, Capital Cases, CJER 1995
Faculty, Continuing Judicial Studies Program, Trials Course, CJER 1995
Faculty, 1997 Criminal Law and Procedure Institute, CJER
Moderator, Panel on Civility, Los Angeles County Bar, November 1995
Panelist, Domestic Violence, Association of Probation Women 1997
Panelist, Sex Crimes Legislation, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, 1997
Panelist, Media in the Courts, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, 1997
Panelist, Summit Conference Multi Disciplinary Approach to Child Sexual Abuse, 1998
Panelist, Rutter Group Program on Criminal Law, 1998
Guest Speaker, Crime Talk TV, Los Angeles, One Day One Trial, 1999
Panelist: Innovative Jury Practices, Association of Business Trial Lawyers Program, 1999
Speaker:Jury Innovations: Next Steps, Conference of Chief Justices, Texas February 2000
Speaker: Jury Reforms CrimeTime Television Show, April 11, 2000
Speaker: Jury Issues: KJLH-FM Jacquie Stevens Show, May 2000
Speaker, KSFO Barbara Simpson Show: Jury Reforms May 14, 2000
Presentation: Jury Innovations, Los Angeles County Bar Inn of the Court, June 7, 2000
Speaker Speaker: KZLA-FM Jury Innovations The Sunday Show, July 9, 2000
Jury Reform Presentation, Criminal Courts Bar Association, September 11, 2000
Faculty, Continuing Judicial Studies: Jury Issues, 8 Hour Program, Monterey, January 2001
KABC Talk Show: Jury Issues: February 2001
Speaker, “Presenting a Trial,” Los Angeles County Bar Association March 10, 2001
CJER CJSP “Jury Reforms” Eight Hour Training, Costa Mesa April 2001
Statewide Satellite Broadcast Instructor: “Juries: Strategies for Better Trials” May 25, 2001
CJER CJSP Faculty: Death Penalty Trials August 2001
Guest, KPCC Radio “Talk of the City” One Trial Jury Service August 8, 2001
Speaker: The New Look of Jury Trials” Association of Southern California Defense Counsel
January 2002
Faculty, CJER Continuing Judicial Studies: Jury Issues. Monterey January 2002
CJER 2002 Civil Law and Procedures Institute: Jury Issues San Diego, March 1, 2002
Speaker, Court Clergy Conference: Jury Issues March 20, 2002
Speaker, Radio Show on One Day One Trial KJLH May 4, 2002
Faculty, Georgia Jury Summit, Augusta, Georgia May 9-11, 2002
Guest KFI Bill Handel on the Law radio show One Day Trial Service August 2002
San Diego Superior Court, Judicial Training on Jury Issues December 2002
Guest KROQ “Jury Service” on Open Line live morning show December 15, 2002
Faculty, Pro Per Cases and Difficult Defendants, Los Angeles Superior Court April 2003
Faculty: CJER Jury Issues for new judges, 2003, 2004, 2005 Judicial College
CEB Panel: CACI Jury Instructions January 16, 2004
CJA 2004 Conference: Panelist on Pro Per Defendants/ Judicial Demeanor May 2004
Guest KROQ “Jury Service” June 27, 2004
Guest on “Pacesetters Program” KTLA Television Jury Sanctions July 13, 2004
Guest, KFI and KNXFM on Jury Sanctions July 2004
Guest, KABC, Jury Issues July 28, 2004
Panelist, Access to Justice Symposium, Mock Trial, Loyola Law School October 2004
Guest, Jury Sanctions, AirTalk with Larry Mantle KPPC89.3 FM October 20, 2004
Faculty, 2005 Statewide Judicial Branch Conference Jury Management September 2005
Faculty, 2006 Winter Continuing Judicial Studies Program, 3 Day Jury Management Course
Los Angeles Superior Court Mandatory Civil Training: Jurors Panel February 2006
Faculty, CJER Criminal Law Institute; Innovative Jury Practices, March 2006
Special Presenter: Jury Innovations. ABOTA Meeting, April 5, 2006
Beverly Hills Bar Association Bench Bar Program: Jury Presentation April 20, 2006
Faculty, Jury Innovations, Alaska Judicial Conference, Anchorage Alaska April 27-28, 2006
Inns of Court West Los Angeles Panelist: Characteristics of Effective Attorneys June 2006
Jury Innovation Presentation: California State-Federal Judicial Councils June 9, 2006
Alumni Judge’s Panel Discussion, USC Law School, June 10, 2006
Faculty, California CJER Judge’s College: Jury Management June 15, 2006
Juries: “Putting It All Together” Three Day Program, CJSP San Diego, August 2-4, 2006
Faculty, CEB Program “Successful Civil Jury Instructions” Los Angeles August 5, 2006
Panelist “Elder Abuse” CAALA, Nevada September 2006
Program, Juries: “Where Do We Go From Here?” Texas Jury Summit, Houston October 2006
Panelist, ABA Jury Symposium SMU, Dallas October 26-27, 2006
Jury: Presentation to Japanese judges for Japan’s Jury Conversion in 2009; March 2007
Faculty: Jury Reforms. Fresno County Superior Court, Carmel, March 17, 2007
Faculty, Jury Innovations,Alaska Judicial Conference/Bar Convention, Anchorage May 2007
Judge’s College, Berkeley California; Faculty: Jury Management June 15, 2007
CJER Faculty: “Media and High Profile Cases” Anaheim September 27, 2007
Panelist: Understanding the Civil Justice System, CAALA December 2007
Panel: Managing Difficult/High Profile Clients: ABTL April 22, 2008
Faculty: CJSP State of the Art in Jury Management. Manhattan Beach, August 6-8, 2008
Faculty: ABTL Conference Judicial Perspectives Hawaii September 27, 2008
Faculty: Jury Strategies ABTL Conference October 17, 2008
Faculty: CJSP Hot Topics in Evidence: Juror Questions, La Jolla October 22, 2008
Los Angeles Inns of Court Litigation Section: Brown Bag hour with lawyers January 2009
MC: Judicial Enrobing for Los Angeles Superior Court 2009-2010
Santa Monica Bar Association Presentation ADR and Settlement Conferences June 2009
Consumer Attorneys Annual Conference: Panelist: Evidence. Las Vegas September 2009
ABTL: Cultural Considerations in Cross Border Litigation Colorado Springs October 2009
Beverly Hills Bar Association panel Picking a Jury in Times Like These. February 10, 2010
Panelist, ASCDC Annual Seminar: Ethics of Pleadings and Discovery, March 4, 2010
Panelist: Jury Voir Dire Battle of the Titans. ABTL March 9, 2010
Presentation: Jury Innovations in a Difficult Economy California State-Federal Judicial Council
June 2010
Panelist: Progress of Jury Reform Nationwide ABA Symposium on Juries: Washington DC.
October 2010
CJA Midyear Conference Program: Care and Feeding of Jurors in This Cyberworld April 10, 2011
Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Training: Managing Your Courtroom April 15, 2011
Speaker: Santa Monica Bar Association: Anatomy of a Civil Trial May 26, 2011
ABOTA Mock Trial Judge June 10, 2011
ABOTA National Jury Summit “The Jury Trial of the 21st Century” Chicago June 23-24, 2011
Panelist, Southwestern Law School, Judges View of Jurors, November 1, 2011
CJER Faculty Self Represented Litigants and Difficult Defendants Costa Mesa February 6-8, 2012
     ABOTA Masters program: Masters in Opening Statements and Closing Arguments June 2012
     Faculty, 26th Annual Jack Daniels ABOTA Trial School, Loyola Law School August 6-8, 2012

     MCLE Presentations
     Greenwald Pauly LLP; Sidley Austin LLP ; Santa Monica Bar Association; Southern California
     Mediation Association; McNicholas & McNicholas LLP; Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office; Los
     Angeles County Counsel; Kendall Brill & Kleiger LLP; Hollins Law; USC Law School Alumni

     Judicial Assignments

     Los Angeles Municipal Court 1986-1988
     West Los Angeles Division 98 October 1986
     Metropolitan Courthouse Division 75 November 1986
     Central Arraignment Courts Division 82 December 1986
     Metropolitan Courthouse Division 75 January to June 1987
     West Los Angeles Divisions 90, 95, 99 June to December 1987
     West Los Angeles Division 99 January to April 1988

     Los Angeles Superior Court 1988 to 2012
     Pasadena 1988
     Central Criminal 1989 - 2002
     Santa Monica (West District) May 2002 to February 2012 retired

     Member: State Bar of California, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Italian American Bar
     Association, Association of Business Trial Lawyers, Beverly Hills Bar Association

ADR Services
1900 Avenue of the Stars Suite 250
Los Angeles, California 90067
310 201 0010
Case Manager Audra Graham

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