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					The Trojan War
The Trojan War takes place
between Troy and Greece.
It all starts because of a
beautiful woman named
In Greece, all the men are
   fighting over Helen.
 This is very similar to the
way Brad Pitt and Leonardo
  DiCaprio fight over Ms.
     Finally, after all the
  fighting, the men decide
 that Helen should be able
to pick the man she wants
to marry. Everyone makes
a deal to defend and honor
 the man that she selects.
Helen decides to marry
Meanwhile in another town,
there is a huge party for all
      of the Gods and
The God of Discord throws
 a giant golden apple into
the party. This apple says,
“To the fairest of them all.”
  Immediately all of the
Goddesses think the apple
 is specifically for them;
  they all start fighting.
  Finally, three Goddesses
    ask Paris to settle the
dispute. The Goddesses are
   Athena, Aphrodite, and
Each goddess tells Paris if
he selects them, they will
give him a special reward.
 Athena is the Goddess of
wisdom; she tells Paris that
   she will make him the
  smartest individual in all
 the land if he selects her.
 Hera is very strong; she
  tells Paris that she will
    make him the most
powerful person in all the
   land if he selects her.
 Finally there is Aphrodite;
  she tells Paris that if he
 selects her, she will make
sure he can marry the most
 beautiful woman in all the
What did Paris pick? That’s
 right. He wants to marry
the most beautiful woman
       in all the land.
So off Paris went and took
Helen away from Menelaus.
 Now Menelaus is not okay
 with this. He goes to all of
 his friends and says, “You
all promised to defend me.
 You said if anyone got in
the way of Helen’s decision
 you’d stand by my side.”
 All the men nod and agree.
 So off they go to get Helen
back. This is what started the
 Trojan War, a fight over a
  Agamemnon, Menelaus’
 brother, led the troops to
Troy. However, on the way
over, he upset a God very
     It’s important to
   acknowledge that in
Ancient Greece, there are
multiple Gods and Goddess
who run the world. If you
   upset them, it’s like
  upsetting Ms. Rubin.
It’s very bad.
Agamemnon upset this God
  so much, he decided to
 stop the wind so the ship
   full of men couldn’t go
 All the men were annoyed
at Agamemnon so he asked
 the God what he could do
  to make it up to him. He
   told Agamemnon it was
         very simple.
 All he had to do was
sacrifice his daughter,
   As you can imagine,
   Agamemnon’s wife,
Clytemnestra is not happy
about this. However, she’ll
  get her revenge later.
  Now Agamemnon knew
 that Iphigenia would not
  agree to meet him if he
was going to kill her, so he
       made up a lie.
  Achilles is the strongest
and most beautiful man in
all of Greece. Agamemnon
 decided to tell Iphigenia
  that Achilles wanted to
         marry her.
  Iphigenia was so excited
 and rushed to go meet her
father. When she got there,
Agamemnon felt a little bad
 about lying. He decided to
      tell her the truth.
“Um Iphigenia, I was asked
   to sacrifice you to the
  Gods. I tricked you. My
  Iphigenia was upset that
 she wasn’t going to marry
      Achilles, but she
understood that sometimes
  you need to do what the
         Gods say.
 To Agamemnon’s surprise,
Iphigenia said that he could
       sacrifice her.
 Agamemnon was scared
but he lifted up the knife to
 kill his daughter. As soon
      as he did that, she
  randomly turned into a
The God was just testing
Agamemnon to see if he
   would obey them.
Now the men were able to
 set sail and continue on
  their journey to Troy.
During the journey, Achilles
 gets in a huge fight with
Agamemnon. This is due to
 a silly fight over another
Achilles tells all the men
 that he refuses to fight.
This reaction manages to
   scare all of the men
  because Achilles is the
strongest guy they have.
Here is a little background
        on Achilles.
When Achilles was a baby,
he was dipped in a special
potion. This potion has the
 power to protect Achilles
      from any harm.
 However, the only part of
   Achilles that was not
 dipped in the potion was
 his heel. That’s where he
was held to be dipped, so it
     never got covered.
You might have heard the
phrase Achilles Heel. That
    means someone’s
Ms. Rubin’s Achilles Heel is
Yours is not doing your
    homework 

       Oh snap!
Anyway, back to the story.
Now you can imagine how
awful that would be if your
 strongest team member
 refused to help in battle.
  All the men were very
 discouraged, so Achilles’
   best friend, Patroclus
decided to give them men
     some confidence.
  He put on all of Achilles’
 clothing and pretended to
  be him. Now all the men
thought Achilles was going
          to fight.
It’s important to know that
   Troy’s strongest team
 member is a man named
Now Hector sees Patroclus
dressed up like Achilles and
 kills him. He assumes he’s
   killing Achilles himself.
 Achilles gets word of this
  and his blood begins to
 boil. Not only is his best
friend dead, but his anger
 makes him eager to fight
 Achilles immediately kills
   Hector. He does this
because he is so upset that
 he killed his best friend.
 Achilles also decides to tie
up Hector’s dead body on a
   chariot and drive it all
        around Troy.
 He does this out of rage
   and spite. He wants
everyone in Troy to know
 that their best player is
now dead and to bring it
So the fight between the
men of Troy and the men
  of Greece continue.
Now the men of Greece are
still angry and wonder how
 they can trick the men of
Odysseus comes up with an
  idea to create a giant
wooden horse that some of
   the men can hide in.
 They then place this horse
   in front of the walls of
Troy. They pretend to leave
   it as a gift of apology.
Before the men of Troy see
 the gift, a gentleman gets
scared and warns the men
   that it might be a trap.
  Suddenly, serpents come
 out of the sea and devour
The Trojans view this as a
  sign that the man was
 lying, so they decide to
bring in the giant wooden
  As the Trojans fall asleep,
the Greek men come out of
  the horse, open the gates
 to the city, and let the rest
       of their army in.
The Greek men win the
war, destroy the city of
Troy, and are ready to
     come home.
 The Odyssey, is the story
 of Odysseus and his men
trying to get back home to
   Greece after the war.
 Unfortunately, Odysseus
has trouble returning home
 due to various obstacles.
 These obstacles include:
temptation, sea monsters,
 upsetting the Gods, and
  trouble with his crew.
    Odysseus is away for
   twenty years trying to
return to his wife, Penelope
 and his son, Telemachus.
Ten of these years with the
  war, and ten lost at sea.

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