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									                               AAP Mentoring Programs presents:

                                 FALL 2009 APPLICATION
The Community Development and Social Justice Scholars Program (CDSJ) will provide up to nine
undergraduate students with an opportunity to enroll in service learning courses that integrate the
classroom and community in preparation for graduate study in social welfare, public policy, urban
planning, or public health. These courses will enrich their community-based learning and will
include reflection and community building within the cohort.

Additionally, CDSJ scholars will be paired with an AAP graduate mentor who will provide them
with mentoring in their areas of interest, as well as advise them on the graduate school application
process. Scholars will also develop their resumes and/or curriculum vitae, personal and
professional statements, and obtain strong letters of recommendations from professors and

Program Requirements:

Winter, 2010
    Bi-weekly meetings with Graduate Mentor
    Weekly meetings with CDSJ cohort
    Enroll in one service learning elective course

Spring, 2010
    Bi-weekly meetings with Graduate Mentor
    Weekly meetings with CDSJ cohort
    Enroll in one service learning elective course

Summer, 2010
    Participation in a summer internship and/or relevant work experience to be arranged

Fall, 2010
     Send bi-weekly e-mail updates on application progress to CDSJ Coordinator
     Submit applications to selected graduate schools

NOTE: After receiving responses from schools, participants will be required to report the final
     status of all submitted applications and their decision regarding enrollment.

Additionally, program participants are encouraged to become active members of the Community
Programs Office (CPO) and to apply for one of the following minors: Public Health, Public
Affairs, Urban and Regional Studies, Civic Engagement, or Labor and Workplace Studies.
CDSJ elective courses can be chosen from any of these minor areas as they relate to each student’s
individual disciplinary interests.
Eligibility Requirements

       Be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time at UCLA.
       Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident of United States with a valid social security or
        individual tax identification number. All legal permanent residents must submit a copy of
        their valid permanent resident card or passport stamped I-551.
       Have Junior level standing (at least 90 units).
       Have a 2.90 GPA or higher.
       Demonstrate academic potential for graduate study, and plan to apply to graduate school in
        Fall 2010.
       Express an interest in graduate or professional school in social welfare, public policy, urban
        planning or public health.
       Students who participate in the McNair Research Scholars Program, ArtsIN, or Educators
        for Tomorrow Program may not apply to the CDSJ program.
       Students who have already applied to graduate school or plan to apply in Fall 2009 are not
        eligible to participate in the CDSJ program.

Selection Criteria
Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

       Academic record, plans, and career goals
       Demonstrated financial need
       Community service or service learning experience
       Expressed desire to pursue a graduate degree in social welfare, public policy, urban planning
        or public health
       Compelling essay responses

Check list for materials due November 13, 2009 at 3:00 p.m.:

___ Completed application
___ Updated unofficial transcript (available at no cost from Murphy Hall)
___ Copy of your Financial Aid Award (FAN)
___ Resume or Curriculum Vitae
___ Essay

Important Financial Aid Implications
The AAP Community Development and Social Justice stipend will be part of your overall financial aid
package. This means that if you receive the award, the Financial Aid office may adjust your financial aid
package to ensure that you do not exceed your financial aid eligibility. When such adjustments are required,
loans and work-study awards are reduced (to the extent possible) prior to any grant or scholarship reductions.

For more information about the impact of the award on you financial aid eligibility, please contact the
Financial Aid Office at (310) 206-0400.
        Community Development and Social Justice
                  Scholars Program
                                          Application Form

 (PLEASE       PRINT or TYPE your responses and use this sheet as the cover page
                               for your application.)

                                Due November 13, 2009 at 3:00 p.m.

A. Student Information

   1.   Name_________________________________________ Email_________________________________

   2.   Local Address_________________________________________________________________________

        ______________________________________________________ Phone_________________________

   3.   Major________________________________________________________________________________

   4.   UID #__________________________________ Units by Fall 2008 ______________________________

   5.   If a transfer student, identify the Community College attended ___________________________________

   6.   Place of Birth _________________________________________________________________________
                         City              State/Zip Code

   7.   Are you a U.S. citizen? _____________________        If no, please complete the following:

        Country of Citizenship ______________________________          Type of Visa ________________

        Alien Registration number ___________________________          Date of Issue_________________

        Expiration Date _________________      (Please provide a copy of your alien registration card)

   8.   Ethnicity Heritage:        African American                  Asian
          (Optional)               Chicano/Latino/a                  Pacific Islander
                                   Caucasian                         Other (specify) _____________
                                   Native American

   9.   Cumulative GPA ________            Major GPA___________

   10. What do you plan to study in graduate school (e.g., social welfare, public policy, urban planning or public
       health)? _______________________________________________________________________________

   11. What is the highest degree objective you plan to obtain (e.g., PhD, DrPH, MD, DSW, JD, MA, MS, MPP,
       MSW, MPH, MSPH, MFT, MUP)? _________________________________________________________
    12. Community Service/Volunteer Activities/Work Experience (attach separate sheet if necessary or include in
Activity/Organization         Your roles/positions held                  From              To         Hours per
                                                                         (mm/yy)         (mm/yy)      week

     13. Current/previous courses taken relevant to the mission of the program (attach separate sheet if necessary or
          include in resume)
Institution                Course Name                                                        Date taken (mm/yy)

    14. What populations or groups of people do you see yourself working with in the future, and why? (Please limit
        your answer to two to four sentences.)

    15. Please briefly detail any additional time commitments you will have during the 2009 - 2010 school year (i.e.
        work, organizations, family, etc.).

    16. In no more than 750 words, please answer the following question (type your answer on a separate sheet of

    Write a two- to three-page essay (double-spaced) addressing the following topics:

    Describe your motivations for pursuing graduate school.
    How will a graduate degree in your particular field of study prepare you to address a
    specific social or community issue that you are interested in?

    Note: This can include an issue you have learned about in your courses or that you are
    currently involved in addressing through campus or community involvement (e.g
    sweatshop labor, inequities in education access, health disparities, etc.)

    ___________________________                                                             _________________
       Applicant’s Signature                                                                     Date

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