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   CDG Device Initiatives
                       Ms. Li Baorong
                         China Telecom
              Guangzhou Technical Research Institute
                      CDG GHRC Co-Chair

                       3GPP2 Workshop
                    Peoples Republic of China
                         June 14, 2012

                        CDMA Ecosystem

                  Vendors                                     OEMs

                                 Device Strategy Council

              Roaming Team

                   Developers             GHRC

              CDG Device Strategy Council
    Executive Level Participation
    Identify and Address Device Realization “Challenges”
    DSC Goals
      – Align industry special interest groups
      – Coordinate commercialization initiatives in the market
      – Regionalize initiatives to address global needs
      – Facilitate a common carrier evolution to 4G

                Device Strategy Council
              Ma Wu, China Telecom,

              Satyadev Sarvaiya, Bakrie,

              Matt Stoiber, Cricket,

              Ajay Jha, MTS India,

              Amit Sethi, Smartfren,

              Nick Baustert, Sprint,

              Sunil Tandon, Tata Teleservices,

                  CDG DSC 2011 Priorities
              Road Map Defined in January 2011 Mumbai Meeting
    Unified Device Management
    ESN/ MEID Tracking
    Dual-Standby Dual-Technology Devices (CDG 202)
    Device Security (White Paper)
    Near Field Communications (CDG 206 – Asif Hamidullah)
    Smart Card / JAVA Card Services (3GPP2)
    Minimum Requirements for M2M Devices (CDG 195)
    IPV6 (CR to CDG 155)

              CDG DSC 2012 Priorities
          Road Map Defined in October 2011 San Diego Meeting
         Chipset Certification
         Data Roaming - 1X, EV-DO, Wi-Fi (CDG Roaming Team)
         Unified Device Programming
         External Memory Management (CR to CDG 90)
         Uniform Power Measurement
         Global Device Platform (RUIM, OMH, NV)
         Low Cost Smartphone

              DSC Goals for 2012
    USSD for CDMA Commercialization for CDMA
     prepaid, M2M and advertising revenue generating
    Enable CDMA M2M by reducing TTM and CTM.
     CDG 195 Ver 2.1 (Device Level) in conjunction
     with CDG 183 (Module Level) offer a complete &
     streamlined commercialization solution for M2M.
    Common CDMA network operator Evolution to
     LTE will minimize fragmentation and enable
     operators and manufacturers to leverage scale
    CDMA Device Consortium will ensure future
     device availability and selection for ALL CDMA

              Global Handset Requirements
                         ” Economies of Scale ”

               Requirements Provide a Common Baseline for
                 Manufacturer & Operator Differentiation

                  CDG GHRC Mission
     Engineering Implementation of DSC Device Road Map
     Minimize Fragmentation and Reduce Design and
      Development costs
     MUST stay current with Standards and Operator &
      Manufacturer Needs
     AND MUST be part of a complete commercialization

              In 2011 GHRC Team released 5 New Operator
               requested Requirements Documents and 4
                          Document Updates

       Global Handset Requirements
               (GHRC) Team
              Li Baorong, China Telecom,

              Ajay Jha, MTS India,

              Nick Baustert, Sprint,

              Douglas Martel, CDG/Qualcomm,

                    GHRC Device Requirements
      Document #     Title                            Document #         Title

      CDG     90     1X Voice/SMS/Data (Ver 2.7)      CDG   162          VoIP
      CDG     92     MMS (OMA v1.2)                   CDG   163          PS Video Telephony
      CDG     95     Mobile Video                     CDG   165          IMS
      CDG     97     Push to Talk (POC)               CDG   176          Embedded Modules
      CDG     98     LBS – V1                         CDG   177          3GPP2/ 3GPP Multi-Mode (Ver 1.2)
      CDG     100    JAVA MIDP 1.0                    CDG   187          Full HTML Browser
      CDG     101    LBS – V2                         CDG   190          Widgets App Environment
      CDG     108    JAVA MIDP 2.0                    CDG   191          Flash SMS UI
      CDG     109    World Mode                       CDG   195          Min. Device Reqmts. for M2M (Ver 2.1)
      CDG     111    LBS IS801-1 Call Flow            CDG   198          Device Based Plus Code Dialing
      CDG     143    System Determination             CDG   199          Manual System Avoidance
      CDG     148    1xEV-DO R. 0, A & B (Ver 1.7)    CDG   202          Dual Mode / Dual Stand-By
      CDG     150    JSR-179                          CDG   205          USSD UI Requirements*
      CDG     154    Product Release Instructions     CDG   206          NFC Device Requirements
      CDG     155    Wireless IP (Ver 1.1)            CDG   208          Dual Mode Single SIM
      CDG     160    Data Session Throttling          CDG   209          Voice Support for 3G/4G Devices*
                                * Recently Released               * In Progress

    Results of GHRC Team Meeting
               Thursday, May 10, 2012, New Orleans
               Device Requirements Approved for Release
     External Memory Management CR to CDG 90 (1X Voice, SMS, Data)

     IPV6 CR to CDG 155 (Wireless IP)

     CDG 206 NFC Device Requirements
              Proposed Agenda for Next GHRC Team Meeting
     CDG 205 – USSD UI Requirements

     CDG 209 – Voice Support for multi-mode devices

     TBD – Device Power Consumption Measurement requirements

     TBD – EIR Device and Network Requirements

                  3GPP2 and CDG
              Continue to Work Closely Together
               To Serve the CDMA2000 Industry
     CDG Device Strategy Council identify operator technical
      and business priorities
     3GPP2 develop technical and testing specifications
     3GPP2 provide updates during CDG meetings on
      specification development
     CDG Global Handset Requirements Team provide the
      “bridge” between standards and commercialization
     CDG promote 3GPP2 developments and help drive
     Co-locating meetings

                     THANK YOU

                For more information please contact:
                  James Person,
                   Doug Martel,


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