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Local                      68 Gauge
                                                Senator Menendez
                                                Addresses Local 68
                                              Members at Annual Picnic

          Local 68 Holds
     Pre-Retirement Seminar

      Shop Steward Trainings by Rutgers
      University Labor Education Center

Local 68/68A/68B International Union of Operating Engineers Education Fund
         Local 68 Holds Shop Steward Training in
         South, Central and North Jersey
                                                                                    Dr. Chang reinforced this perspective: “You are the eyes and
         L    ocal 68 IUOE Shop Stewards recently participated in
              Shop Steward trainings held across the state. The training
         was offered at three locations to accommodate as many Shop
                                                                                    ears of the Union. It is your job to protect the Union contract
                                                                                    and actively educate Members.”
         Stewards as possible. In South Jersey, the training was held
                                                                                    After spending time discussing the role and responsibilities
         at the Local 68 IUOE Training Center, Pleasantville, N.J.; in
                                                                                    of Shop Stewards, Dr. Chang reviewed the issue of “just
         Central New Jersey at the Rutgers Labor Education Center,
                                                                                    cause” as it relates to discipline and discharge. The Stewards
         New Brunswick, N.J.; and in North Jersey at the Local 68
                                                                                    discussed the basic principles in determining just cause
         IUOE Training Center, West Caldwell, N.J.
                                                                                    and reviewed various case studies to help further their
         As in previous years, the training was conducted by Tracy                  understanding.
         F. H. Chang, Director of the Rutgers University Labor
         Education and Research Now program.                                        “I can’t tell you how important it is to know your contract
                                                                                    specifically the just cause provisions,” said Local 68 IUOE
         “Dr. Chang’s expertise in the labor industry is an enormous                Business Representative Mike McGlynn.
         benefit to Local 68 Members who attend her training,” said
         Thomas P. Giblin, Local 68 IUOE Business Manager.                          Dr. Chang also presented historical information about
                                                                                    Union density in the United States and New Jersey Union
         During the three-hour seminar, Shop Stewards discussed                     Membership statistics.
         their roles and relationships with management, fellow Union
         Members and Union Business Representatives.                                In all, about 45 Local 68 IUOE Shop Stewards attended the
         “It is important for shop stewards to think before you speak
         and listen to all views,” said Richard Walsh, Local 68 Member              “We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our Shop
         and Shop Steward for Macy’s at Bridgewater Commons. “You                   Stewards at every one of our job sites,” said Thomas P. Giblin.
         have to listen.”
         Below, Central New Jersey Shop Steward training was held at the Rutgers Labor Education Center. Front row from left to right: Michael Lewis -
         Local 68 IUOE Business Representative, Tracy F.H. Chang - Director of Rutgers Labor Education and Research Now , and Michael McGlynn - Local
         68 IUOE Business Representative. Middle row, from left to right: Michael Farrell, RIchard Walsh, Frank Hrabar, Peter Kopecky and Steven Coleman.
         Back row from left to right: Dennis Danku, Paul Bulger, Brian Lee, Craig Stevens, Patrick Byrne and Lennie Ballard.
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Above: West Caldwell Shop Steward training was held on Wednesday, October 17 at the Local 68 Training Center. Front row from left to right:
Michael Cahill, Joseph Kostecki, Richard Kolasa, Glenn Lydon, Tracy F.H. Chang - Director of Rutgers Labor Education and Research Now, Bartolo
Vacante and Vincent DiLauro. Middle row from left to right: Brendan McMahon, Lewis Weeks, Ryan Weeks, John Lombardo, William Mills, Nick
Lettiere, Ashraf Soliman, David DiCrisci and Glenn Schneider. Back row from left to right: Michael Cunningham, Shawn O’Leary, Robert Fatovic, Joe
Volpe, Raymond Vanderhoof, William Potter and Michael Morris.

Above: Shop Steward training was held on Tuesday, October 9 at the Pleasantville Training Center. Front row from left to right: Wayne Bock, Peter
Hillman, Michael Platti and Edward Bourguignon. Back row from left to right: Tracy F.H. Chang - Director of Rutgers Labor Education and Research
Now, Anthony D’Amato, Gregory Basdavanos, Glenn Russo, Winfield Hall, Patrick Gilrane - Business Representative and Edward Boylan - President
and Business Representative.
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         Local 68 Holds Annual Family Picnic
         L    ocal 68’s annual Family Picnic was held on Sunday, June
              24, 2012 at the Oak Tree Lodge in Wall/Neptune, N.J.
         The event lasted from noon to 6 p.m. Sunny skies greeted the
         hundreds of Local 68 Members and their families who attended
         the annual event.
         A full schedule of activities kept guests entertained throughout
         the day. The younger guests enjoyed various relay races and other
         contests with prizes awarded to the winners. Other activities for
         the children included face painting, a magician, a moonbounce
         and inflatable slide.
         Oak Tree Lodge’s outdoor facility includes basketball courts,
         sand volleyball courts, two swimming pools, miniature golf,
         horseshore and bocce ball courts, basketball courts and a
         large children’s playground. Musical entertainment continued
         throughout the event as well as an endless buffet of barbequed
         lunch menu items.
         Several noteworthy guests attended the 2012 Local 68 Picnic.
         This included Senator Robert Menendez who was re-elected on
         November 6, 2012 to the U.S. Senate. Also in attendance were    Above Emily (on left) and Jack LeCompte attended the picnic with
         Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr. and Congressman Frank           Local 68 Member Tom LeCompte, who works at Seton Hall University.
         Pallone. Rep. Pallone represents the 6th District in New Jersey
         in the Congress. Rep. Payne represents the 10th District in New
         Jersey. All three elected officials addressed the audience and
         remarked on their commitment to working men and women of
         New Jersey.
         “The annual picnic is a great opportunity for Local 68
         Members and their families to socialize together outside of
         work. We appreciate the efforts of the Picnic Committee who
         organized the event under the leadership of Local 68 Business
         Representative Michael McGlynn,” said Thomas P. Giblin,
         Local 68 IUOE Business Manager.

                                                                               Above Connor (on left) and Aidan McColgan enjoy swimming in the
                                                                               pool at the Local 68 Family Picnic. Their father, Thomas McColgan,
                                                                               works at the Verizon facility in Basking Ridge.

          Above from left to right: Local 68 Business Representatives Robert
          Cornine, Michael McGlynn - Picnic Organizer, Edward Boylan, Robert   Above from left to right: Gary O’Leary, Paul Ligas, Congressman Frank
          Masterson and Patrick Gilrane. Seated, Salvatore Costanza and        Pallone, Martin Slater, George D. Morrow - Local 68 IUOE Vice President
Lo Wi Pa

          Michael Lewis (on right).                                            and Thomas P. Giblin.
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                                                                                           Above, Sophia Restrepo, daughter of Andres
                                                                                           Restrepo - Business Rep., enjoys the Local 68
                                                                                           Family Picnic.
                                                                                           Above left photo, Katie (on left) and Alison
                                                                                           Tantillo participate in the many children’s
                                                                                           activities at the picnic. The girls are the
                                                                                           daughters of Todd Tantillo, Local 68 Member
                                                                                           who is employed at NJPAC.
                                                                                           At left, pictured from left to right: Lugene
                                                                                           Garrett - Executive Board Member, Joseph
                                                                                           Glover, Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr.,
                                                                                           David Salley, Daniel Thompson and Thomas P.
                                                                                           Giblin - Business Manager.
                                                                                           Cover Photo: Senator Robert Menendez
                                                                                           addresses the attendees at the Local 68 IUOE
                                                                                           Family Picnic.

Clem Scharff Wins Award from Caesars
                   L                                                  ocal 68 IUOE Member Clem Scharff recently won Caesars’
                                                                      Code Green Award for making his home more energy
                                                                 efficient and environmentally friendly. Scharff is employed as an
                                                                 Entertainment Technician at Caesars, where he has been for the
                                                                 past 10 years.
                                                                 To win the award, Scharff prepared and submitted a Power Point
                                                                 presentation showing the many ways he has “gone green” in
                                                                 his own home. As the winner, he received 28,000 Total Return
                                                                 Credits, an employee incentive program run by Caesars. With
                                                                 these credits, and some he had already banked, Clem purchased a
                                                                 new Mac Book Pro laptop computer.
                                                                 “We are very proud of Clem’s recent award,” said Edward Boylan,
Above: Edward Boylan (on left) - Local 68 IUOE President
congratulates Clem Scharff for his recent win of Caesars’ Code   Local 68 IUOE President. “It is a great accomplishment that he
Green Award.                                                     pursued the application process and was selected as the winner.”
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                                                                                                                                     W al 6
                  Local 68 Honors Its 35-Year Members

                  Seated from left to right: Edward P. Kane, Kevin S. Clark, Manual Martins, Alan G. Cutting and Robert Zaleski. Standing from left to
                  right: Robert J. Duffy, Patrick Keogh, Robert Masterson, Douglas McIntyre and William A. Walsh.

                  O     n September 13, 2012, Local 68 IUOE
                        honored its 35-year Members of the Union
                  at a dinner held at Michael’s Riverside, Lyndhurst,
                                                                                       Congratulations to this year’s 35-Year Members:
                                                                                       Edward Berge                        Joseph Langlais
                  N.J. Following the dinner, the 35-year Members
                  were recognized by the Membership at the regular                     Stan Bilek                          Manual Martins
                  monthly Union meeting held at the Polish National                    Philip Brian                        Michael Masters
                  Home, Harrison, N.J.                                                 Edward Brogan                       Robert Masterson
                  The 35-year Members in attendance at the dinner                      James Cermak                        Joseph McDonald
                  and meeting included Kevin Clark, Alan Cutting,                      Kevin Clark                         Kevin McGinley
                  Robert Duffy, Edward Kane, Patrick Keogh, Manual                      Alan Cutting                        Douglas McIntyre
                  Martins, Robert Masterson, Douglas McIntyre,                         William Delesantro                  William McManus
                  Daniel O’Mara, William Walsh and Robert Zaleski.                     H. Perry DeWitt                     Sunya Nemirovsky
                                                                                       Robert Duffy                        Daniel O’Mara
                  Each Member in attendance was presented with an
                  engraved plaque and invited to make remarks to the                   Joseph Episcopo                     Gregory Panter
                  audience. Each Member remarked on their gratitude                    Regis Ferrer                        Richard Peterson
                  to Local 68 for job security and career longevity.                   Jeffrey Frieri                      Charles Sebelle
                                                                                       Thomas Greico                       Edward Shanley
                  “We are grateful to our 35-year Members for their                                                        Vinodrai Shukla
                                                                                       Robert Hauffe
                  hard work and dedication,” said Thomas P. Giblin,
                                                                                       Harold Jones                        Patrick Teta
                  Local 68 IUOE Business Manager. “These men have
                  paved the way for all of our younger members. We are                 Edward Kane                         William Walsh
                  grateful for the strong work ethic they have shown                   Kenneth Kayser                      Robert Zaleski
                  over the years.”                                                     Patrick Keogh
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Annual Blood Drive Held in North & South NJ
I n keeping with its long-standing tradition of community
  service, Local 68 held the annual Fall blood drive on
October 23, 2012 at the West Caldwell Training Center
and annual Spring blood drive on April 9, 2013 at
Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.
The Blood Center of New Jersey relies on organizations,
such as Local 68, who hold annual blood drives. “The
blood donated by the donors you recruited saved the lives of
trauma victims, patients with blood disorders, cancer and
many other life-threatening injuries and illnesses in our
area hospitals,” said Brenda McIntyre-Saunders, Account
Representative for the Blood Center of New Jersey.
In all, 109 units of blood were collected at Local 68’s
October blood drive in West Caldwell and 101 units of
blood were collected in Atlantic City in April.
Local 68 regularly holds blood drives throughout the
year, including one in Atlantic City in April and over the
summer and fall in West Caldwell. To find out when the
next blood drive will be held, check the Local 68 website at
At right, top photo: Jeffrey Argentieri, Local 68 Member employed
at ABM (Aventis) in Somerville participates in the blood drive at the
Training Center.
At right, middle photo: Scott Morrell, student at the Local 68
Training Center, gives blood.
At right, bottom photo: Local 68 Members employed at the Atlantic
Club recuperate after giving blood. From left to right: Matt Steiger -
Apprentice, Tim Timmons - Electrician and Steven Sanchez - Casino

Beefsteak Dinner Held to
Benefit Local 68 State PAC
At right, above photo: Seated left to right: Salvatore Costanza - Local
68 Business Rep., Michael McGlynn - Local 68 Business Rep., Edward
P. Boylan - Local 68 President and Michael Lewis - Local 68 Business
Rep. Standing left to right: Charles McDonald - Local 68 Business Rep.,
Thomas Coyne - Executive Board Member, Robert Masterson - Local 68
Business Rep. and Andres Restrepo - Organizer.
At right, below photo: Seated left to right: Remie Alvarez, Richard
Beere, John Gethins and John Cocozza. Standing left to right: Phil
Guerrero, Kevin Kenney and Kevin Raftery.
Below from left to right: Michael Verdesco, Orlando Soto, Kevin Curtin,
Neil McNulty, Pat Burleigh and Michael Martorelli.
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                                                                          W al 6
         To Develop $90 Million Combined
         Heating, Cooling, and Power Plant
         L   ocal 68 IUOE Business Manager Thomas P. Giblin,
             Business Representative Charles J. McDonald, and Lead
         Engineer Alan D. Bendel attended an October 26, 2012
         dedication for the $90 million Montclair State University
         District Energy System.
         The combined heating, cooling and power plant project will
         be developed by Energenic-US, LLC, a partnership between
         DCO Energy LLC and Marina Energy LLC, which is a
         subsidiary of South Jersey Industries.
         DCO Energy LLC employs over 75 Local 68 Members
         throughout the State of New Jersey at the following locations:
         Essex County Correction Center, Essex County Hospital
         Center, Essex County Youth Detention Center, Atlantic City
         Marina Plant, ACLE Project and NOMURA Site, among
         The plant will provide natural gas-fired electric generation,
         chilled water and steam for heat. The steam, condensed
         and chilled water will be delivered to and returned from          Above from left to right: Alan D. Bendel - Lead Engineer, Charles J.
         campus buildings via the new energy distribution system.          McDonald - Local 68 IUOE Business Representative, Frank E. DiCola
         The majority of the campus’ electricity requirements will be      - President and CEO/Energenic LLC, Susan A. Cole - President of
                                                                           Montclair State University, Thomas P. Giblin - Local 68 IUOE Business
         satisfied by the onsite plant, which will be designed to operate   Manager, and Joseph R. Jingoli, Jr. - CEO Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc./
         continuously producing electric power of approximately 5.4        DCO Energy LLC.
         megawatts. The plant will be located on Yogi Berra Drive.
         Thomas P. Giblin, Local 68 IUOE Business Manager
         said, “Energenic/DCO Energy LLC is one of the Union’s
         best employers. The Members of Local 68 are treated
         fairly and their full potential is realized. All of their
         facilities throughout the state are well maintained and are
         environmentally friendly and energy efficient.” This state-
         of-the-art facility will provide continued employment for
         Local 68 IUOE Members and fill the needs of Montclair
         State University in meeting their facility needs and future
         infrastructure enhancements.
         “This project is a win-win-win: a win for Montclair State,
         a win for its students and a win for the environment,” said
         Frank E. DiCola, Energenic’s Chief Executive Officer. “The
         students of Montclair State will benefit from safe, reliable,
         and clean steam heat for buildings and personal use.”
         This $90 million public-private partnership will enable the
         University to replace its current heating and cooling system
         without construction funding being required of either the         Above from left to right: Alan D. Bendel - Lead Engineer, Stationary
         University or the State of New Jersey.                            Engineers David Hosterman, Salvatore Ippolito, Anderson Johnson,
                                                                           Kevin McGuire and Local 68 IUOE Business Representative Charles J.
         Local 68 Members employed at Montclair State University/
         DCO Operations, Inc. include: Lead Engineer Alan
         D. Bendel and Stationary Engineers David Hosterman,
         Salvatore Ippolito, Anderson Johnson and Kevin McGuire.
Lo Wi Pa
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        G a 13
54th Annual Engineers’ Sunday Held
L  ocal 68 celebrated the 54th anniversary of Engineers’
   Sunday on January 27, 2013 at Mayfair Farms, West
Orange, N.J.
More than 350 Local 68 Members and their families attended
the event, according to Charlie McDonald, Local 68 IUOE
Business Representative and Event Chairperson.
The day began with an ecumenical mass celebrated by
Monsignor John J. Gilchrist, Local 68 IUOE Spiritual
Advisor. Following the mass, guests enjoyed a breakfast and
presentation. The invocation was offered by Rev. Jean Maurice,
Temple of Unified Christians, East Orange, N.J.
This year, the guest speaker was the Reverend Frank Burla,
paster of Immaculate Conception Parish, Montclair, N.J.
Rev. Burla discussed what a great honor it was to have the
opportunity to speak to the Local 68 Membership. He
reminded the audience, “It doesn’t cost anything to be a truly
rich person. All that really matters is how we live with each       Above: The Local 68 Engineers’ Sunday committee presents a donation
                                                                    to Reverend Frank Burla, pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish,
other.”                                                             Montclair, N.J. Father Burla forwarded the donation to St. John’s
                                                                    Church Soup Kitchen in Newark, N.J.
Following his remarks, the Engineers’ Sunday commitee
presented Rev. Burla with a $1,000 donation, which will be
forwarded to St. John’s Church Soup Kitchen, Newark, N.J.
Engineers’ Sunday Commitee: Charlie McDonald - Chairperson,
Kevin Frey - Co-Chairperson, Richard Beere, Joseph Buckley, Paul
Bulger, Glen Colston, Joseph Doll, Robert Geary, Michael Morris,
Frank Morro, Kenneth Mulreed, Kevin O’Neill, Antonio Pereira,
Mark Pircher, Frank Sapienza, Joseph Schaedel, Michael Verdesco
and Frank Yorke.

                                           At left: Engineers       Above: Local 68 IUOE Business Manager Thomas P. Giblin presents
                                           Sunday Committee         an honorary gold membership card to U. S. Congressman Bill
                                           Member Michael           Pascrell Jr. who represents New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District.
                                           Verdesco and his
                                           son, Steven, age
                                           14, attend the
                                           breakfast. Verdesco
                                           is employed
                                           at Seton Hall

                                           At left: Alphonso
                                           Conyers and his son,
                                           Alphonso Jr., age
                                           12, enjoy Engineers
                                           Sunday together.         Above: Local 68 Member Brian Weiss attended Engineers’ Sunday with
                                           Conyers is a shift       his wife Jill and three children, from left to right: Brianna, age 6, Macy
                                           engineer at 111 Town     Jayne, 7 months, and Caroline, age 2. Weiss is employed by Verizon in
                                           Square in Jersey City.   Basking Ridge.
                                                                                                                                             9 13 e
                                                                                                                                           ge 20 ug
                                                                                                                                        Pa ter Ga
                                                                                                                                          in 8
                                                                                                                                        W al 6
         Pre-Retirement Seminar Provides
         Resources for Local 68 Members
         D     uring October and November 2012, Local 68 IUOE
               offered a weekly Pre-Retirement Seminar for Local
         68 Members who are starting to prepare for retirement. A
         similar program was held at the Pleasantville Training Center
         in March 2013 for those living in South Jersey. The program
         met weekly and covered varying topics related to retirement
         issues. The speakers included the following:
              Wills and Estate Planning: Joseph P. Brennan Esq.
              (North Jersey) and James Curcio, Surrogate for Atlantic
              County (South Jersey)
                                                                                  Above from left to right: Noel Cote, Michael Yingling, Patricia Donelan -
              Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey: Ron               Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors, and Hormidas De Los Santos.
              Stephen, Field Sales Executive (North and South Jersey)
                                                                                  Below, seated from left to right: Peter McLaughlin, Kathy Wedekind, Pat
                                                                                  Kane, Fannie Peterson, Audrey Doctor and Willie Doctor. Standing from
              Good Health and Nutrition: Emily Johnston, RD,                      left to right: Michael Yingling, Don Wedekind, RIchard Peterson, Noel Cote,
              CDE and Sergio Pereira, MD with Hackensack UMC                      Robert Klug, Hormidas De Los Santos, Alan Aitken, Mike McPartland and
                                                                                  Robert Tansey Jr.
              Mountainside Hospital (North Jersey) and Dr. Matthew
              Corbo, Chiropracter (South Jersey)
              Crime Prevention and Personal Safety: Arlene Ferris-
              Waks, Director of Community Outreach; Officer Joy
              Klapal, Livingston Police Department and Lt. Orlando
              Soto, Essex County Crime Prevention Dept. (North
              Jersey) and Officer Michelle Martyn, Atlantic County
              Sheriff ’s Office (South Jersey)
              Local 68 Pension and Annuity Funds: Michael Scaraggi,
              Esq. and Dave DeRyder, DeRyder Plans, Inc. (North
              Jersey) and MaryAnne Wojtal and Patricia Dandola,
              Local 68 Fund Service Representatives (South Jersey)
              Tax and Accounting Matters: Michael DelPlato, CPA,
              McEnerney, Brady & Company, LLC (North Jersey)
              and Lois S. Fried, CPA, Capaldi, Reynolds & Pelosi P.A.
              (South Jersey)
              Financial Planning and Investments: Patricia Donelan,               Below, Oskar Ernst, District Manager with the Social Security
              Vice President of Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors                 Administration, reviews the process for applying for Social Security
                                                                                  benefits at the Pleasantville session of the Local 68 Pre-Retirement Course.
              (North Jersey) and James Travagline, CRPC, Financial
              Consultant, Wells Fargo Advisors (South Jersey)
              Social Security Information Session: Carl Robinson,
              Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration
              (North Jersey) and Oscar Ernst, District Manager, Social
              Security Administration (South Jersey)
         Local 68 IUOE Members who are 58 years of age and older
         were invited to attend the seminar with their spouses.
         “Local 68 offers this type of seminar as a benefit to our
         Members as they prepare for retirement,” said Thomas P.
         Giblin, Local 68 IUOE Business Manager.

         Cover photo: Mike McPartland, Robert Tansey Jr., Carl Robinson -
         Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration, and
         Willie Doctor.
Lo Wi Pa
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        G a 13
                           Local 68 Holds Annual Golf Outing
Kenneth Bowman
William Chaky
                           T   he Local 68 IUOE Annual Charity Fund Golf Outing was held on Monday, September
                               24, 2012 at Essex Fells Country Club, Essex Fells, N.J. The 18-hole, par-70 golf
                           course is beautifully landscaped and a challenge for both the novice and veteran golfer.
Michael Corso
                           Approximately 120 golfers participated in the outing.
Noel P. Cote
Donald Coward Jr.          The winners of the many contest held throughout the day include the following:
Carlyle Crawford           1st Place Scramble Team of Four: Kevin McManus, Thomas McManus, Brian Hopkins and
James Crosson              David Palombi
Ronald Del Corso
William Dennis             2nd Place Scramble Team of Four: Dan McKelvey, Joe Large, Kevin Kenney and Dan
Dean Everetts              Damico
Robert Fifer               3rd Place Scramble Team of Four: Rick Pastore, Kevin O’Connor, Charles Metelski and John
Robert Haitmanek           Finn
Kevin Jordan
Joseph Justin              Longest Drive (8th Hole): David Palombi                      Save the Date:
Peter Karanasos            Longest Drive (14th Hole): Rick Pastore
Anthony Licciardello
                                                                                       2013 Golf Outing
Theodore McKelvey          Closest to the Hole (3rd Hole): Joanne Ryan                September 23, 2013
Michael McPartland         Closest to the Hole (10th Hole): Rick Pastore
Michael Missaggia                                                                 at Essex Fells Country Club
David Mitchell             Closest to the Line: Salvatore Costanza
Ralph Nunziata             Winner of CORE Facility Donation of Two Jets Tickets: Christopher Novella
John Perry
Donald Peter
Richard Peterson
Joseph Platanella III
Peter Pomponio
Peter Popelak Jr.
                           Local 68 Helps Habitat for Humanity
Douglas Pozniak
Gary Recca
Paul Robenbaugh Jr.
                           L   ocal 68 Members and Training Center students continued their tradition of assisting with
                               local Habitat for Humanity projects, under the direction of Local 68 IUOE Member Pat
                           Forsyth, who is employed at Barclays Capital. The most recent project took place on Saturday,
Michael Sanphilip          October 6 and involved working on a six-unit complex in Denville, N.J.
Rudolph Sczesny            “We assisted with a variety of tasks, including ceramic tile floor, trim and molding work,
Norwood Sharp              insulation and whatever odds and ends that needed to be done,” said Forsyth.
Randolph Siluk
Bruce Smith                Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat for Humanity builds
Edison Spragg              and rehabilitates simple, decent houses for those who qualify. Homeowners are required to
Robert Tansey              invest hundreds of hours of their own labor into the building of the Habitat house and the
Gerald Thompson            houses of others, according to the organization’s website (
Robert Travaline           “Local 68 is committed to supporting community service projects, such as Habitat for
Bernard Uckele             Humanity, whenever possible,” said Thomas P. Giblin, Local 68 IUOE Business Manager.
Donald Vogt
Michael Wolfe              Another volunteer day is planned for future, according to Forsyth. Contact the Local 68
Robert Young               Training Center for future dates.

                                         In Memoriam
Local 68 IUOE extends its condolences to the family and friends of the following Local 68 Members
who have died since the last printing of the Local 68 Gauge:
      Peter Adamchak                  Michael Hresko                     James Mueller               Thomas Slota
      Patricia Blackwell              James Kennek                       William T. Murphy           Brian Sperling
      Mario Cerqueira                 Don Jones                          Ronald Petrie               William Somershoe
      John Connors                    John P. Lynch                      Doug Pozniak                Fredrick J. Stewart
      James Donohue                   William McGroarty                  James Roberts Sr.           Thomas Teske
      Clifford Ferrell                 Patrick Melanson                   Theodore Richardson         Clifford Trivett
                                                                                                                            11 13 e

      Nelson Gibson                   Nicholas Merentino                 Michael Ruddy               Chester Walton
                                                                                                                          ge 20 ug
                                                                                                                       Pa ter Ga

      Ivan Guttman                    Charles Morris                     Michael San-Philip          Richard Woolf  f
                                                                                                                         in 8
                                                                                                                       W al 6
Local 68 Gauge
Published by Local 68 IUOE
Education Fund
14 Fairfield Place
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Thomas P. Giblin
Business Manager
Education Fund Board of Trustees:
Union Representatives:
Margaret Lynch
Robert Masterson
Raymond A. Zampino
Employer Representatives:
Thomas Corona
Jose P. Garcia
John E. Joyce

To submit a story idea for possible inclusion in a future issue of the
Local 68 Gauge, please e-mail

Letters to Local 68
 Dear Thomas Giblin:                                                     Dear Brother Giblin:

 I am writing to express my thanks for hosting the National Training     I had to write to tell you how fortunate our Local is to have an EAP
 Fund 2012 Northeast Region Stationary Training, Safety and Health       program. Victor Lopez has been such an asset to my Union brothers,
 Conference. The discussion we had at Local 68’s Training Center         including myself and family. He always returns calls, especially on
 was a frank and open conversation about IUOE training with              weekends on his own time. He has helped so many of us as we hit
 instructors, administrators, Trustees and Business Managers. The        difficult times with finances and marriage and all the other issues he
 NTF staff has a better understanding of what we should be doing to      deals with. When I told someone what our Union offers in EAP, they
 help local training programs. I know that you share the NTF’s high      could not believe how progressive this was. I only regret that his
 expectations for IUOE training standards and it was easy to see this    clients cannot come forward due to the nature of privacy, and tell
 commitment in place at the Training Center and with the Local 68        you how lucky we are and how we appreciate what you started in
 staff.                                                                  this program many years back. So please let Victor Lopez know that
                                                                         he is appreciated.
 Fraternally, Jeffrey R. Vincent, Executive Director, IUOE National
 Training Fund                                                           Humbly, A Local 68 Brother

 Dear Mr. Giblin:                                                        Dear Operating Engineers Local 68:

 I would like to thank you and the Local 68 Executive Board for the      The Environmental Commission of the Township of West Caldwell
 great dinner that was held recently. Thirty-five years in this Union    has selected Operating Engineers for its 2012 Beautification
 have certainly gone by quickly. I was very fortunate to be a part of    Award, given to businesses that have maintained their property
 this organization and I would also like to commend your office staff.   and architecture that contributes aesthetically to the Township.
 No matter how many questions or concerns I had, they were always        Congratulations!
 courteous and helpful.
                                                                         Sincerely, Joe Cecere, Councilman
 Sincerely, Edward P. Kane, CORE-Harborside
                                                                         Dear IUOE Local 68 Scholarship Committee:
 On behalf of the Community Food Bank of NJ, I would like to thank
                                                                         My name is Anthony Tasco and I just graduated from the University
 Local 68 for their generous contributions to our Annual Turkey Drive.
                                                                         of Scranton, Pa., with a degree in Management. My father, Thomas
 We collected 170 turkeys at the West Caldwell campus, nearly a third
                                                                         Tasco, Jr., works for the Irvington Board of Education. I would just
 of which were donated by Local 68 Members! That’s outstanding!
                                                                         like to thank you and the Union Members for honoring me with the
 The turkeys were greatly appreciated by those who received them.
                                                                         scholarship that I obtained for the last four years.
 Thanks again, Bev Johnson, First Presbyterian Church, Caldwell, NJ
                                                                         Sincerely, Anthony Tasco

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