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					                               Teach International Job Centre
                              Register your School / Place a Job
Complete this form if you would like to Register / Re-register your school or Place a Job on the Teach
International Job Centre but do not wish to use your credit card online. If you have already registered your
school on our system and only wish to place a job, please complete Section 2: Place a Job.

Post this completed form with payment (credit card [include credit card authority], bank cheque or money
order made out to ‘Teach International’ in Australian dollars) to:

Job Centre
Teach International
Level 2, 370 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Telephone:     1-300-558-890 (local cost within Australia)
               0 800 832 243 (free call within New Zealand)
Telephone from Overseas: +61 7 3211 4633
Fax: + 61 7 3211 4644
For enquiries email:

Section 1: School Registration / Re-registration
To access Teach International graduates’ résumés or to place a job, you must first register your institution or
agency on our system. An institution or agency must be registered to post a job.

       Registering for the first time? Please complete every field.
       Already registered? Only fill out fields with **

**Institution name: ____________________________________________________________________

First name: ________________________________ Last name: _______________________________

**Email address (mandatory): ___________________________________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________ Mobile number: ___________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


Postcode / Zip: _____________ State / Province: _________________Country: _________________

**Select the required length of subscription :
1 month         $45.00 AUD     
3 months         $60.00 AUD       
6 months         $75.00 AUD       
12 months        $100.00 AUD      
I hereby state that all information provided is true and correct.

**Signature: __________________________________ Date: __________________________________

Once payment is processed, you will be emailed your login id and password to the email address
supplied above. If you wish to pay by credit card, don’t forget to include the Credit Card authority
form which you can download from the Job Centre or we cannot process your registration.
Section 2: Place a job
Complete this section if you wish to place a job on Teach International’s Job Centre. Your institution or
agency must be registered with Teach International to place a job. If you are not registered, please complete
Section 1 as well.

Registered school name: ________________________________________________________________
Registered user email: __________________________________________________________________

Job Title:       ______________________________________________ Number of positions: _______

School Name: _________________________________________________________________________

City:   ____________________________________ Country: __________________________________

Description of Job:

Start Date: ____________________________________

Benefits/features (please be specific):

Hours per week? __________________________               Salary? ________________________________
Holiday Leave? ___________________________               Sick Leave? ____________________________
Additional incentives? __________________________________________________________________

Airfare Assistance:                                      Accommodation:

Full return airfare reimbursed                          Provided                
Full one way flight reimbursement                       Subsidised              
Partial assistance with airfare                         No assistance           
No assistance with airfare                
Qualifications needed:

TESOL Certificate                                       Degree          
Degree + TESOL Certificate               No qualifications needed       
Additional information:

Level of display in the Jobs Centre:
Basic level - $9.95AUD                          Priority Level - $14.95AUD      

Amount of money paid: __________________________________

Method of payment (circle): bank cheque / money order / credit card (include Credit Card Authority)

IMPORTANT: Please complete one form per job description. Once payment is processed, you will be
emailed confirmation of your job placement on your registered email address as written above. If
you are paying by credit card, don’t forget to include your Credit Card Authority form or we cannot
place your job on our site.

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